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Ukraine war explained: why, who, how did it happen?

academia.edu - by Peter H Hennin - 21 May 2014

With a bit of history of Europe, World Wars, and their connections to today, for many people in the West, it is not exactly easy to understand what is going on in Ukraine right now. Why did Ukraine fight? With whom? Why is Putin to be blamed for this war? And why president Putin shows solidarity with the rebels? And what is the story of the MH17 Malaysian Flight?

For those of you who don't know me, I am a Hungarian by birth, but consider myself a Westerner more of a British (Recently, applied for British Citizenship.), as I have lived in London for a long time and I have no plans to return to Hungary. I studied American history, British history, and history in general from the last century.

I am interested in politics for the last few decades, back to the early 1920s and the First World War. As a child born into a former Communist Country (Hungary was in the Communist block after the WW-II., as a result of it.), I can understand some questions that are maybe difficult for those who have lived their entire life in the West.

A bit more about Hungary before I start to detail the situation in Ukraine now. Hungary was in the early 20th Century before WW-I, a part of a dual empire because of a Royal marriage. Two countries joined their territories and that was the birth of the strongest European power at the time, the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Empire ruled the largest territory in Europe at that time. And due to their army and a large territory, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was the leading power in Europe. However, the First World War changed the picture. We lost the war against the allies including Britain, France, Russia, etc. the empire was lost even before WW-I. There was a separation between Austria and Hungary due to a revolution in 1849 when Hungary wanted to get free from Austrian aristocrats. After the revolution was defeated by the pro-Austrian-Hungarian troops the Empire started to get weaker and weaker. These signs were obvious for all other countries in Europe to observe.

What they wanted, was to end the leading position of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in order to change the map of Europe ultimately. These days had revolutions against the Tsar in Russia and also in other countries, and the political situation was tense. Germany, Austria, and Hungary lost a large number of people, and also land after WW-I.  To understand the reason for the WW-II, we need to go back to the end of the First World War as that was the direct reason for the Second World War. The winners of the First World War re-drew the map of Europe and cut up lands from the defeated countries, the designers of this new map of Europe did not understand the consequences of their newly drawn borders.

Millions of people ethnically belonging to Germany, Austria, and Hungary were displaced to a new country even though they did not move from their home, their home was moved to the other side of the border. An example: Imagine that you live in New Mexico today, however, your leaders lost a war recently, and your country gets penalized and as a result of it they drew new borders. Unfortunately, now your home town New Mexico is not on the side of the border of the USA but neighboring Mexico. So from now on, from that day, you are no longer a citizen of the USA, but you and your family and everybody else in New Mexico are Mexicans.

Your passport and citizenship will be revoked and you will be neutralized as a new citizen of Mexico, and as a result, you have to speak Spanish, no longer English as it is not used in Mexico. If you don't speak Mexican that is your problem, as no one will speak to you in English, and actually, it is forbidden from now on for you and your family to speak English. And so it was, on and on. You can imagine what it lead to! The neutral Germans in Poland were hunted down by Polish authorities and the same happened to Austrians and Hungarians, as well in other neighboring countries.

Why did I bring this up? To make you understand what is happening to Ukraine, you need to understand the history of the region. It is not ancient history, it happened just a few years ago, so these things are still alive and affecting people all over Europe. In Russia after the fall of the USSR, they did a similar map-drawing of borders as the former USSR consisted of many countries, they had to decide where the borders should be after the collapsed USSR.

The same thing happened in Ukraine that happened in Austria, Hungary, and Germany after WW-I. Crimea was Russian land with Russian people but now it belongs to Ukraine and Donetsk. Donbas and other cities also became part of Ukraine. These cities are mostly occupied by Russian native people. When the fight broke out in Kyiv, early this year (2014), it was actually not about Donetsk. It was about getting rid of Yanukovitch and having the right to vote if Ukraine would ask the EU for membership or not.

The vote was declined, and Yanukovitch decided Ukraine will stay with Russia and work together on their economy with Russia. This made the people angry and they started to protest. Then the protest got sabotaged by foreign forces and illegally diverted into something else. Right-Wing Pro-Ukraine Groups emerged and marched on the streets of Kyiv and started the violence. But they were not aware they were not alone in this activity, there were some other players too with more sinister plans. Those forces started to shoot at the police and the protesters, and a bunch of false flag attacks were launched by these forces. Ultimately, their actions brought us up to here, today where we are now. (2014)

It is a full-scale war, with tanks, and soldiers on the ground fighting over cities. One side is the Military of Ukraine and on the other side is the people's republic of Donetsk and similar local groups, defending themselves against the oppression of Kyiv. They are Russians, and they are being under threat by the Government in Kyiv. Kyiv hates them because Kyiv wants to join the EU, for reasons I do not want to go into, but it is a selfish and wrong reason and a very bad decision, as we all failed after joining the EU. I mean our, Eastern European countries.

Not because of the EU, but because of our own politicians stealing everything they could! They sold everything and privatized everything. In their understanding, privatization means free robbery. That is what happened everywhere, and still recovering from this disaster. The people of Donetsk know this, they are committed to the old Russian system, as their life did not get better since the fall of the USSR, in fact it got worse.

The Government in Kyiv is a group of Right-Wing Radicals, Neo-Nazis, Oligarchs, and Nationalist "Patriot" Businessmen like the millionaire Poroshenko, who called the people of Donetsk low-level citizens, not humans. But again: "Money talks." So who are the people of Donetsk? The people of Donetsk are peaceful citizens. They don't want war. They don't want violence but they do not want to become a part of Ukraine, and they don't share the money-hungry greedy values of the leaders of Ukraine either. They are undoubtedly different from a westerner but we also have left-wingers in the west, is that a problem? Should we all be the same, share all the same ideas and no one think differently?

We can not blame the people of Donetsk for being different, and being Russian is wrong because they are Russians even though they are forced to live within the border of Ukraine, but is that their fault?

Here is just one example of who is killing the native Russians in Ukraine, on the video below (not attached), you can see a dead Ukrainian fighter with Nazi Swastika and "SS" tattoos. What would you do when people like this unfortunate man would come to your door to kill you? A dead Ukrainian Soldier from the so-called Right Sector that Mr. George Soros helped with his humanitarian $US 380 million aid helped arm them to start a civil war based on nationalism.

Swastika Tattoo on the dead fighter's torso and a gaping wound most likely his heart was removed. (This was what the Red Army did with captured German Nazi SS officers that raped or murdered innocent people like Jews, Gipsies, Gays, Communists, Liberalist, Socialists, Blacks, Chinese, or just disabled people. The Nazi SS killed everyone who was not up to their level or the level that they set for human beings. Advantages: Blue eyes, blonde hair, tall, sharp facial features, etc.

But none of the above-mentioned could be on the list anyway if they belonged to any of the mentioned groups. Anyway, these guys, like this dead guy in Kyiv, started to take over the first Government Buildings and later attacked people on the streets by their checkpoints. When asked questions and gave the wrong answer, they ended up getting a few kicks and beaten up, and locked into a cell. They kept you hostage, interrogated you, and so on. The guy above was one of them, and his actions caught up with him in the end and he got what he deserved, having done the same gruesome acts, but his luck ran out.

The photo at the beginning of this article shows the Donetsk People's Republic at the back of the Ukrainian logo of a Government building. The question is what would you do if tomorrow you would wake up in another country? And you would be Mexican, while yesterday you were an American... What would you do then? As it seems now, Petro Poroshenko made a deal with Vladimir Putin about peace and cease-fire between Kyiv and the Donetsk People's Republic, and other Pro-Russian Freedom Fighters.

This is the first good step that Poroshenko made since he entered his office as PM of Ukraine. Poroshenko is a millionaire and has no idea about politics, all he wants is money! To make more and more money for himself and not for Ukraine. He is a puppet of the US Government's Central Intelligence Agency. As soon as NATO steps into Ukraine and US takes over the country, it will be the death of Ukraine.

Most people from the middle and lower class will suffer, they will lose their jobs, especially the agricultural sector will be destroyed and ex-changed by imported goods from the EU countries such as Spain, Germany, etc. This is exactly what happened in Hungary and now Hungary has the biggest debt ever. The country is basically bankrupt and more corrupt than it ever was... Good luck Ukraine! This was the worst step you could take and I condemn it even for you, now that you have deaths over 270k in this year of 2014, and for what? This whole mess started with the removal of Yanukovitch, and you ended up where? Look around! You Government kills you, your people.

And the US is happy, as they used Ukraine as bait for President Putin, but Vladimir Vladimirovich doesn’t do fishing. So the only one who lost a lot here is you, Ukraine. You can say I am talking rubbish, you can say whatever you want, as I see only facts. Facts that show us elderly people being killed by bombings and left us on our own devices without water, electricity, gas, and food. Is this what winning looks like for you, my dear Ukraine?

Think twice next time when accepting “help” from other “friendly countries” as you just suffered the biggest loss of your life since World War Two and what did you gain? Nada. Nothing. Lost your brother Russia, who was actually your best friend in this world, but from this fog, the fog of nationalism, you were too blind to see anything. RIP all victims of this civil unrest made by some evil and greedy people. They won, and you have lost all.

by Peter H Hennin

War Studies, Communism, Iraq, Ethnic Conflict and Civil War, Kurdistan ...more ▾Ukraine war explained with insight who lived there and familiar with the people and the situation in Ukraine.

The militants of the nationalist battalions and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hiding behind civilians as a "human shield", continue to use civilian infrastructure to equip strongholds and deploy heavy weapons.

Neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion:
🔹 in Mirnograd of the Donetsk People's Republic, in the building of kindergarten No. 19, located in the Vostochny micro-district, and a boarding school along L. Chaikin Street, strong points and barracks were equipped, and armored vehicles and artillery were placed in close proximity to residential areas;

🔹 in Borovaya, Kharkiv region, barracks were equipped in the school building and in the Beryozka kindergarten, and heavy military equipment, artillery and MLRS were placed on the territories. At the same time, civilians with children are forcibly kept in the basement.

Fighters of the battalion "Aidar":
🔹 on the territory of the Church of the Praise of the Mother of God in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, in close proximity to densely populated residential areas, firing positions were equipped, artillery and MLRS were placed;

🔹 in Zaporizhzhia, on the lower floors of hospitals located on Cathedral Avenue and Pobedy Street, firing positions were equipped and ammunition depots were placed. At the same time, hospital staff and patients are being held as human shields.

🔹 The armed formations of the Donbas battalion in residential building No. 10 along General Lozanovich Street in Slovyansk of the Donetsk People's Republic equipped a stronghold, placed heavy weapons and ammunition depot. At the same time, the evacuation of civilians from the building was not carried out.

🔹 In Sumy, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine mined an automobile bridge along Kharkivska Street over the railway tracks of the Southern Railway branch, which they plan to blow up, accusing allegedly “advancing units of Russian troops” in this.

❗️ Militants, knowing that civilians will become victims of such criminal acts, purposefully fire at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces from residential areas, provoking them to return fire, in order to subsequently lay responsibility for the destruction of civilian infrastructure and possibly civilian casualties on the Russian army, as well as to spread through the Western media and on various Internet resources fakes about the alleged "crimes of the Russians."



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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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