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Two manuscript versions exist. The first, in Rhodes' own handwriting, was written on June 2, 1877, in Oxford. The second is a fair copy made by a clerk in Kimberley in the summer of tan, with additions and alterations in Rhodes' handwriting. It is this second fair copy that is reproduced here. It is not clear why the paragraph near the end of the document was placed in parentheses. The final paragraph was not in the original draft, was added in Kimberley, and thereafter was crossed out, presumably when Rhodes made a more formal will. The document is reproduced here in its original form, without any editing of spelling or punctuation. It often strikes a man to inquire what is the chief good in life; to one the thought comes that it is a happy marriage, to another great wealth, and as each wiles on his idea, for that lie more or less work for the rest of his existence. To myself thinking over the same question the wish came to render myself useful to my country.