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Attorney Reiner Fuellmich

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Legal
proceedings have now been initiated worldwide against various authorities, institutions and world leaders, including
Since July 2020, the Corona Investigative Committee The Committee chaired by lawyer Reiner Fuellmich has
concluded the following:
The corona crisis must be renamed the "Corona scandal"
biggest compensation case ever
It's the biggest crime against humanity ever
Those responsible must be:
Prosecuted for crimes against humanity
Defendant for civilian injuries
There is no excess mortality in any country
Coronavirus mortality is equal to seasonal flu
94% of deaths in Bergamo are due to the transfer of sick patients to nursing homes where they infected elderly people with a weak immune system
Doctors and hospitals around the world have been paid to declare that patients died of Covid19
The autopsy showed:
Almost all deaths were caused by serious underlying disease
Almost all deaths were very old people
Sweden (no lockdown) and Great Britain (strict lockdown) have comparable disease and mortality statistics
US states with and without lockdown have comparable disease and mortality statistics.
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Health :
Hospitals are empty, and some are facing bankruptcy
The population has T cell immunity to previous flu
waves Herd immunity needs only 1525% population infection and has already been achieved
It is only when a person has symptoms that an infection can be contagious
Many researchers call this a PCR test pandemic, not a corona pandemic
Very healthy and non-infectious people can
The probability of false positive tests is 8994%
Prof. Drosten developed his PCR test from an old SARS virus without having seen the real Wuhan virus from China
The PCR test is not based on scientific facts regarding infections
PCR tests are useless for detecting infections
A positive PCR test does not mean that an infection is present or that an intact virus has been found
. Reinforcement of samples over 35 cycles is unreliable, but the WHO recommended 45
. opinion
Lockdown was imposed when the virus was already on the return
Lockdown was based on non-existent infections
Former president of the German Federal Constitutional Court doubted the constitutional legality of the corona measures
Former British Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption concluded that there was no factual basis for panic, and nothing legal basis for corona measures
German RKI (equivalent to the National Institute of Public Health ed. Note) recommended that no autopsies were performed
Corona measures do not have sufficient factual or legal basis, are unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately
No serious researcher validates Neil Ferguson's fake computer models that warned of millions of deaths
Mainstream media failed to report facts about the so-called "pandemic"
Democracy is in danger of being replaced by a fascist totalitarian model
Drosten (by PCRtest), Tedros from WHO and others have committed crimes against humanity defined in the international criminal code
Politicians can avoid to go down with the criminals by starting a long-awaited public scientific debate.