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Vatican Assassins

“Wounded In The House Of My Friends”
The Perfidious and Diabolical History Of
The Society of Jesus
Waging Its Relentless Wars against All Accursed Heretics and Liberals
Pursuant to the Jesuit Oath and Council of Trent Including:
• Its Second Thirty Years’ War (1914–1945)
• Its Cold War (1945–1989)
• Its Anglo-American Crusade Against Islam (2001–Present) (Prime
Minister Tony Blair’s and President George W. Bush’s Masonic “War on
Islamic Terror,” as Directed by the Black Pope’s Jesuit Curia; Which
Crusade Is To the Exclusion of “Roman Catholic Terror,” Daily Exported
from the Pope’s Islands of Ireland and Cuba)
• And Its Assassination of America’s First Roman Catholic President
Knight of Columbus John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1963)
Complete In Four Volumes
Eric Jon Phelps
“Obstinate Heretic” and Anti-Radical, Patriotic Political “Liberal”
“Accursed” and Condemned by the Jesuit General’s Council of Trent
Final Authority: The Authorized King James Bible Version of 1611
Racial and Religious Separatist (Non-Hater of Any Peoples of Color or Religion)
Defender of the Beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic Descendants of Abraham
Pro-White, Scotch-Irish, Anglo-Saxon; Pro-Protestant, American Freeman
Citizen of the Pre-Fourteenth Amendment Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Holding Original (Article IV, Section 2) United States Citizenship (1787-1868)
Jeffersonian/Jacksonian Democrat and State Rights Constitutional Separatist
Anti-Cartel-Capitalist, Anti-Socialist, Pro-Laissez-Faire, Biblical Nationalist
Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-New/Dark Age, Anti-New World Order
Dispensational, Premillennial, Pre-Tribulation Appearing of Christ, Fifth
Monarchy Anti-Papacy, Anti-Jesuit, Anti-Masonic, Seventh-Day, Baptist￾Calvinist Puritan “Warning Every Man and Teaching Every Man in All Wisdom”
(Col. 1:28)