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Military operation in Ukraine.

11:46 Online Military operation in Ukraine. Online

11:46 Sanctions against Russia Minsk said that sanctions against Belarus and Russia are rocking the world economy southwest of China

11:26The body of a missing Russian woman was found in Karabakh

11:24Rospotrebnadzor: no cases of hepatitis of unknown origin were detected in children in Russia

11:24Zakharova, in response to the words of the US ambassador about freedom of the media, pointed to the blocking of Russian media

11:23Court in Kiev refused to consider Yanukovych's lawsuit on the illegality of removal from power

11:15Finland declared readiness for Russian action after applying for NATO membership

11:10Zakharova said that world food prices are rising due to Western sanctions 11 : 04Lavrov called inevitable rapprochement with Russia's like-minded people outside the "golden billion" : G7 condemned India's decision to ban wheat exports

10 : 54Turkey said they were not closing the door for Sweden and Finland to join NATO today everyone who is ready to pursue an independent policy is under attack by the United States10: 33President of Cyprus believes that Turkey would not allow the republic to join NATO

10:28 Media: American Republican senators led by McConnell visited Kiev 10:24 Lavrov said that the West has declared a total hybrid war on Russia

10:18 Energy crisis in EuropeG7 is ready to help the Western Balkans reduce dependence on Russian energy resources Russia's place in the future world order

10:10 Military operation in UkraineThe DPR announced a disruption in the power supply of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine condemned North Korea's ongoing ballistic missile launches

10:01 Football in RussiaArsenal football club was unable to maintain a residence permit in the Russian Premier League

09:59 Peskov said that Russia cares about relations with the UAE said that the country will soon decide to apply for NATO membership

09:48 Energy crisis in EuropeG7 intends to intensify efforts to reduce dependence on energy from Russia

09:39 Energy crisis in EuropeLibyan minister said there is no excess gas and oil for supplies to the EU

09:35Die General Director of the international project ITER Bernard Bigot

09:33G7 countries intend to work to ensure that Iran never has nuclear weapons

09:28G7 countries said they would continue to fight hybrid threats 09:23 Military operation in Ukraine

09: 22G7 expressed concern over attempts to destabilize the situation in Transnistria

09:21In Astrakhan, the fire of a residential building and three outbuildings was extinguished

09: 19G7 urged to abandon unilateral actions in the South China Sea Russia 's assets are not easy for Germany

09:14Putin and the President of Finland discussed the country's intention to join NATO

09:13 Military operation in UkraineThe German Foreign Minister said that due to the situation in Ukraine, a global famine could occur

09:10G7 urges China not to help Russia and not to undermine sanctions against Moscow

09: 09Tatarstan signed contracts for 7.4 billion rubles on the basis of the Import Substitution Center

08:57G7 countries pledged to protect their information environment from "foreign manipulation"

08:53 Sanctions against RussiaG7 announced their readiness to adopt new sanctions against Russia

08:45The Russian Foreign Ministry promised to respond in case of EU restrictions on the issuance of visas to Russians

08 : 42Grushko: Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO prepared "without a hitch, without a hitch"

08:41 Military operation in UkraineG7 foreign ministers stressed that they do not recognize border changes in Ukraine that they do not recognize the de facto referendum in South Ossetia

08: 37Putin congratulated Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on his election as President of the UAE

08 :30DPA: G7 agriculture ministers change meeting location for security reasons

08:22Grushko believes Europe's role in international trade is declining

08:21Kazakhstani military personnel participate in the Efes-2022 exercises in Turkey

08:10Ukrzheldoroga stops the movement of evacuation passages

08:06 Football teamsRFS will send an appeal to CAS for the removal of the Russian team from the League of Nations matches

08:06 Military operation in UkraineMedia: a tent camp for refugees from Ukraine was opened in Prague

08:01 The government gave the Ministry of Agriculture the authority to maintain a register of agricultural land Moldova" suspended shipments to Russia for technical reasons

07:51 Military operation in Ukraine Ministry of Emergency Situations denied a fake about preparations for the evacuation of residents of border villages in the Belgorod region

07:51 RBC : Moscow Exchange may launch trading in dirhams supply of electricity to Finland

07 :31Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was elected as the new President of the UAE

07:02Experts: Russian films need state support for pre-release advertising campaign

06: 57In the UK, two more people contracted monkeypox

06 :43Canadian Foreign Minister pointed out the importance of NATO consensus on the entry of Sweden and Finlan0d

0626The leader of the Italian "League" considers restrictions on artists from the Russian Federation to be stupid

06:24 Mironov: defilers of monuments to Soviet soldiers should be brought to justify Nazism 06:11 HRC member Andrey Babushkin dies

05:53 Sanctions against Russia The European Commission intends to simplify the process of confiscation of property obtained illegally

05:41 Military operation in UkraineThe Russian Ministry of Defense announced the defeat of five command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the DPR

05:37 Media: Macron will go to the UAE on May 15 in connection with the death of the head of this state

05:31 COVID-19 pandemicIn Moscow, 402 people infected with coronavirus were detected per day COVID-19 pandemicThe number of hospitalizations due to coronavirus in Russia decreased by 0.3% per day

05 : 16Pashinyan noted the importance of using the experience of the Russian Federation on the effectiveness of public administration ways of European integration

05: 06SMI : the number of high-tech enterprises in Sanya reached 155

04:50The Cabinet of Ministers expanded funding for the transport and engineering infrastructure of the Chukotka ASEZ

04:47SK will evaluate the decision of the Latvian authorities to demolish the monument to Soviet soldiers in Riga

04:37 Military operation in UkraineScholz said that in a conversation with Putin he did not see Moscow's desire to change its position on Ukraine

04 :29 Gagloev said that actions on the referendum will be aimed at compliance with legal norms 04:14 "Gazprom" supplies gas to Europe through Ukraine in the amount of 64.9 million cubic meters. m through "Sudzha"

04:12SMI: Erdogan's statement about the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO surprised the alliance