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Doctor risks losing license after covid treatment - now he punishes Norwegian media

Doctor Peter Dvergsdal. Photo: Private.

Resett.no - Of The editorial staff-May 11, 2022

Peter Dvergsdal has treated 4,000 covid 19 patients. He now risks losing his medical license following a warning from the Norwegian Board of Health.

The doctor has been interviewed by Hemali.no.

They write that the Norwegian Board of Health has sent Dvergsdal a letter stating that he may have "violated section 4 of the Health Personnel Act on due diligence".ad

The warning comes after Dvergsdal in a VG interview (behind the payment wall) in December 2021 told that his doctor's office was degraded by patients who wanted to come for treatment.

The 79-year-old is said to have treated several thousand covid 19 patients with the drug favipiravir. He now reaches out to the authorities and believes that several of his patients would have died if they had not received the medicine he gave them.

- That I may have to quit as a doctor is not the point, it is not us who are injured. That those in power are rotting together and that patients are dying from the consequences, that is the point. Of the 4,000 patients I have treated for covid-19, statistically, 40 of them would have died without treatment. Knowledge about the importance of vitamin D and the substance favipiravir is non-knowledge. It is a scandal that borders on murder, Dvergsdal believes.ad

Success in India

Reset interviewed Dvergsdal a year ago about the alternative covid drug ivermectin.

He told Resett that he experienced active opposition from the Norwegian Medicines Agency when he initiated treatment with the drug Faviparavir (FabiFlu) against covid-19. He stated that the drug was used with great success in India, and like ivermectin it has general qualities against viral diseases.

- In India, millions are treated according to the same principles. 5 million have received FabiFlu. They have a mortality rate that is a quarter of what it was in the UK, although in India there are many who are just a little sick who are not registered. No one has been reported to have died or had any serious side effects from FabiFlu in India, Dvergsdal told Resett.

Criticizes the media

In the interview with Hemali, the doctor says that he reacted when "all information about good treatment was blocked" from the general public.

He brought with him FRP politician Carl I. Hagen in an attempt to get information out. The two tried to contact Norwegian media with reader contributions, without getting them in print.

Carl I. Hagen. Stock Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

- The media stopped communicating about proven, safe, effective drugs against viruses. I submitted posts about it, but they were rejected. Instead, in the spring of 2021, I saw the announcement from eleven doctors about the treatment of corona, without mentioning favipiravir. In a post, I asked how eleven senior doctors could forget the world's most used viral medicine. Carl I. Hagen was with me, he wrote complaints, but we did not escape the media and no politicians responded.ad

Hemali writes that the medicine Favipiravir came to Norwegian pharmacies in 2020 with the product name Fabiflu.

Dvergsdal believes the media has helped keep the medicine hidden from the public.

- I understood that there was a tacit agreement with power and the media that this information should not be published. I was isolated, but I'm used to that. In the old days it was the young people who were revolutionary, now we are old, we have less to lose, he says.

Dvergsdal says he is not afraid of losing his doctor's license but reacts strongly to how the health authorities try to gag him.

- What the Norwegian Board of Health writes in its warning is not interesting, it is the actions that apply. This is a gag, and the population does not know it. If I had the means, I could prove that we can save lives by closing down FHI and the Norwegian Medicines Agency. They are bureaucratic bodies that stand in the way of reason. Nevertheless, I have hope that reason will shake the power elite. And it is a privilege to live in a country where one is not killed because one kicks upwards, Dvergsdal says to Hemali.



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