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The Global Elite will keep the war going for as long as possible

Steigan.no - By red. PSt-25. April 2022

With money and weapons, there will be a war against Russia to the last Ukrainian.

The US Treasury Department is pouring billions of dollars into Ukraine. Now they also have to pay the salaries of Ukrainian soldiers. Initially, it is about 1.8 billion dollars, writes the news agency AP (known for being pro-American). Finance Minister Janet Yellen says this is just the beginning:

"We plan to provide this direct assistance to Ukraine as soon as possible, to be used on the most urgent needs," Finance Minister Janet Yellen said on Thursday. "We know that this is just the beginning of what Ukraine needs to rebuild (the country)."

In February, the US Congress approved $ 1.8 billion of this type of "financial assistance." (Together with $ 3.5 billion for weapons, $ 4 billion for "humanitarian aid" and $ 3 billion for Pentagon relocation to Eastern Europe, part of a $ 13.6 billion bill.) (Converted to Norwegian kroner-: about 120 billion, ed.)

Biden has already said that he will need Congress to adopt another such authorization soon:

Biden said the $ 13.6 billion approved last month by Congress for military and humanitarian aid was "almost depleted."

"Next week, I have to send an additional budget request to Congress to keep weapons and ammunition deployed without interruption," Biden said. The Congress has signaled that it is receptive to further requests and has expected that further assistance would be needed for the Ukrainians.

Biden did not give any details on how much extra funding he would ask for.

With $ 1.8 billion in "financial assistance" paid to Kyiv in a few months, the total for a year can reach around $ 5 billion. That's enough to pay 400,000 soldiers a thousand dollars every month for a year. (A Ukrainian soldier would be paid half in peacetime.)

Funding for the Deputy War between the United States and Russia

Former CIA chief (2009–2011) and former United States Secretary of Defense (2011–2013) Leon Panetta has admitted that this war is a war between the United States and Russia. He put it this way:

"The only way to deal with Putin right now is to double our efforts. Which means giving as much military aid as necessary to the Ukrainians so that they can continue the fight against the Russians… We are engaged in a conflict here. It's a proxy war with Russia whether we say so or not. That's actually what's happening. And for that reason we must be sure that we give as many weapons as possible… Do not doubt it, diplomacy comes no way unless we have influence. And the way you gain influence is by honestly going in and killing Russians. That is what the Ukrainians must do. We must continue the war effort… Because this is a game of power. ( "The United States is in a proxy war with Russia, " Bloomberg , March 17, 2022)

The United States wants to kill as many Russians as possible, according to Panetta, and that is what the Ukrainians are getting money and weapons to do. That means that more and more Ukrainians are also being killed in what Panetta himself calls a game of power. Naive people in Norway and the West otherwise think they are helping to support a "defense war" on the part of Ukraine against Russia. What they are doing is supporting the US deputy war against Russia - to the last Ukrainian. The United States now uses Ukrainian troops as mercenaries in its war against Russia. (The word soldier comes from the Latin solidus-, a Roman coin, and denotes the salary of a mercenary.) At some point, they must then wake up and realize what kind of incredible and cynical prank this is?

NATO is now increasingly participating as a participant in the war in Ukraine

Britain will now send heavy weapons to Ukraine according to NRK.no. "Britain will send armored rocket launchers to Ukraine in a few days," writes The Sun. The 13-ton Stormer rocket launchers are manufactured by the company BAE Systems and use Starstreak missiles, which can be used to shoot down low-flying aircraft. It only takes three people to operate the vehicle, according to NTB. "

Thus, Britain has openly participated as a participant in the war against the Russians in Ukraine. In addition to providing heavy weapons systems, the UK will certainly also provide "advisers" and "instructors" so that the expensive vehicles can be operated professionally. This continues the thinking and methods behind Operation Gladio-.

We now see a marked escalation of the war between Russia and the United States / NATO in Ukraine which definitely gives cause for concern.

In reality, there is now a war between the United States / NATO and Russia, but it is still taking place "only" on Ukrainian territory. But it will take very little for it to expand into a major European war. If NATO bombers begin bombing Russian targets from bases in Ukraine's neighbors, Russia will be able to invoke the "right to war" and respond by bombing those bases. And then we're off.

The only viable alternative to such a nightmare is to reach a compromise and peace as soon as possible.

Editor´s note:


President Putin is the first and ONLY country leader opposing the spread of globalism through the infiltration of young, eager traitors of their own countries, schooled and brainwashed as globalists by WEF/Claus Schwab´s institutes in Switzerland.

As most western countries including the EU are now under the control of the global elite in the WEF, a failure in Ukraine could cause a domino effect for the removal of other insertions who have betrayed their countries. That is why they are whipping up a frenzy of lies against Putin, pouring petrol on the fire in fear of defeat and the need to, once again, go underground and lose their fantasy of a dystopic New World Order.

Biden and the global elite are draining the economy of the US with the gigantic financial ´AID´to Ukraine´s military resistance, the US already drowning in debt in excess of 30 trillion dollars. But that is according to the WEF´s plan to destroy the American economy.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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