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Putin's hunt for traitors: - It's reminiscent of Stalin

IN WAR: President Vladimir Putin leads Russia on war with Ukraine.

VG.no - OLE KRISTIAN STRØM - Published: 16 April 2022, 15:25

There is an intense search for "traitors" in Russian society during the Ukraine war. A history professor believes Putin's use of language is reminiscent of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

President Vladimir Putin himself has spoken of "scum" and "traitors." He did so in a speech on March 16, quoted by Nezavisimaja Gazeta .

- The language used in that speech is reminiscent of Josef Stalin in the 1930s, says Professor Klas-Göran Karlsson at Lund University to VG.

- It hit me right away. I'm used to moving in the Soviet world of terror in the 1930s, and Putin used exactly the same words. It is well known and frightening, says Karlsson.

The history professor talks about the "Moscow processes", which took place in particular in the years 1936-38. Around one and a half million people were convicted of "counter-revolutionary activities". About half of these were shot and the rest sentenced to long stays in prison camps.

- Polarized language

- How do you interpret this language of Putin's?

- One realizes that Putin is very pressured, that he has in a way lost the traditional language that ordinary civilized people, also in Russia, use. It is a very polarized language, and it testifies that he is pressured, because development has not gone his way. It has to do with the adversity he has had, and that he does not get the response from Russian society that he wants. At the same time, we in the West think that he has more support than we had hoped for.

Vladimir Putin was photographed with a communist flag with a picture of Stalin and Lenin. The photo was taken in 2020. Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / AP

- Putin has a great need to portray himself as a victim, and what he is doing is somewhat defensive, while there are offensive forces in Ukraine and the West, which are against Russia. The Russians who have liberal and democratic ideas are therefore considered "traitors" and "saboteurs" and other things says, Professor Karlsson.


- The speed of Russia's transformation into Soviet "self-purification" has been astounding, writes the Washington Post.

- There have been websites with names that encourage Russians to condemn "traitors", "enemies", "cowards" and "refugees" who are opponents of the war, the newspaper continues.

In some cases, they go to physical action.

- Now mysterious pro-Putin figures are throwing the words "traitor to the motherland" on the doors of peace activists and others, the American capital newspaper continues - and mentions among others St. Petersburg activist Daria Kheikinen and Ekho Moscow editor Alexei Venediktov.

"Fifth column"

Last week, Novaya Gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov was attacked with red paint. There are many indications that that episode also had resistance to the war after the person shouted "here is one for our boys", where "our boys" are probably Russian soldiers.

Vladimir Putin believes that the West will act against Russia through "national traitors", those who "make money here with us, but live there, and" live "not even in the geographical meaning of the word, but according to their thoughts, in their own way ».

The president says he does not condemn anyone at all "who has a villa in Miami or on the French Riviera, who can not do without foie gras, oysters or so-called gender freedoms".

The problem for Putin, on the other hand, is that "many of these people by nature are mentally right there, and not here, not with our people, not with Russia."

The president also claimed that the West was trying to "divide our society, speculate on military losses, on the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, provoke a civilian confrontation in Russia and, using their" fifth column ", seek to achieve their goal - the destruction of Russia.

So he used the words "scum" and "traitors".


The Fifth column is a term for citizens of a country that during war sympathizes with the enemy and conducts political and military undermining work behind its own lines, according to Wikipedia.

Putin's next statements have perhaps attracted the most attention - and spokesman Dmitry Peskov has since been out explaining what the president meant:

- This natural and necessary self-cleansing of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, unity, and readiness to respond to any challenges.

Peskov has made it clear that Putin meant people fleeing Russia during the war - or "military special operation", as the Kremlin insists.

According to secretmag.ru, a well-known politician in the Russian upper house says that only Russian citizens can be considered "fifth columns". Andrej Klimov, who is deputy chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, also says that traitors are aware that they are harming their country.

DECORATIVE MUG: Two Russian leaders that people can buy cups with pictures of on the streets of St. Petersburg - Josef Stalin (left) and Vladimir Putin.

- 80 percent for Americans

He believes that 80 percent of the traitors work for the Americans. He also divides them into categories - criminals in criminal cases, foreign agents, and citizens who simply cause damage to their country.

- These are not traitors to any party or government structure. These are traitors to their nation, summed up Klimov according to secretmag.ru.

TV editor Marina Ovsjannikova, who protested in the middle of a news broadcast on the major TV channel Pyervyj, has been charged after that episode. She writes to VG that she expects more charges. To the Washington Post she writes:

- Our country is in total darkness now. Anyone can be called a national traitor or a "fifth colonist" just for participating in a demonstration.

The Sunday Telegraph tells of a young store employee who spent 24 hours behind bars because she mentioned to a random guy at a bar that she was against the war in Ukraine.

- It was just bullshit. He was furious because we did not agree and said that Putin and the war were the right things to do. Not long after, the police arrived - to pick us up.

Being convicted

Ovsjannikova publishes several examples on Telegram. Like Lyubov Yakovovskaya, who has been fined 50,000 rubles (5,500 kroner) for violating the new law against discrediting Russia's armed forces. Offense: She reposted an article about the Butsja massacre on Facebook.

In Siberia, an editor of a local online newspaper in the Kuzbass area, Roman Kuprijanov, has been fined 45,000 rubles for writing an article that discredits the armed forces, reports OVD-info-.

The Washington Post tells of schoolchildren in Penza who reported their own teacher after they had recorded her making anti-war statements.

OLE KRISTIAN STRØM - Published: 16.04.22 at 20:25


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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