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Filtration camps, interrogations, and deportation - how Moscow is forcibly deporting Ukrainians from Donbas

Natural kidnapping: Russian army forcibly removes about 2,000 children from Ukraine (Photo: Reuters / Alexander Ermochenko)

Natural kidnapping: Russian army forcibly removes about 2,000 children from Ukraine (Photo: Reuters / Alexander Ermochenko)

NV - April 15, 2022 - 1:09 p.m. - Maxim Butchenko - Vladimir Vyatrovych  (Translated from Russian)

Within a month, the Russians deported more than 40,000 people from the eastern regions of Ukraine they occupied. These people had to go through filtration camps and were already in Russia to settle where forced.

On March 25, Kyiv journalist Artem Ilyin launched a nine-day operation to rescue his parents, who had been deported by the occupiers from Mariupol to Russia.

That day, the Russian military entered the bomb shelter in the besieged area of ​​the besieged city, where his father and mother, as well as more than a hundred other Mariupol residents, were hiding from the shelling. They ordered everyone inside to go out and walk to the occupier-controlled village 10 km from Mariupol.

Then Ilyinykh was taken to the village of Bezimenne, to the filtration camp located in the building of the local school: all Ukrainians were checked for connections with the Armed Forces and government agencies.

Occupiers in Mariupol (Photo: REUTERS / Alexander Ermochenko)

"People are taken out every day." The occupiers forcibly deported 45,000 people from Ukraine - OP  (Russian)

" They were interrogated, fingerprints and palms were taken, three photos were taken. Parents filled out questionnaires three times. After that, they were given a root with the basic data and the stamp "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR". It was said separately that this leaflet gives the right to receive a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, "Ilyin Jr. said.

The next few days were spent with his parents to avoid becoming a citizen of the aggressor country.

System selection

According to the Office of the President ( OP), since the beginning of the war, the occupiers have taken 45,000 Ukrainians out of the enemy-occupied districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Moscow turned deportation into a system. Thus, the Russians do not give the residents of Mariupol humanitarian exit corridors, except for those directed towards the DNR.

The "liberated" are not trusted: Local residents of the occupied territories of Donbas are mixed up in infiltration camps / Photo: Reuters / Oleksandr Ermochenko

Those who left for them are first taken to filtration camps by the occupiers: the suspects are sent to the basements of Donetsk, Olenivka, and Dokuchaevsk; the rest are either left in the DNR or taken further east to Russia.

" According to our data, about 70,000 people have been forcibly deported from Mariupol and coastal communities," said Arkady Meshkov, deputy mayor of Mariupol.

According to him, the deported people are kept in inhumane conditions: the queues for inspections sometimes take weeks. As a result, Ukrainians are interrogated by the special services of the Russian Federation: they are examined ( even tattoos are pointed out), and personal belongings are checked. If it is established that a person had any connection with the authorities, law enforcement, or military units, they are tortured and sent to a pre-trial detention center.

Sometimes ordinary citizens are beaten, trying to find out at least some information about the Armed Forces.

Russian deportation "in the Stalinist tradition." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on international organizations to help deport Ukrainians from Russia (Russian)

Then some, especially men, are left in the DNR. Although recently about a hundred Ukrainians from Rubizhne, according to NV, were transported to the "LPR" - to Rovenyok. There they shocked the locals and shouts " Glory to Ukraine!"

But the majority of deportees - usually women, children, and the elderly - are taken to Russia without a choice. And the geography of the places where they end up is incredibly wide: from the Azov Taganrog to the Siberian Omsk and even further Tomsk.

Natalia Yemchenko, Rinat Akhmetov's director of public relations and communications at SCM's investment group, whose two metallurgical plants are based in Mariupol, recalls that the first reports of people being evacuated from Ukraine began when Russian troops were stationed near Kyiv. Now this flow has only intensified.

Yemchenko, assessing the large geographical spread of the end points of the deportation of Ukrainians, says that the Russian authorities have an order to deport people - they usually do not get to live in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk, and the forgotten wilderness.

Bucha, Kyiv region, destroyed by Russian troops (Photo: REUTERS / Zohra Bensemra)

The OSCE presented the first international report on Russian war crimes in Ukraine (Russian)

From the east of Ukraine, the Russians are deporting representatives of the most vulnerable groups - children from orphanages and orphans. Tatiana Lomakina, an OP adviser, says they have data on 40 such children taken to Russia.

And the Office of the Prosecutor General is conducting a pre-trial investigation into the fact of illegal movement of more than 2.3 thousand young citizens of Ukraine from the occupied territories of Donbas.

According to Vira Yastrebova, director of the domestic Eastern Human Rights Group, the Russian authorities have now collected almost 300 packages of documents for the transfer of orphans from Donbas to Russian families. However, this is illegal even in view of Russian law, as these are children who do not have Russian citizenship.

" Orphans from Donbas are adopted under an accelerated procedure, in fact they are simply sold. It is unknown what their fate will be: there are no guarantees that they will not be resold after adoption, Yastrebova said. - According to experience, the adoption procedure lasts from three months to a year. And in this case, the children were taken out, and within a month it was announced that they would be transferred to Russian families. "

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation reported that over the past month more than 2,000 orphans have arrived in the country - they are going to give them to their families.

And the Russian Federation Council stated that since some of these children do not speak Russian well, they urgently need to be "retrained." According to Ukrainian ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denysova, such actions are a gross violation of Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Back home

Some Ukrainians deported to Russia manage to leave the territory of the aggressor country, Yemchenko explains. According to her, about 500 people were able to return home via Moscow and Riga.

Ilyin's parents first moved from Russia to Belarus. Before that, they spent two days in Rostov-on-Don listening to Russian military helicopters and planes constantly flying in the sky.

Ilyina took train tickets to Minsk. And although citizens of other countries have no right to cross the Belarusian-Russian border, border guards indulgently let pensioners with expensive tickets to a compartment car - $ 150 each.

Ilyina's parents came from the Belarusian capital to the Brest region. They crossed the border with Ukraine on foot, walking 1.5 km of snow. And only after that, they meet with their son.

Ilyin was lucky. But this is only a special case.

In order to repatriate everyone, Ukraine needs a state system of registration and return of people, experts say. At least a register of deportees and one specific body that will take care of their repatriation.

So far, this is not the case in the country.

Vladimir Vyatrovych. - This is not just a war - this is genocide.


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