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The countries with the strictest covid measures are now hardest hit.

Workers dressed in protective suits on a truck transporting medical supplies to a hospital in the city of Wuhan in 2020. Photo: AP / NTB scanpix

Resett.no - By Henrik S. Werenskiold -3. April 2022

Several of the countries that have followed a "zero-covid" strategy, or in one way or another implemented strict closure measures over time, are now facing their most devastating waves of infection during the pandemic.

According to the Daily Caller, the United States has seen a steady decline in corona infection since January, both in terms of cases and deaths. Countries such as China, South Korea, and New Zealand - which were once hailed for a very effective pandemic response - are now facing drastic new records in coronary heart disease and death.

South Korea and Hong Kong now have the most deaths per capita in the world in the last seven days. New Zealand's average seven-day death rate surpassed that of the United States this week for the first time during the pandemic, and the country continues to set new records for Covid-19-related deaths.


China has implemented perhaps the most draconian measures in the world to combat Covid-19. Beijing used state-of-the-art technology to track the movement of each individual population, lock residents inside their homes if they became infected, and shut down entire cities at the first sign of a small outbreak. According to figures from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is disputed by many experts, China keeps the spread of the virus at an impressively limited level. According to CCP data, the massive country had on average less than 200 cases per day from March 2020 until February 2022.

But now the country is overwhelmed by eruptions. Almost a third of the total cases in the country for the entire pandemic occurred in March alone. On March 19, Chinese authorities reported the country's first Covid-19-related death since January 2021. Military reserves have been mobilized to prevent people from leaving cities, or even buildings, where outbreaks have been detected. Parts of Shanghai - China's financial center - have been cordoned off. Large parts of the city's 26 million inhabitants have to stay indoors.

The Chinese government has long expressed pride in successfully implementing the "zero-covid" strategy. The strategy maintains that the authorities can limit the spread of the coronavirus to zero with the right measures- so that the goal is zero outbreaks over time. On the other hand, the strategy has proved to be unsustainable, as the spread of the virus has proved to be inevitable in a globalized world, no matter how harsh measures a police state may take to combat the spread.

In Hong Kong, therefore, the authorities are preparing to finally start easing some covid restrictions, after the city experienced its worst wave during the pandemic ever in March. From September 2021 to February 8, 2022, Hong Kong reported zero Covid-19-related deaths, leaving the city's total death toll at 213 cases since the pandemic began. Now, just two months later, the total death toll has exploded to 7,825. 97 percent of the city's total Covid-19-related deaths have therefore occurred in the last two months - two years into the pandemic, and more than a year after vaccines became available.

South Korea

Some health experts in the West have long claimed that South Korea has had the best pandemic response in the world. Through rigorous monitoring and tracking tools, the country has been able to follow a "zero-covid" strategy without resorting to the draconian shutdowns that have been seen in many other parts of the world. South Korea's infection control measures have nevertheless been very urgent.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with the virus have been sent to state-of-the-art isolation facilities, while authorities have tracked phone and credit card data to monitor their movements. Close contacts have been required to isolate themselves for two weeks, with check-ins twice a day through the authorities' Covid-19 monitors.

But it has all been in vain. From completely insignificant covid-19 infection numbers in March 2022, daily cases have now reached a peak of more than 621,000. The country's covid-19-related death toll more than doubled in March alone.


Many Covid-19 hawks in the United States and Europe praised the measures taken in places such as New Zealand and South Korea. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Now it seems that the spread of the coronavirus is inevitable if one is to maintain a modern society in the age of globalization. In addition to vaccination, there are limited measures that can be taken to prevent mass spread and significant death.


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