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The latest on the war in Ukraine

A satellite photo shows the devastation in Mariupol. Photo: Planet Labs PBC / AP / NTB

Resett.no - Of NTB-March 21, 2022 | 04:49

Six were killed in an attack on a residential area in Kyiv. A journalist from the news agency AFP reports that at least six people were killed in a bomb attack on Kyiv on Monday night.

Six deaths have been laid outside the Retroville shopping center in Podil districts, according to the AFP journalist. The bombs are said to have caused major damage to the mall and created a crater several meters wide in the parking lot outside.

The emergency services in the Ukrainian capital previously stated that at least four people were killed in the attack, which also affected homes.

The affected residential and commercial area is located north of the center of the Ukrainian capital, writes Reuters.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko announced the attack on Sunday night.ad

- Several explosions in the Podil district. Rescue crews, doctors, and police are on the scene, Klitschko wrote on the messaging service  Telegram and attached a picture of a fire.

He said that several homes and a shopping center were hit and that a large fire broke out in the shopping center.

The information and photos from the site have not been confirmed independently.

Several Russian drones over Odesa

The strategically important port city of Odesa in southern Ukraine on Sunday registered an increase in the number of Russian drones over the city and the surrounding area.

- It is still quiet, there are no attacks, the region's military leader Maksym Marchenko tells the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

The Ukrainian air force has fired on the drones, and Marchenko says some of them have been shot down.

The information has not been verified independently.

Odesa has been little affected since Russia's invasion, but Russian forces are trying to move west from Crimea.

Over 7,000 evacuated in Ukraine

A total of 7,295 people were taken out of besieged areas on Sunday, Ukrainian authorities say.

The evacuation took place along four of seven humanitarian corridors, says Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk in a video message.

About 4,000 of them were transported out of the hard-hit port city of Mariupol and brought to Zaporizhia.

Ukrainian authorities plan to send around 50 buses to pick up people from Mariupol on Monday, Vereshchuk said.

Zelensky: Israel can be the right place for peace talks

President Volodymyr Zelenskyj says Israel is working hard to bring about top-level talks between Ukraine and Russia and suggests that this could happen in Jerusalem.

In his daily video speech to Ukrainians, Zelensky said that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was trying to act as a mediator between Kyiv and Moscow,  Reuters reports.

On Sunday, Zelensky spoke to the National Assembly in Israel via video link.

- Of course, Israel has its interests, a strategy to protect its citizens. We understand all that, said Zelensky sitting at a desk.

- The Prime Minister of Israel is trying to find a way to hold talks, and we are grateful for that. We are grateful for his efforts so that sooner or later we can start talks with Russia, possibly in Jerusalem. It is the right place to find peace, if possible, Zelenskyj said.

China says it is not sending weapons to Russia

China's ambassador to the United States says his country does not send weapons to Russia for use in Ukraine, but he does not rule out that it may be possible in the future.

Russia's close ally China has stepped in cautiously after Russia's invasion of Ukraine about a month ago. Beijing has called for peace talks but has not condemned Moscow.

Ambassador Qin Gang tells the CBS channel that public condemnation does not help and that "good diplomacy" is necessary.

"What China is doing is sending food, medicine, sleeping bags, and baby food, not weapons and ammunition," the ambassador said without promising anything for the future.

Qin Gang's comments come after US President Joe Biden on Friday warned his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that it would have "consequences" if Beijing gave military support to Moscow.

Ukraine: Russia has changed its strategy in the air

The Russian air force has changed its attack strategy after suffering losses at the start of the invasion, the Ukrainian defense claims.

For 25 days, the Russian occupiers have suffered heavy losses on land and in the air - 96 planes, 118 helicopters, and many cruise missiles and drones, says spokesman Yuri Ignat in the Ukrainian Air Force according to the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

In the last two days, therefore, Russia has changed its strategy. Now far more reconnaissance drones are being sent to see the results of missile attacks, he says.

The information has not been verified independently.

Over the port city of Odesa in southern Ukraine, an increase in the number of Russian drones over the city and the surrounding area was reported, but so far no attacks.


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