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What nobody told you about Ukraine – Mind-blowing!

Stop World Control 10 March 2022

Something incredible was revealed by a brave hero of humanity. Udo Ulfkotte was the editor of one of Europe’s largest newspapers, the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung. A few years ago he confessed to the world that journalists worldwide are paid by the CIA, secret societies, governments, billionaires, etc. to... always lie, and never tell the truth to the public.

This newspaper editor confessed that journalists are paid to… push for war with Russia!

That's where Ulfkotte drew the line. After lying to the public for over 25 years, he could no longer live with his conscience. He publicly confessed his guilt and exposed the worldwide criminal media cartel, that steers humanity to its doom. Shortly after his confession, Ulfkotte was found dead. Listen to his confession in this video:

Unbelievable Deception (video)

What Ulfkotte confessed, can easily be observed when we look at how media around the world are lying about Ukraine. Look at the following examples…

A picture of an explosion in Gaza years ago is published as if it just happened in Ukraine...

An explosion in China from 2015 is published as if it happened in Ukraine, just now...

An image from a 2010 movie
is published as if it was taken in Ukraine...

Another scene from a movie is used to 'report' on what is happening in Ukraine...

A picture from a gas explosion in 2018 is used to show the 'destruction caused in Ukraine by Russia'. The lady shown with a blood-covered face is a famous crisis actor, who appears in dozens of images of 'disasters'. Pure theatre...

In this short video, you can see how this crisis actor is often used to deceive the public.

A 2016 photo is used to stir up emotions, while it has nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine...

A 2017 video of an explosion is published as if it happened just now in Ukraine...

Another explosion from 2015 is used by CNN to create the illusion of a current explosion in Ukraine...

An Israeli news agency broadcasts supposed footage from the Ukraine war zone. Turns out they used a scene from a Star Wars movie...

A girl suffering from a bombing in Syria in 2018, is shown today as if she was hurt during bombings in Ukraine.

These examples show how indeed the world is being deceived on a massive scale. Images from movies, past disasters, crisis actors, ... all means are justified to lie to the public.

The Truth Is Hidden

On the other hand, the news media are hiding critical information, that sheds a completely different light on this whole situation. Here are a few examples...


The Russian military is delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to the Ukrainian people.

This was reported by the Russian news agency RT, which by the way has been one of the very few news agencies in the world, who reported truthfully about the plandemic.

Interestingly RT has now been banned all across the world. Clearly, their reporting may not be heard by humanity!


What Big Media is also hiding from the world, is how children are being trained in Ukraine to become terrorists, on the model of ISIS! The famous "AZOV Battalion", a group of Nazis operating in Ukraine for many years, was funded by the last governments in Kyiv.


The dangerous rise of nazism and fascism in Ukraine is illustrated in this video, where a large group of teenagers is chanting the following lines:

'Heil Ukraine, Death to the enemies, Heil Ukraine, Hang the Russians, Ukraine above all!, Ukraine above all else!' (video)


This full-length documentary reveals the dangerously growing movement of neo-nazism in Ukraine. (video)


Another shocking reality you won't hear a word about on Big Media, is how the Ukrainian military have been bombing their own people, after which they blame Russia. This video shows a young family explaining this horror. While Russia is bringing tons of food to the Ukrainian people, their own military is killing them through mass bombing. (video)

Their story is confirmed by a French war reporter in Donbas. She confirms that the Ukrainian army is bombing their own people... (video)


A French television show made a big mistake: they invited a lady who has been living in Ukraine for 25 years. Once she started telling the truth about what is really going on there, the TV host and other guests were shocked and started arguing in great confusion.

One of the things this Ukrainian lady revealed is how the current government was positioned through election fraud, as a puppet government for criminals.

She reveals how the television channels of the opposition have been banned, many journalists have been murdered, and the country operates as a dictatorship, while to the outside world it is praised as a 'free democracy'. She also explains how millions of people in Ukraine live in terrible conditions and many people are in fact happy with the intervention by Russia. Listen to this Ukrainian lady here: (video)


In the following clip you can hear Ukrainian fighters talk about:

- how they follow orders given to them by the West,
- how they have fun killing people,
- how they plan on making Ukraine a concern for the entire world,
- how they envision destroying Russia.

The Media Manipulates You

The goal of this media war is to incite hatred in the world population against Russia. All of a sudden Russia is the great, dark monster. Boo! Putin! Kill Putin! What a villain! But… did the people who are outraged now, ever care about any of the wars that happened recently? The United States has been dropping at least 337,000 bombs in the past years. They bombed for example:

Syria for 5 years.
Yemen for 7 years.
Somalia for 15 years.
Iraq for 16 years.
Pakistan for 18 years.
Afghanistan for 21 years.

Nobody cared. No big corporations called for compassion with any of these countries. There was no boycott against the USA. No websites, celebrities, tech companies, restaurants etc. were putting up messages of support for any of these countries. So... why is the whole world all of sudden outraged about Ukraine?

Extreme Hypocrisy

government hypocrisy

The very people who are accusing Putin of doing something ‘bad’, are the ones who have been murdering hundreds of millions, all their life. I already showed you how these guys have been dumping hundreds of thousands of bombs - often on innocent civilians - all over the world. But they are also the ones murdering children, with the experimental gene therapy, that is falsely labeled as a v@ccine. They are the ones who took part in launching a pandemic on humanity that killed many millions of innocent people (see the proof of how this was planned).

They are the ones who have been suppressing all cures for covid, effectively murdering millions who could have been healed with early treatment.

They are the ones systematically destroying our countries, in order to submit us to a one-world government. They are the ones taking away our freedoms, rights, money, and - if we let them - our lives. They are the ones pushing for genocide, to reduce the world population. They are the ones who have been murdering scientists who discovered life-saving cancer treatments.

In short, they are the ones committing crimes against humanity of proportions we can’t even comprehend.

And now they are standing up against ‘evil’? Those who serve the deepest, darkest forces of evil that most of us can’t even imagine exist? Wake up dear, beloved, beautiful people! You are being played, tricked, brainwashed, manipulated by people so wicked, they would destroy everything dear to you, yourself included if you aren’t watching.

Why Are They Afraid?

When you observe how these criminals desperately want you to hate Putin, you should ask yourself: “Why? What is Putin doing, that is apparently a threat to them?”  This brings us to the next basic reality: whenever the cabal tells you to hate somebody, it means this person is their enemy, and probably your friend.

Have you ever witnessed anyone on public television calling for the assassination of a person? I haven’t. Yet on the American news media, we have seen several people call for the murdering of Putin. One of them is US senator Lindsey Graham. First, he appeared on television, calling for the murdering of Putin, and he repeated his call on Twitter:

Why don’t they call for the taking out of George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds or Rockefellers, and any of the other master criminals and mass murderers, who have inflicted suffering on the entire world that words cannot even begin to describe?

You have to ask yourself: why are political leaders and media personalities calling for the assassination of Putin? What is he doing, that these criminals are so terrified of him?

What Is Going On?

As we all know, the Biden family has been dealing extensively with the current government of Ukraine and has repeatedly received many millions of dollars from them. We also know how criminal the Bidens are. Hunter Biden (Joe's son) was caught in the ongoing abuse of countless children, buying them from child traders, and abusing them in any way he can. His laptop was seized, and the evidence is out there. Here you see a picture from Hunter's laptop, showing a photo of a girl kidnapped in Paris, and offered for sale on the human trafficking market.

Joe Biden is also known for his child abuse. He can’t keep his hands off any child, that comes near to him. The ongoing, intimate relationship of this criminal Biden family with the Ukrainian government, is quite telling...


An audio recording surfaced, revealing how U.S. politicians - those who are part of the deep state - were handpicking who they would put in the Ukraine government, and who they would keep out. This means that the Deep State completely controls Ukraine! (video)


There are several U.S. bioweapon labs in Ukraine, most of whom are very close to the border with Russia. Reports from Putin's strikes show how he has been targeting these bioweapon labs! The Deep State in the U.S. is frantically trying to stop Putin from taking out these bioweapon labs! (source). Putin doesn’t 'invade' Ukraine. He is taking out bioweapon labs! Ukraine was being prepared as a major stronghold for the operations of the cabal, in Europa and Asia. Putin is simply cleaning house.

In the following video, you can hear Putin explain how the U.S. has been positioning missiles all along the Ukrainian border with Russia. He explains that nobody would ever allow his neighbor to do such a thing. what would happen if Russia positioned nuclear missiles all along the Canadian and Mexican borders with the United States? This is a simple matter of self-defense, Putin explains. Ukraine was being prepared as a major stronghold for the operations of the cabal, in Europa and Asia. Their goal was to wipe out Russia. Putin is simply preventing their invasion, by taking out bioweapon labs, military bases, missile launching pads, etc. (video)

Who Is Putin - Really?

Putin has been calling the world back to God and Christian values, while fiercely rebuking the western world for chasing after the dark realms of perversion, to the extent where there are hardly any healthy families left in the formerly Christian nations, while pedophilia and all kinds of perversions are celebrated and promoted on every side.

Putin has been the ONLY world leader taking a bold stand against ongoing perversion, calling for a return to the Christian faith and values.


Later, he was joined by Trump, who - to everybody's amazement - has been calling the world back to God, the Bible, faith, and Christian values. Whatever we think about Trump, we cannot deny his consistent call to the world, to turn back to God.

Both Putin and Trump have been very surprising and loud voices in our time, opposing the plans of the cabal to completely secularize and pervert our world.

Putin may have been trained as a Young Global Leader by the WEF, he may be involved in freemasonry (which you have to be, to occupy that kind of government position), it doesn’t mean he has embraced their evil agenda in his heart. Some very godly people have emerged from some of the darkest surroundings. Think about archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who is a bright light in the Vatican, which is the head of the worldwide snake of the cabal! This hero of humanity has been exposing intense child abuse and financial corruption in the Vatican and is now fighting hard against the new world order, in which the Vatican plays a key role.


Similarly, Putin has also always taken a bold stand against the new world order and has gone out of his way to expose their plans. His speeches are all over the internet, where he warns humanity for the satanic one-world government. He has publicly exposed criminals like George Soros, Bill Gates, and the Rothschilds, removing their influence as much as he can, from Russia.

In all Putin has been doing and saying the past decade, it has become clear he is not a friend of the cabal, but in fact, fiercely opposes them.

That becomes all the more evident by the way the cabal is trying to destroy Russia now. Dozens of their major corporations are now leaving Russia, trying to plunge Russia back into the dark ages with the absence of the best western services, solutions and technologies.

What they don’t understand, is that this will encourage Russian people to build their own systems, which will make Russia all the more powerful against the cabal, because they will no longer rely on their services.

The only way to understand the current worldwide attack on Russia is to know how this nation is a major obstacle for the one-world government.

The same goes for America. The cabal has been trying to destroy both Russia and America from within, by positioning corrupt puppets in the governments, and through massive bribery and blackmailing of influential individuals in these nations. They also tried to get both of these nations to start a nuclear war.

They failed.

In the near future, we will see how America will rise from the dark clouds of the current war and will become brighter than ever. While the cabal has assassinated thousands of leading patriots in the USA in the past century and has tried to incite hatred against the USA in the hearts of the American people, the patriot movement has grown stronger and bigger than ever before. Never in her existence was there such a widespread army of vigilant patriots, standing up to defend America from the cabal.

Even now with a cabal puppet government in place, they are exposing themselves more than ever, causing all the more a rising of patriot fire throughout America.

Quick Overview

✔︎ Putin calls for the return to God, and His values, which is the exact opposite of the cabal, who serve the realm of darkness.

✔︎ Putin has been condemning the rise of perversion, which is the exact opposite of the cabal, who push for perversion.

✔︎ Putin has been taking a bold stand against globalism and the New World Order, making him an obstacle to their plans.

✔︎ That’s why the cabal has been paying journalists in America and Europe, trying to cause war with Russia.

✔︎ The cabal has seized Ukraine and made it a stronghold for their operations, which is a major threat to Russia.

✔︎ Putin has removed missile launching stations and bioweapon labs, that were positioned along the border with Russia.

✔︎ Ukraine is a hub for neo-nazism, where children are trained to become terrorists.

✔︎ Ukrainian fighters brag about having fun killing people, and how Ukraine will become "a concern for the whole world".

✔︎ Ukraine has been deeply in bed with the cabal, and Biden is a striking example of this.

✔︎ The US Deep State handpicked the Ukrainian government, making it a puppet government in the hands of criminals.

✔︎ For decades the cabal has tried to cause a nuclear war with Russia, to destroy this nation.

✔︎ Now once again the cabal media worldwide is calling for war against Russia, which shows they want to destroy the nation.

✔︎ The media lies about Russia, in order to get the public opinion on their side, when they attack them.

In essence, Putin is simply defending Russia, against an ever-increasing threat posed by NATO and the Deep State / Cabal. At the same time, he is abolishing their strongholds in Ukraine, which includes a hub for child trafficking. And he is delivering the Ukrainian people from a criminal government that has been oppressing the people.

Cyber Pandemics

Hillary Clinton and Biden have both called for cyberattacks against Russia. Klaus Schwab from the WEF has publicly announced that after the biological pandemics, there will be a wave of cyberattacks. This would be far more devastating than any biological virus, as it would shut down the entire world infrastructure, and cause power outages, disruption of supply lines, etc.

If major cyber attacks occur, they will be caused by the cabal, but… others will be blamed, including Russia. That’s how they always work: they cause a disaster and blame somebody else. The fact that Schwab has predicted cyber attacks, shows it’s on their agenda.


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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