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March 8 is women's day that should be about women's struggle, gender equality, and good discussions around global feminism. It's not mother's day. In the West, Women Are Nature, women are poetry, women are beautiful, and women are much, much more. Why are the symbols of God in ice / Lamb only masculine? God is the king and the God of the Earth. In is / lam, women are downvoted and second-rate. The woman should not be the leader, she should not lead Friday prayers, she should not be in the same line as men. Men are leaders, men are first. She is not part of society. She should be invisible. She is cut off from supporting herself, she cannot decide for herself. Ko / Ranen's verse has made sure that the woman does not belong to herself. The verse of the Korans describes the man as God and the woman as his property. Co / robbery 2: 223."Your women are a field for you, so go to your field as you wish, all in the best way" I am glad that we in Norway and Europe have come a long way in terms of liberation and equality in society. Women are now equal to us men in most areas, and they now sit in a number of positions that they did not have access to previously. And: our women have now overtaken us when it comes to higher education. All ethnic Norwegians are happy for our democracy

It is not acceptable to argue against Islam - a militant ideology that aims for a violent, oppressive, medieval, anti-democratic mindset. That is / lam intends to take over power and introduce a world caliphate and eventually force our descendants to convert, it shall be silent. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, the fighting here in Norway was about getting women into the workforce, abortion, and getting rid of all the oppression of women. Around 1970, Norway found oil, and immigration started. In the beginning, those who emigrated to Norway had no choice but to adapt and almost assimilate into the society they chose — in modern Norway. But with continuous anxiety from our politicians and increasing power to is / lam in Norwegian society, we have got back everything we once left behind us; patriarchal systems of women's discrimination and everything else this has brought with it. Had the women's rights defenders who today are going to train really been concerned with their stated solidarity, they would have fought for their Muslim fellow sisters to get the same freedoms that they themselves take for granted. Totalitarian control of women does not belong in an enlightened society in 2022. This is something strictly everyone should fight against. But instead of taking up that fight again, the women's rights defenders actively try to label anyone who points out that the development is going in the wrong direction, as racist or xenophobic. Tooth and nail defend the patriarchy they themselves once fought against, in some kind of strange, sick

We must learn about Islam's practices in Muslim countries. We need to read up on Islam's history and Koran content. Then we will see that the men of Islam have the exclusive right to control and violence because they can quote the kaftan and Muiammed's various suras in response to why it is as it is for women. Whether it concerns adultery or refusing a man sex. The reality of women living with husbands, fathers, brothers, cousins, that is, the family clan, and the control that men exercise over their sisters, wives, and cousins because they can, is laid down in the scripture of the Koran. This is and remains a" theological " problem because believers and practicing Muslims have the advantage to decide over females. (I'm not talking about the kind of Mouse/glue that recognizes democracy and equality. There are many great musicians!!) Hijab is about what the woman has between her legs. The vagina does not belong to the woman, it belongs to the family honor. Islam's view of women is misogynistic and not good in a modern, equal and liberal society like Norway. This religion that calls itself a religion of peace-Islam - kills its women if they bring dishonor or shame upon their family. Honor killings, honor violence. stoning by adultery, execution of homosexuals also characterizes today's Islam. If you look around the world and read a little, you will not find a country ruled by mice/limes living in peace. Islam does not add anything to modern society in the West

Ice / Lamb does not add a modern society in the West anything positive, and many mice/limes just parasitize on the West's abundance... But fortunately not all! But unfortunately, Europe is becoming completely imbued with" respect " for this violent ideology. Many politicians, media gnomes, and now bishops will now equate Christianity and is / lam? Do they know nothing about ice cream/Lamb? Can not ordinary teachers, politicians, media dissenters, and bishops read up on the history of Islam? Or are they just generally stupid? Ido / robbery is available. I bought myself an Ido / robbery. Do politicians not see what is happening in Sweden, England, France, and Germany with hundreds of Nogo zones for whites? This is ice / Lamb in practice!! Immigrants ' demanding mentality means that they are never integrated because they lack self-respect. People without self-respect cannot respect others. They just demand, complain, and complain. The politicians say that what is missing is communication, dialogue, and commitment, seemingly without seeing the irony in that they themselves are devoid of dialogue when it comes to is/lam. It is totally taboo to talk about Islam/ immigration. Norwegian officials choose to show the immigrants " respect "and call it"Dialogue". So, if you are Islam supporter, and are uniformed muha / Medan with hijab, then you can say what you want in Norwegian media — and no Norwegians should be allowed to advocate for arguing against such protected persons. It is not acceptable to argue against Islam - a militant ideology that aims for a violent,

What biologists call reciprocal altruism also works independently of kinship. We do something for others based on the expectation that they are willing to give back. However, the system only works as long as the services are reciprocated; parasitism is taboo. The human emotion and behavior register is designed to make the social exchange of services and repetitive services work. Through conversations and social interaction, "registers" are kept in our heads of who contributes and who is to be trusted. Whoever is considered generous and loyal is given high status in the group, while freeloaders and lazy people are punished with a bad reputation. The question is how empathy works when we no longer act in groups where everyone knows each other, but are actors in a globalized, mass-communicating world. Those people who give to someone who cannot give back are rewarded with social recognition. This is perhaps especially true in the Scandinavian social democracy, which has cultivated equality, austerity, and community. A good ethnic Norwegian cares about others. Our goodness industry is good-seen in a brief perspective-but dangerous for our country over time because giving so much of our profits eats away at the profits, and it has consequences. The goodness industry employs tens of thousands in this country. For many, this is a job like any other. However, a good intention does not guarantee that

All ethnic Norwegians are happy for our democracy (which certainly could be better), our" equal pay", our values, our rules of conduct, our legal system, our freedoms, our nation - our Norway and our Europe. But maybe can still get better, even though we are probably the furthest in the world in equality. But unfortunately-too bad to report-there is more and more women in our country who do not feel as good as the ethnic Norwegian women. Here in Norway, there are women who are not allowed by the man to work, women who are not allowed to learn Norwegian or educate themselves, women who are not allowed to go out alone, and women who have to wear oppressive clothing and women who are forced to sex when the man may want it " etc... A feature of the human species is the ability to compassion and care - empathy. According to biology, empathy is a feeling developed by evolution because it increases the cohesion and interaction of the herd. This also improves the survival opportunity of the individual because the herd is also getting stronger. When we help others, we really help ourselves. Family Care works by protecting and helping those you share genes with. This is a trait all animals that raise their offspring to have. What biologists call reciprocal altruism also works independently of kinship. We do something for others based on an expectation that they are willing to ni back the system

However, a good intention does not guarantee that the result will be good. World history is full of tragedies created by idealists. Those who burn strongly for one cause are sometimes willing to burn others. Many of NRK's newscasts contain a sequence with an alleged victim. The consequence is that the struggle for social benefits is increasingly won by those who succeed in presenting themselves as victimishly as possible in the media. The problem is that the victim's status is often not real from the eyes of the other party. Moreover, the actual victims - the immigrants - now have to spend a lot of energy marketing themselves on the empathy market instead of solving their own problems. Empathy is rarely fair. It is only triggered when we see the victim. Many of the migrants in the Mediterranean have not been persecuted. Nor are they among the poorest in" their " part of the world, as they can pay the people smugglers. Again, look at NPR... We rarely see the weakest. The poorest are the losers in the empathy market, which is at least as brutal and manipulative as any other business. That the expression of empathy can be characterized by self-talk and self-assertion is also evident in politics. Many politicians and media gnomes would rather take 10,000 refugees to Norway in a spectacular operation than in a more discreet way help 200,000 - 300,000 in the neighboring areas where they already live-for the same amount. More and more politicians and media gnomes are showing their generosity in the public, but this is only on the state's

More and more politicians and media Gnomes show their generosity in the public, but this is only at the state's expense/expense. You may ask how generous it is to give away other people's money. A state must have a predictable system of laws, rights, and obligations with long-term financial sustainability. It is these principles of social governance that the Norwegian state has as a basis and have provided ever-increasing welfare to millions of people over generations. Politicians are elected by the people and should primarily represent the opinions of the people. But we are never asked. It now seems that the European social democracies are now being torn apart by impulsive demands to save every conceivable "victim" (immigrants with Islamic affiliation) the world over. Sweden is now ruled against the collapse of its welfare state within a few years because of the country's thoughtless and borderless empathetic immigration policies. Swedes who dare to express the slightest objection are branded as racist egoists and shut out of the good company. And the Norwegian welfare state is headed in the same direction. In the event of an economic collapse, the consequence is that the state can no longer help anyone. It is the absolute opposite of empathic. We must learn about is Koran's practices in Muslim countries. We need to read up on Muslim history and Koran's content. Then we will see that the men of Islam have exclusive rights

fought against, in some kind of strange, sick understanding of "foreign culture". The entry of Muslims - immigration-which started already in the early 1970s, was greatly amplified after the Strictly secret Barcelona agreement in 1995. Norway has gone from being a good Norwegian nation to becoming the stronghold of globalism during approx. 50 years. The politicians and the media and partly the clergy have struggled to achieve this, while our sleeping population has not yet fully understood what was really going on right before their eyes. In a few decades, Norway will be lost. We are Americans in the minority. It is not necessarily the people-mice / limes themselves-we are negative too. It is Islam's values and rules of conduct that are totally in conflict with the Western. The problem now is to get the people to read what the NYE doctrine Allah-faith really stands for. The inclusive politicians, large parts of the clergy, and the media were the first to propagandize for the introduction of a diverse and tolerant Norway. However, in reality, we have been diverse for thousands of years already. The Norwegians of reality are and have always been complex people - genetically, religiously, and culturally-but with a fairly common base of values. That's how it's been for a thousand years. Radical feminists and women's rights defenders in Norway and the rest of the West do not dare to attack is / Lam's backward view of women and fixed gender roles, and the total lack of gender equality in countries

Gender roles and the total lack of equality in Muslim-majority countries, as well as in many European extraterrestrials {nolo zones), women's rights defenders do not succeed. We may all remember/know that leisure is not a free benefit. Those who must believe it and reckon that freedom is something that comes by itself will eventually experience angry Ukraine. For those of you who have read the entire input I llennsker all of you proud, independent-minded, and awake women out there a really good 8. March! I appreciate that you all make a difference.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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