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The Corporate Driving Forces Behind The Crisis In Ukraine Are The Same Ones That Led To WWI and WWII

Dr. Rath Foundation - by  Paul Anthony Taylor at  February 11, 2022

With global attention increasingly focusing on the deepening crisis in Ukraine, the steady drumbeat towards war is becoming ever more audible with each passing day. If the world is to avoid falling into the abyss of another catastrophic global conflict, it is crucial for us to learn and understand the lessons of history.

Preventing A Third World War:

While there are undoubtedly many factors that have led the world to this critical point in time, one of the most important ones continues to be ignored by the mainstream media. Despite what we are being told, the corporate driving forces behind the current crisis are precisely the same ones that led to the previous two global wars.

It is no coincidence that the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine comes at a time when, just as the world begins to transition away from polluting fossil fuels, soaring energy prices are forcing millions of people to choose between putting food on the table and heating their homes. Neither is it coincidental that the escalation towards war coincides with experimental mRNA- and DNA-based COVID-19 vaccines directing skyrocketing profits into the bulging pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is already clear that a global transition away from fossil fuels will decimate the current business models of oil and gas producers. But what is less well understood is that the profits of the pharmaceutical industry are now equally at threat. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, drug company business models were on the brink of terminal decline. By 2018, researchers examining the industry were predicting that decreasing success rates in new drug development, rising clinical trial costs, and increasing competition from cheaper generic manufacturers could soon combine to result in pharmaceutical production no longer being a profitable business.

Couple this with a growing awareness of the potential risks and proven dangers of today’s experimental COVID-19 vaccines, and the fact that effective, safe, non-patentable approaches to controlling infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer with vitamins and other natural substances now exist, and it becomes crystal clear that a viable transition away from pharmaceutical-based medicine lies ahead. Just like their counterparts in the oil and gas industries, however, the business models of drug companies would be decimated by such a development. This possibility makes the crisis in Ukraine all the more dangerous, as history shows us that oil and drug companies have in the past had close links to the perpetration of global wars.

The lessons of history

The parallels between the current crisis and the events that led to the two previous world wars go far beyond their initiation on European soil. Official documents from the 1947-1948 Nuremberg Trial against the infamous IG Farben cartel prove that oil and drug companies were the chief economic driving force behind World War Two. Costing the lives of more than 60 million people, the fact is that World War Two was planned and principally financed by IG Farben, a corporate cartel consisting of the German companies Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and others. Their shared ambition was to achieve control of the global oil and drug markets and eliminate, by force, any competition.

A further historical parallel can be seen in the criminal medical experiments that were forced on the innocent inmates of concentration camps during World War Two. These experiments involved the use of dangerous vaccines and drugs produced by Bayer, Hoechst, and other IG Farben companies. Some of the chemicals used in these deadly tests later went on to earn their manufacturers billions of dollars through becoming the first generation of so-called ‘chemotherapy’ drugs. The mandatory enforcement of experimental COVID-19 vaccines on innocent people today thus reflects a chilling history that the world has seemingly yet to learn the lessons of.

IG Farben companies also played key roles in the perpetration of World War One. The patent owner for the mustard gas and other chemical warfare agents used in this war was Bayer, for example. Clearly then, the profiting of large corporations from the death and destruction of war has a history that goes back much further in time than most people currently realize.

The design of Europe today has its origins in the two world wars

The official goal of Germany’s corporate and political stakeholders in World War One was known as the ‘September Program’ and was published in September 1914, only a few weeks after the initial outbreak of war. The then German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg summarized it as follows:

Our goal is to enforce a CENTRAL EUROPEAN ECONOMIC UNION with joint custom regulations that include France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Poland, and potentially Italy, Sweden, and Norway.

This Union – under German leadership – has to stabilize the economic dominance of Germany over Central Europe.”

Although Germany went on to be defeated, the plan wasn’t shelved. Instead, a mere two decades later, it became the central economic goal of World War Two. Proof of this came during the aforementioned 1947-1948 Nuremberg Trial against the IG Farben cartel. Discussing the charges against Fritz der Meer, one of IG Farben’s senior directors, his legal counsel admitted that the concept of a ‘Total European Economic Area’ had shaped his client’s war aims.

Further evidence of the real economic and political goals of World War Two can be found in a 1941 book authored by Arno Sölter, head of the Nazi Central Research Institute for National Economic Order and Greater Sphere Economy’ in Dresden, Germany. Sölter’s institute was one of the official economic planning offices for the Nazi/IG Farben coalition. Entitled ‘The Greater Sphere Cartel – An Instrument of Industrial Market Order in a New Europe’, his book provides the blueprint for what would later become the structure of the European Union (EU). Sölter specifically describes concepts such as the ‘European Commission – the unelected executive body of Europe – and the system of so-called ‘Directives’ through which the continent’s laws are enforced.

Subsequent to World War Two, the key architects of what was to become the EU were recruited from among the same technocrats who had designed the plans for a post-war Europe under the control of Nazi Germany. One of the most notable of these was Walter Hallstein, a lawyer who had represented the Nazi government in official state negotiations. Despite having publicly supported the Nuremberg Race Laws, which excluded German Jews from Reich citizenship and prohibited them from marrying, or even having sexual relations, with persons of German or related blood, Hallstein was appointed as founding president of the European Commission in 1958.

History repeating itself

Once one understands the hidden history upon which the EU has been built, the wider dangers of the crisis in Ukraine are immediately apparent. Today, just as in the past, the expansion of global markets for its largest multinational corporations remains central to the EU’s goals. It is, therefore, no coincidence that the loudest voices in the push towards war come from Germany and France, with support from the United States and the United Kingdom. Together, these are four of the richest and most powerful pharmaceutical exporting countries.

No small wonder then that European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen responded to the discovery of the Omicron variant by saying it was time to consider making vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory in Europe. Far from being a matter of protecting European citizens, her statement was far more about protecting the future of the pharmaceutical industry and expanding its profits. Anyone who doubts this need simply asks themselves why European plans for vaccine passports were already in place 20 months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as the EU’s architects did in the past, their successors today are playing a long game. As much as anything else, therefore, preventing war today means preventing history from repeating itself.

Paul Anthony Taylor

Paul Anthony TaylorExecutive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation and one of the coauthors of our explosive book, “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU'”, Paul is also our expert on the Codex Alimentarius Commission and has had eye-witness experience, as an official observer delegate, at its meetings.


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