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Karen Kingston tells Michele Swinick: Purpose of COVID-19 vaccine is to be a tool for genetic editing

Brighteon.TV-BY KEVINHUGHES // 2022-02-21 Mastodon

Former Pfizer employee turned whistleblower Karen Kingston said the purpose of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is to be a tool for genetic editing. "The purpose of the vaccine was not to provide immunity, and they've been clear about that. And by they, I mean the CDC, the FDA [and] the NIH. They said this does not provide immunity. So if you look at the patents, it's very clear the purpose of the injections is for genetic editing," Kingston told host Michele Swinick during the February 11 episode of "Everything Home" on Brighteon.TV. "

But whether or not the vaccines or the inoculations are going to be successful at genetic editing is dependent on various different factors, including whether or not you die quickly." (Related: Karen Kingston: Pfizer vaccine approval part of a conspiracy to harm children – Brighteon.TV.) Kingston revealed that aside from doing transfection, the intention of the jab is to create a new species that is not 100 percent human.

She added that the vaccine's other intention is to inject artificial intelligence, as well as computer systems into the human body. The former Pfizer biotech analyst talked about Twist Bioscience, which she said can actually manufacture the viral strains for a person and the double helix of a DNA or (sometimes) RNA. She also showed a Twist Bioscience ad that shows how a client can order a new virus, which can be a weaponized virus or genetic species.

Made-to-order genes Kingston added that Twist Bioscience, which is also working with Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific and other big biotech companies, has received a $30 million grant at the end of last year from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to open a research facility in Beijing, China. "That's how you order genes, your customized, weaponized genes, to create viruses, vaccines or new species. So what we were exposed to the chimeric species like fruits, vegetables, fish and our livestock has all been genetically modified. But if you want to make a virus, you can make an Ebola, HIV, dengue, coronavirus if you want," explained Kingston, who noted that the Department of Defense and the Department of State is involved in research and propaganda work compelled by a desire to merge humans with machines.

"This has got to stop. So I just want to show that's literally how easy it is to order genes now. It's cheap and fast, and this company has a major manufacturing facility in China. The Chinese Communist Party is one of the biggest clients through the universities there." The whistleblower mentioned that a transfection is needed so that the introduction of the genetic material into a person's cells can be successful. She noted people should be concerned about the genetic changes happening to their bodies and their immune system, aside from developing strange diseases like cat leukemia and pneumonia from mycobacterium avium complex. Kingston also pointed out the other intention of the COVID-19 vaccine technology is hybridization that was known with the use of luciferase in the Pfizer inoculations.

She mentioned Melissa McAfee, the whistleblower who worked in manufacturing at Pfizer, who showed images displaying blue hue on the vials. The biotech analyst explained that by having thousands of lines of genetic sequences coming from anything in the wild or in the lab, scientists from Big Pharma can put cells from non-human species into the vaccine and inject them into a person's body to allow a successful genetic integration.

Humanity betrayed into taking COVID vaccines Kingston also lamented that the American people and the global population were betrayed into taking the COVID vaccines. "The Americans were deeply betrayed. They were lied to and manipulated by leaders in our government and leaders in our military. That's been my message from day one. This has been the greatest lie ever told the American people and the greatest betrayal of humanity," she said. "So a lot of times people who are in power, they have ill intentions for a group of people. They don't tell you what their intentions are; they lie to the public to create trust with you. That's what sociopaths do. So these people were excellent at lying."

The former Pfizer employee also reminded the viewers that they could no longer trust their leaders who are pathologically lying to the American people and global population for decades now. She went on to say that people should trust their own eyes, intelligence, gut and connection with God to truly know what is happening around them. Kingston said that the COVID-19 pandemic was not just a well-orchestrated plan. It was a well-orchestrated mind game to convince people to have themselves and their children injected with an experimental chimeric weaponized virus.

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