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Covid-19 and the Psychological Pressure on the Population

The British have used behavioral psychology to intimidate the population into obedience. Unethical, according to several British health experts. Screenshot of campaign posters

Document.no - By: Erling Marthinsen February 7, 2022, 5:05 PM

For almost two years, the British have been subjected to a communication from the authorities reminiscent of a psychological bombardment. Dr. Gary Sidley and 54 other health experts hope they will never experience anything like this again.

There are many elements we can recognize from our own country. As I said already in February 2020, when I was asked the first question whether this virus was something we should fear:

The only thing we should fear is the fear itself.

That I was right does not make me rejoice, on the contrary: It makes me sad.

The British have been exposed to intimidation propaganda throughout the pandemic. The health authorities have asked the population to stay indoors and isolated, in order to "save lives". Students were told that breaking the rules was tantamount to "killing grandma."

Then we have the campaign "Look him in the eyes", which showed corona patients wearing oxygen masks. The goal was to create a bad conscience in those who had the slightest thought of bending the rules a little.

"Keep your distance!" was the message. Even now, in a situation where the pandemic after all sun marks is over, the British are surrounded by threatening posters showing covid particles hanging in the air like smoke signals.

The consequences of this government campaign are that the authorities have achieved their goals. The fear in the population has been palpable. The distance has increased, physically. But the psychological distance is more frightening. The fronts have been steep, social media has been like a war on several fronts.

Merciless, brutal, destructive.

Old ladies with two bandages paralyzed for fear of human contact. Other people have been considered sources of infection, neither more nor less.

People who have put on face masks to roll out the rubbish bin.

These kinds of incidents are the product of an intensive messaging campaign, designed by the government’s behavioural scientists, to ‘nudge’ us into compliance with the Covid-19 restrictions and the subsequent vaccine rollout.

Behavioral psychology has been used cynically by the authorities, to push the population in the right direction. The media found out about the big bang, the front pages were filled with infection figures, death tolls, disaster reports from the hospitals, one prediction more frightening than the other.

From the previous "Fear is their only weapon"

Critical questions were seen as disloyal. Faktisk.no called all objections conspiracy theories and fake news. FHI's predictions have always proved to be wildly exaggerated. This was also the case in the UK.

Even in Document, people refused to take up this matter, the fear of making mistakes was too great for many. But we had no choice: Hopefully, we have managed to contribute to a certain balance in the journalism around covid-19. Although of course there is disagreement internally with us as well. But we are able to discuss such difficult issues without falling into "fear and loathing".

The British have taken advantage of their ' Behavioral Insight Team ' (BIT), which has been greatly expanded during the pandemic.

From humble beginnings as a seven-person unit working with the UK government, the BIT has rapidly expanded to become a ‘social purpose company’ operating in many countries across the world.

BIT has played a key role in the British corona strategy, which has aimed to intimidate the population and paint the situation black. And the human psyche makes such propaganda very effective.

For humans, 99 percent of decisions are made on autopilot, completely without reflection. Thus, we are vulnerable to behavioral psychologists, who can influence our pattern of action without us noticing it.

Behavioural scientists have a range of techniques at their disposal and many of them have been woven into the Covid-19 messaging campaign.

There are three interventions in particular during the pandemic that plague Dr. Sidley:

  1. Inflation in the use of fear as a weapon.
  2. How the authorities have equated obedience with virtue.
  3. How psychology has been used in secret to break with basic ethical principles in practice.

Many have supported the government's strategy, believing that it is okay for them to use fear, shame, and yawn to increase obedience to the population. But such methods are most reminiscent of how the state behaves in countries we would rather not compare ourselves with.

Such a strategy has real consequences.

It is likely that fear inflation may have significantly contributed to non-Covid excess deaths recorded during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the shaming and scapegoating of the those deemed to be non-compliers has inevitable created minority outgroups (the unvaccinated, for example) that others feel empowered to vilify and verbally abuse.

At the same time, the patient's right to consent to medical and psychological interventions has been rejected. Some countries, such as Austria, have taken it all out and introduced mandatory vaccines. It is an unheard-of encroachment on the right to decide over one's own body.

Otherwise, in Europe, the freedoms have been taken from us. We have been refused to travel, even the cabins were closed for the owners' use in what is probably the pandemic's most idiotic and counterproductive measure.

When we now get studies that show that the shutdowns have not had any demonstrable effect, the masks fall heavily and brutally. But people do not know this, because the loyal media does not mention the study from Johns Hopkins.

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When BIT was established in 2010, then-leader Professor David Harper warned against using behavioral psychology in an unethical way.

The report noted then that ‘Policymakers wishing to use these tools… need the approval of the public to do so’.

No one has tried to ask the population for permission for the strategy to which the population has been exposed in the last two years, neither in the UK nor here in Norway.

The British Psychological Society (BPS) has been challenged on this issue. They have rejected the requirements for consent, and justified it by saying that they have acted "socially responsible".

One has sacrificed the freedom to create security. But this only leads to us losing both. Benjamin Franklin already understood this principle:

«Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.»

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The corona strategy has rejected the individual in favor of the collective. This is the first step on the road to tyranny. We see much of the same in the climate hysteria and woke ideology.

No doubt the ‘nudgers’ would argue that they are enabling the British people to do the right thing, but who decides what is ‘right’?

In a democracy, the parties present their programs, in which they clarify which direction they want society to move. Then the voters decide which party they most agree with.

But during the pandemic, we have lived under state decrees, without any opportunity to influence our life situation. We have been isolated, deprived of our livelihood, denied a social life, and constantly bombarded with fear propaganda.

To this day no evidence has been produced to prove that the supposedly novel virus has been isolated and identified.

Dr. Gary Sidley and 54 other health experts have written a letter to the Public Administration & Constitutional Affairs Committee, formally calling for an independent inquiry into government action during the pandemic, with a particular focus on the use of psychology as a tool.

Denying individuals rational choices, and an over-reliance upon subliminal influence, is both unethical and undemocratic. Transparency regarding how government departments use ‘nudge’ techniques is now long overdue.

A similar independent survey is absolutely necessary here at home as well. But then it does not help that the authorities' assessments are classified for 60 years.

Both Norwegians and Britons deserve answers.

Britain’s unethical Covid messaging must never be repeated


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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