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Biden regime to Fabricate war with Russia in order to Terrorize the American people.

Image: Biden regime to FABRICATE war with Russia in order to TERRORIZE the American people

Natural News - Monday, February 07, 2022, by: Mike Adams


In acts of absurd desperation, we now see the White House and deep state propaganda rag mouthpiece publishers (WashPost, NYT, CNN, etc.) pushing aggressively to start a war with Russia. They’re working every angle to try to bait Putin into defending Russia’s borders against NATO provocations, and if they fail to get Putin to respond, U.S. and NATO forces will run their own false flag “attack” on Ukraine and immediately blame Russia.

The desperation behind all this is impossible to miss, and it begs the question: WHY does the Biden regime so desperately want to whip up war with Russia?

The answer, of course, is because creating a “greater emergency” (i.e. international war) will allow the Biden regime to further terrorize the American people in all sorts of malicious ways. It also creates a cover story for Biden’s disastrous economic failures that are already plunging millions of Americans into food scarcity, joblessness, and homelessness.

With an outbreak of (engineered) war with Russia, Biden’s handlers could probably manage to declare a domestic state of emergency and roll out martial law across the USA as a “wartime” police state action. This, in turn, would allow Biden and his treasonous democrats to:

  1. Suspend the mid-term elections and stay in power as long as they can maintain the “emergency.”
  2. Attempt nationwide gun confiscation from the American people.
  3. Label anybody opposed to the Biden regime as “terrorists” or “sympathizers” with Russia.
  4. Further, attack the supply chain and cause mass famine and food riots, while blaming Russia for everything.
  5. Achieve the desired collapse of the US dollar as the final act of looting of productive American workers.

In addition, war with Russia would allow the treasonous, “woke” Pentagon to destroy another few tens of billions of dollars in US military hardware, adding to the planned destruction/loss of hardware that was intentionally carried out during the “evacuation” of Kabul last year. Understand that the deliberate omission of the traitors running the Pentagon right now is to cripple US military readiness by using deadly vaccines to mass murder active duty military personnel while engineering war scenarios to dispose of US military hardware.

As Daniel Horowitz writes for TheBlaze, “The Pentagon’s RESPONSE to the explosive DOD medical data is an even bigger story than the data.” Horowitz goes on to explain:

One thing is clear about the revelation of the 2021 military epidemiological data and the military’s response to it: There is undoubtedly a public health and national security crisis in the military, and the Pentagon’s reaction only seems to be concerned with exonerating the vaccine, not fixing its own alleged problem.

It’s now certain that the military’s health surveillance system — DMED — showed a massive increase in sickness and injury diagnoses in 2021 over previous years, particularly in the neurological, cardiovascular, oncological, and reproductive health categories.

However, one by one, the military public health officials have been adding back random numbers to 2016 through 2020 codes. I’m told by Renz and two of the whistleblowers that throughout the past week, they have queried the same data again, and in most of the ICD categories, they have found that the numbers from 2016 through 2020 were “increased” exponentially to look as though 2021 was not an abnormal year.

Talk about pure evil. The DoD is literally spiking historical data in order to make the explosive vaccine injuries of 2021 look “normal.” That’s beyond fraud… it’s criminal. It’s treason.

The Pentagon is working with communist China to weaken America in preparation for a CCP invasion of the continental USA

The ultimate goal of this is to make America weak enough so that a communist China invasion of the continental USA can be successfully achieved. The Pentagon, the Biden regime, and over half the United States Congress are on the CCP’s payroll and actively working with the Chinese to occupy and control the United States of America. (They need the farmland to avoid catastrophic starvation in mainland China.) To carry out this plan, they need U.S. military leaders to decimate national military readiness while enacting domestic gun confiscation so that the American people cannot defend themselves from a People’s Liberation Army invasion.

Engineering war with Russia is the scheme that Biden’s handlers believe will allow them to accomplish all these goals: Cancelling elections, suspending the US Constitution, disarming the American people, and destroying more US military hardware while murdering active duty personnel with deadly vaccines.

This is the real plan to destroy America, and it is a plan being carried out by domestic enemies who run the Pentagon and all the highest levels of power after stealing the 2020 election. Right now in 2022, America is an enemy-occupied nation, and the enemies are systematically working to destroy the United States of America, its economy, its culture, its military, and its currency.

Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast which reveals even more details about why Biden’s handlers are working so hard to fabricate or engineer a war with Russia.


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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