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We have created a monster where persecution, exclusion, isolation, quarantine (prison), and segregation are normal.


The one who stays silent agrees. It is tragic to see what society we have become. We are no longer a democracy, but a tyrannical dictatorship where our own opinions, thoughts, and feelings are no longer allowed, and the right to self-determination and freedom of choice is only a fleeting memory. We have created a monster where persecution, exclusion, isolation, quarantine (prison), and segregation are normal. It is ok to gather in a herd and attack a minority.


We once said; - Never again, but never again is exactly what we are experiencing now. Hitler started small and spent two decades, step by step - before the gas chambers were a fact. The madness we see now is the result of two years of massive fear propaganda. Where are we in five years? In ten years? Does anyone really think that one day we will get rid of constant vaccine doses and "boosters" if we do not say no now?

That when the flu season 2023 comes, one can freely choose even if one wants the flu vaccine as normal - without being pressured, threatened with death, hanged, harassed, and excluded, if not we - the people - stand together and stop the madness now?

If you are one of those who thought unvaccinated should be punished for their "disobedience", what about the day you can not or will not continue to take this experimental vaccine (see further down in the article) which is full of side effects and drugs no one knows what is, or does - then you are suddenly outside the good company you too. Welcome!

The unvaccinated should be forcibly placed on Svalbard and can burn in hell, people write openly in SOME, and that is apparently perfectly ok. Unvaccinated people lose their jobs and are now denied health care in democratic Norway. Soon they will not be allowed to buy bread in the shops about idiots like Oslo Conservative group leader Anne Haabeth Rygg getting what she wants. - It must mean something to be vaccinated, she says, because the vaccines do not work. So how did we really get here?

Especially considering that the "vaccines" do NOT prevent either infection or disease, but on the contrary pdd has led to 1,849 hospitalizations due to serious side effects in less than a year!

Again; We are no longer a democracy, but a tyrannical dictatorship where our own opinions, thoughts, and feelings are no longer allowed, and the right to self-determination and freedom of choice is only a fleeting memory. We have created a monster where persecution, exclusion, isolation, quarantine (prison), and segregation are normal. It is ok to gather in a herd and attack a minority.

Is this a society and a future you want for your children?

Increasing incidence with serious side effects in children who do not need the vaccine at all.

I could give a damn about it all, because of course I will never participate in this vaccine experiment and I do not eat bread - but I have children - and this fight I am fighting for my children and their future! The situation we are in is about far more than the flu and colds!

My post below is written as a response to a post that is in print in DN. The authors of the article want additional tax for the unvaccinated. I doubt if my post - to nuance the debate and to serve up some facts - will be printed. It does not fit into the media and the authorities' narrative. They do not want YOU to know. Therefore, it is important that you share it. The post contains links so that people themselves can investigate the facts about both covid and the injections - and add two and two that become four, not five.

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And if you are one of those who regret and do not want more "vaccine boosters", and now start to see it all in a bigger picture - remember that you are NOT alone. <3 We are many millions and more and more are demonstrating weekly around the world! <3 This is about protecting our democracy and our children's right to choose for themselves - their future, freedom, health, and life! <3 Here is the post which is a counter-post / DN;

How about a corona fee for the unvaccinated? When a year of volunteering and encouragement has not arrived, we can consider whether unvaccinated people, in line with those who enjoy cigarettes and alcohol, should get a share of the bill ", write Svend Boye and Ove Skaug Halsos in a post in DN itself on Christmas Eve, as if it were a nice Christmas present they were presenting. It is not. The post, which is downright silly, only shows the authors' ignorance, which is fine.

But Boye and Halsos also make erroneous and gross allegations which in turn promote hatred and discord in the population against the unvaccinated, which is serious. The post, which is directly dangerous from a purely psychosocial point of view, fits in with the massive propaganda where risk/benefit analysis during vaccinations and other measures have not even been considered. The goal is to get as many people as possible to take a shot with a substance no one knows what it contains and which is tested directly on humans and our children - the post can therefore not be left unchallenged!

The world's largest vaccine experiment is being tested directly on humans! Skien municipality provides the following information on its website which it may be good to be aware of: “Are the vaccines approved as other vaccines? The vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna are not approved or licensed according to standard procedures but have been authorized for emergency use. This means that the trials and observation of side effects and effects of the vaccines are still ongoing and uncertain. This means that those who now receive these vaccines are participants in observational studies for vaccine safety, where the final approval will not be available until 2023 ″. Skien municipality.

Link: Skien municipality - are the vaccines approved?

We also know that the AstraZeneca "vaccine" was withdrawn after a short period of use because it took too many lives. As NRK already wrote on 19.3.2021; - It boils down to the following: The relatively young people who have contracted life-threatening illness shortly after vaccination may not have become covid-19 patients at all.

That the media and authorities twist and turn numbers to defend their narrative is something everyone knows. Most people know that there have been more vaccinated people admitted to hospital than unvaccinated people.

This is due to the fact that the "vaccines" that are not approved, that are urgently developed and tested directly on humans - do not prevent either infection or disease! On the contrary! The injections have resulted in extremely many serious adverse effects that have led to hospitalizations and death.

That the media once again shouts wolf when suddenly one day there are a couple more unvaccinated admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital, we understand - because it fits so well into the narrative and we should of course be a little scared; a new “vaccine dose” or “booster” is to be set and everyone is still not included - but this does not change the average overtime on a national basis!

And now it turns out that vaccinated people are more contagious.

I, therefore, recommend everyone to stop reading headlines and ask questions directly to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, the hospitals, and NIPH, something I constantly do myself to get the real numbers of hospital admissions in Norway.

On 15.12.2021 I received this answer from FHI:

“ Full vaccine includes those who have received three doses, the definition is in the weekly report and in the chapter on hospitalized by vaccine status. Of 183 new patients admitted where C19 was the main reason for admission in week 47, we have data on vaccine status for 175. 76 of these 175 were unvaccinated. ” FHI.

For week 49, Akershus University Hospital confirmed that there were no unvaccinated among the hospitalized patients with covid-19.

The media is a propaganda machine that disinforms. We are now experiencing mass hypnosis with enormous effects on the individual's intelligence and cognitive function. Some that Svend Boye and Ove Skaug Halsos have completely stopped thinking! And those who actually still think must now start saying that this is not okay! Around 30% of the population will be carried away by mass suggestion, while 30% will oppose and say no. The remaining 40% will realize that something is terribly wrong, but remain silent. Fortunately, the media is getting more and more critical voices from people who are still able to think for themselves.

But more must dare to speak up from now on! Enough is enough!

Additional tax is a very foolish and stupefying proposal! So let's talk a little bit about the "vaccine" and the additional tax Boye and Halsos are so eager for. To be fully vaccinated, you must now have at least 2 vaccine doses and soon at least 3. Doses 4 and 5 are already being talked about, and the preliminary vaccination card shows 8 doses. How long will this last?

When we also know that more and more people are dropping out to take more doses or shots, it probably ends up that the additional tax Boye and Halso's wishes to introduce will affect the vast majority of us.

The fact is, as most have now understood, that the myths surrounding covid-19 and all its mutations, which are constantly increasing in power and strength, and which are becoming an increasing threat to humanity, as well as the introduction of the many illogical restrictions and experimental vaccines - are a poorly controlled political game and an insane media circus full of bad explanations and logical flaws that cost us dearly.

Covid 19 has proven to be a harmless virus for most people, which can be documented - while the restrictions and vaccines that have not worked at all, have caused destruction and irreparable damage to people and society. This can also be documented.

Taking covid vaccine in exchange for ice cream does not work as well in winter. We also know that our authorities have large amounts of vaccines that are now out of date - luring with a juice ice cream against a vaccine dose or a "shot" does not work as well this winter. In addition, we know that the government has invested in extremely many future experimental vaccine doses, and then it is a bit embarrassing if people no longer want to participate in the circus and now say no to more shots.

A total of NOK 8.5 billion has been spent on vaccines and vaccinations with a substance that no one knows about the short- or long-term effects of. What we do know, however, is that it does not work. This is money that could have been spent on general health-strengthening measures, such as increasing the capacity of Norwegian hospitals and advising/informing about activities, diets, and vitamins that strengthen people's natural immune system, which is otherwise free and which has ensured our survival for so long . we have existed.

But some goofy heads will obviously have it that our natural immune system departed abruptly and unexpectedly with death on January 10, 2020.

We have to ask ourselves why. Is it conceivable that the sudden death of the natural immune system has something to do with the pharmaceutical industry wanting to take over its role, and thus gain more power over life and death - and more money in the coffers?

Desperation and desperate cover-up operation is thus the new virus - and the media, which is the authorities' running boy, is twisting and turning numbers to maintain its agenda, which is to get as many people as possible to take a dangerous injection that does not work and which to date has led to 45 153 reported side effects. This is a big number. In comparison, the Norwegian Medicines Agency received 5,623 adverse reaction reports, including medicines, in 2018.

To date, 4,203 very serious vaccine injuries have been reported, also on children aged 12, including vaccine death. There are of course large dark numbers, but this still accounts for 17% of all processed messages to date. Hospitalization is the most common reason why an incident is classified as serious - and this applies to 44% of serious reports.

In other words, vaccine injuries have resulted in 1,849 hospital admissions in 3/4 years. In addition, there are figures from nursing homes for the elderly. Over 20,000 side effects have not yet been treated due to lack of capacity!

The side effects, both the temporary and especially the serious, lifelong vaccine injuries and deaths affect the individual and his family privately, but the side effects also take up a lot of capacity in the public sector! This costs us as a society very much - but the media does not write anything about this. Nor do they write anything about the actual content of the vaccine and how it is developed.

Let me elaborate a little on some of the side effects of the vaccine.

  • Very many cases of pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium) and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) have been reported in those who have been vaccinated. People of all ages have been affected, but it is most common in men under 30 years of age.
  • Mapping of injuries shows a high incidence of various menstrual and hormonal disorders such as stronger pain, persistent, continuous, and heavier bleeding among menstruating women, especially in the age group 18-30 years, and that women after menopause have begun to menstruate.
  • The EMA has concluded that an increased incidence of blood clots is a risk when using vaccines. Blood clots occur when the blood clots (coagulates) in the bloodstream. Blood clots can occur in various places such as the leg, lung or brain.
  • Young people and children are more likely to have a stronger immune response after vaccination than older people. They can therefore expect to experience some of the common side effects after vaccination, especially after dose two.
  • The vaccine can trigger fundamental changes in the immune system and cause reproductive damage in young people.
  • The vaccine can cause brain lesions and scarring of heart tissue, especially in young people and children.
A 7.5% increase in the number of reports of serious side effects has been reported in children aged 12-17 in just one week, according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency's side effect report.

104 reports of heart problems aged 12-29 have been completed, and the dark numbers are large.

The fact that children suffer serious side effects and heart problems for the rest of their lives because they are forced to protect adults is unethical and morally reprehensible. Children do not need these syringes. It is adults who will protect the children, not the children who will protect us.

Science needs at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks of new vaccines. Injuries and risks of new medicines and vaccines are often revealed many years later. Even Nakstad admits that we do not know anything about the effects, and especially not the long-term effects, but points out that this is "not so dangerous" as most people have already agreed to the vaccine.

But ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history!

All normally healthy people who experience abnormal health conditions after vaccination are asked to click on the Norwegian Medicines Agency and report changes. Here is a summary of other side effects after c-vaccination; - paralysis of the body and face, epilepsy, inflammation, migraine, crystalline disease, hormonal disorders, pain in the groin, bullets, and swelling of the body and skeleton, uncontrollable tremors / shaking in the body, overactive nervous system, dizziness, persistent feeling of being exhausted, in general, impaired health function, pain in arms and chest, visual disturbances, tinnitus, sinusitis, pneumonia, prolonged flu symptoms, joint pain, anaphylactic shock, inflammation of jaw and nose, persistent nosebleeds, persistent sore throat, frozen shoulder, heavy breathing, poor memory, poor memory high blood pressure, cold sweats, decreased appetite, prolonged skin changes, blisters, bruising, itching, open sores, fungal infections and rash plan other. This is not normal in healthy people.

Report this to the Norwegian Medicines Agency here .

Norwegian authorities censor that YOU should not know. Two days ago, Skien municipality removed the text that this is an experiment.

Very many have also experienced increasing incidences of tumors, strokes and cancer after the introduction of vaccination. We do not yet know if this has a connection. What we do know, however, is that side effects after vaccination are normal and more common among younger than older people, and one should expect, according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, to get any of the following side effects after a regular vaccination;

Injection site pain (80%). Fatigue (60%). Headache (50%). Muscle pain and chills (30%). Joint pain (20%). Fever and swelling at the injection site and in the arm (10%). Nausea and diarrhea - which makes me wonder why people prefer to expose themselves to this than to get a virus they probably do not notice and a disease that is generally much milder for most people, and which creates long-lasting natural immunity.

"That the body reacts in this way is a sign that it works and makes our immune system equipped to face the real virus, and protect us from serious illness," the Norwegian Medicines Agency writes on its website.

The problem is that the vaccine against c-19 does not work against the disease. On the contrary. So then you are left with a bunch of potentially dangerous side effects that can lead to permanent injury or death. Where is the logic? Why are the authorities preventing us from developing our own natural immune system - and why should we be made dependent on a vaccine industry?

More and more people are now realizing that this is the biggest political vaccine scandal of all time. Never before have we experienced similar fear propaganda and undue pressure to take an unapproved and urgently tested "vaccine" which in practice is a giant vaccine experiment that is tested directly on humans and unfortunately also our children!

Enough is enough - more and more people are fortunately saying no to more doses/shots! And tens of millions demonstrate weekly in a whole world against vaccine coercion and vaccine passports! It is possible Boye and Halsos are both blind and deaf, and asleep - but the rest of the population wakes up. Figures from 9.11.21 show that 452,000 people have chosen not to take dose number 2 4,214,000 people took the first dose, while 3,762,000 agreed to 2 doses according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Last week, Bodø municipality sent a vaccine SMS about 3 doses to 10,000 people - and only 800 booked hours! As of 7.12.21, only 802,000 have taken dose 3, according to  FHI .

More and more people will drop out of the vaccine run for every dose/shot they have to take to remain fully vaccinated. Because;

  • People understand that the injections are idiotic to take as they do not work against infection or disease, and feel cheated.
  • People understand that injections are dangerous - the statistics on vaccine injuries and hospitalizations are clear talk!
  • People do not want to become drug addicts where they are forced to constantly put in new shots!

People have had enough and are starting to use common sense - they will not continue to inject things they do not know what is, or know anything about into their bodies that they now know they can become seriously ill and die of!

In addition to the fact that more and more vaccinated people are being admitted with respiratory problems, we must therefore add to all those who are admitted due to serious vaccine injuries that especially affect young people and children!

The number pdd is 1,849!

I remind you that this will remain a vaccine experiment for many years to come. We still know little about the long-term effects, and there is reason to believe that the people who now have their own natural immune system reduced due to the vaccines and constantly have to "boost" this with unnatural and little-tried injections, will be a greater burden on health care than those who have preserved, developed and strengthened its natural immune system!

That there are most unvaccinated in hospitals is in other words a direct lie. The media shows here that they practically go over corpses to hold on to a narrative that has long been shown to contain very many, gross illogical flaws. I would also like to remind you that around 7,600 patients were hospitalized with influenza in the 2017–2018 season. The season before we had about 5,000 flu patients, this number was also high. That a couple of hundred inpatients now, in a population group of almost 5.5 million people, creates drama, is strange, to say the least, and should of course not lead to the closure and isolation of an entire society !. Source  FHI .

The government has halved the capacity of Norwegian hospitals. It is a fact that our health authorities put finances before people's lives and health. That the government has spent 40 years and large resources on building capacity despite increasing lifestyle diseases and the increasing aging wave, is also a fact! That people like Boye and Halsos now blame people who for the last 9 months have chosen to say no to a vaccine they do not need and which does not prevent either disease or infection - is therefore directly grotesque!

Had covid-19 been a  real threat to public health and a deadly panic epidemic, which is not by definition - the government would have put in place emergency measures and resources at Norwegian hospitals. So they have not done that, which should make some people open their eyes! Our authorities have halved their capacity over the last 40 years and have not lifted a finger in the last 2 years, even with covid-19. The responsibility should place where it should. To instead choose to hang out and persecute, and create hatred against a provisional minority, not only confirms people's folly, it is reminiscent of a regime and a time where we once said; - Never again!

To shut down entire societies instead of increasing the capacity of the health sector, is thus to create such a major intervention in people's private lives, including deprivation of liberty, that people allow themselves to be stunned and thereby become willing to do anything in the belief that they will get their lives back in "gift", including being sprayed full of experimental and potentially deadly drugs they do not know what is.

The definition of madness is to repeat an action indefinitely and believe that one gets a different result! The definition of the opposite is to fix the problem!

Namely to increase the resources at Norwegian hospitals and recreate the normal society where viruses and disease are actually a part of life!

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It is therefore very serious when the media and authorities disinformation and get help from useful idiots like Boye and Halsos - because this destroys lives and creates hatred and division in the population. Just reading the headlines in the media is stupefying. People need to start researching themselves and reading statistics. Fortunately, more and more people have understood that the "vaccine" does not prevent infection or disease. On the contrary! Taking the "vaccine" is, therefore, a subjective choice some people make exclusively for their own part. This experiment is by no means voluntary.

Most people know this with few exceptions Like Boye and Halsos. But the authorities and the media have unfortunately succeeded in creating hatred towards healthy people because fear makes people put common sense aside and replace it with irrational thoughts! People's evil is now bubbling up to the point that even the Black Death becomes envious! People who now practice purity, persecution, harassment and want the exclusion, segregation, and discrimination of healthy people who have chosen to rely on their own immune system instead of a dangerous and lethal injection no one knows what is, with over 45,000 reported side effects of which 4,500 very serious with hospitalizations and death - has not kept up with the class and unfortunately equates with a head of state I do not want to say the name of.

Create a problem, find a scapegoat (minority), and start witch-hunting and persecution - this time on people who are not to blame for anything at all. On the contrary! Those who are being hunted now are the ones who are at the forefront of the war and are fighting for your children's future, health, safety, and freedom.

People end up in hospitals for various reasons - the fact is that the Norwegian authorities, in addition to reducing the capacity of Norwegian hospitals, are abducting employees who are pressured to take an experimental "vaccine" and who due to the vaccine's harmful side effects have reduced health and immune system, which has resulted in a large sickness absence as is the case in Bergen. I know this because I have worked for several years in the health sector myself.

This logistics is confirmed by the statistics! I, therefore, ask everyone who uses common sense to crack down on the type of attitudes that Boye and Halsos represent before it becomes dangerous. The responsibility must be placed where it should be - namely with the media and our authorities!

So to you who now go for dose 3 and want cut cards on shots. Getting vaccinated is a subjective and private choice you make solely for your own part, and no common task, especially not against an infected people not even noticing they have! Stop pressuring others to follow your example and also call it charity - it is not! Facts are on the table and I repeat;

  • The vaccine does not prevent disease or infection!
  • On the contrary - people get seriously ill and young healthy people die from the vaccine!

That the media and authorities are now acting as longer is historic! Demanding that people take "booster dose" numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, or 10 - because the previous doses do not work and potentially break down people's natural immune system which now must be constantly boosted, is, therefore, great abuse of the population!

Categorizing people as "unvaccinated" is therefore banal - because this is only an idiotic political definition whose boundaries are constantly shifted to get people to take more shots on the assembly line. Doses 4 and 5 are already being prepared. How many experimental doses are you willing to take?

People are threatened and pressured, denied medical help, and dismissed because they have not been fully vaccinated, and will also pay more in taxes if Boye and Halos get the goofy proposal through. The day you choose to say no to another booster for you and your children - it is YOU who is denied medical help, loses his job, and has to pay more in taxes. Is this still as ok then, did you think?

Finally, let's talk a little bit about infection. The authorities are constantly talking about us having to build up herd immunity, which is wise - because everyone knows that nothing surpasses the natural immune system - so why do the same authorities prevent us from developing and strengthening our own natural immune system by isolating ourselves and shutting ourselves in? This is another abuse of the population!

Nothing hangs in the balance - there is not a single measure that can be defended or explained - unless the intention is to pressure us to take even more doses!

99.5% of the Norwegian population is not infected - being infected is not dangerous, and there are no more infected even if the media uses big headlines every day. We also know that the tests show far too many false-positive tests. Nevertheless, everyone who is tested for coronary heart disease should be isolated. If an infection is detected, close contacts and family must also be quarantined. - In the worst case, this will mean that several thousand people will be placed in unnecessary isolation and quarantined, says infection control chief Steinar Konradsen to NRK. This absurd test regime makes no sense!

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Being infected is also not dangerous for most people, over 80% do not even notice that they are infected - being infected does not mean that you are ill or continue to be infected. There is less than a 0.12% chance of dying from covid, and deaths mainly affect people over the age of 84 with underlying diseases!

For people under 39, the percentage is only 0.0022%!

People who still become hysterical about infection and covid, therefore, only confirm their own folly. Constantly testing ourselves is therefore silly and only contributes to the tragicomic situation the government has brought us into persistence. People get sick, and some end up in hospitals! This has always been the case. We have not put people in prison because they are infected by something or are sick, or strictly down entire communities. Today, we imprison and isolate our children and spray them full of dangerous substances for an infection they do not respond to, only to protect panicked adults and a narrative that has long since cracked.

The government is violating the Constitution. Deprivation of liberty is to deprive people of their liberty and is considered a crime unless there is a legal basis. The Constitution has since 1814 stated that; "No one should be imprisoned or deprived of his liberty without statutory cases. Depriving people of their liberty can be punished by imprisonment for up to three years, and in serious cases up to 10 years (Penal Code § 254-255). According to Supreme Court case law, deprivation of liberty must have a certain extent in time before it is affected, but it is assumed that longer than 45 minutes can be punished. Deprivation of liberty means that you are physically prevented from moving from a specified place ”. And where are we today?

Dangerous and destructive measures, and idiotic suggestions. Isolation, quarantine, deprivation of liberty have not been shown to have any effect on covid 19, other than to destroy people's lives. Research shows that isolation and quarantine have a very destructive effect on people in a short time. The measures provide general poor physical and mental health, and increase the psychological pressure in the population, more specifically: increase depression, social anxiety, irritability, anxiety, lack of sleep, increased anger, and general stress. Children and young people, in particular, are hard hit.

And the vaccine is, as we now know, an experimental, unapproved and dangerous injection that has not been tested before it was used directly on humans. Do you choose to take a vaccine that potentially destroys your own natural immune system and makes you a drug addict where you have to constantly take new doses/shots because you think this is wise - despite the fact that the "vaccine" has twice shown its uselessness and in addition show how dangerous and deadly it actually is - then this is your choice and any side effects including death are solely your responsibility. But stop pressuring others! Vaccines should always be a voluntary choice and in this case, there is no charity at all. On the contrary - the vaccine has cost us more than it has benefited, both financially and health-wise!

Common sense and a natural immune system are the best and should always be strengthened! We have lived with viruses for as long as we have existed! The numbers are clear. The inappropriate restrictions, including the dangerous "vaccine", pose a greater danger to society than infection with almost no marks they have! Therefore, be critical of the media and the authorities' massive fear propaganda and idiotic proposals that Svend Boye and Ove Skaug Halsos promote. Examine yourself and read statistics! Enough is enough!

Only by contact with bacteria and viruses do we strengthen our own natural immune system! People who use common sense and trust their own immune system, which has ensured our survival until today - are in other words stronger.

While vaccinated as it now appears from the statistics, are probably less resistant to new viruses - and with that is already a greater burden on the health care system!

In addition, there are more and more hospital admissions due to the side effects of the vaccines, as well as sick leave for the same reason. The icing on the cake is all the enormous resources spent on useless tests that do not differentiate between viruses, lemons, apples, and rabbits. Unvaccinated people have been trying to communicate this for almost two years! Think about this before you applaud additional tax. Because then it is obvious who should pay extra tax here on the rock. And it's not unvaccinated!

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Having said that, it has been shown that those who have refused the vaccine and those who now say no to several doses are able to think logically and critically, and use common sense. We value ethics, morality, humanity, and love - and value democratic principles such as freedom of choice very highly, and would therefore never put forward such a foolish and ugly proposal as demanding extra tax from vaccinated for the extra burden they now inflict on society due to the vaccines.

On the contrary, we urge all of you who are now struggling with long-term vaccine injuries - for a lifetime and especially young people and children - to seek redress for the suffering our politicians and the media have inflicted on you. I understand the choice you made. After the massive fear propaganda, we have been exposed to for the last two years - it is human to let common sense give way to fear. But now we know better, and it's time to put compassion and love before fear and idiocy! I recommend everyone to seek out the group Experiences with covid vaccine and apply for compensation.

Just the thought of all the children who now have impaired heart function for life, should go deep into our own hearts!

Ps, the new life-threatening and powerful variant omikron that spreads super fast, is now supposedly just a mild cold ref our authorities. Did anyone shout wolf? Again? The vaccine is to play Russian roulette with your own life and health, and covid is much kinder than expected - it's time to stop the madness which is easily done by starting to live as before, ie dropping measures and tests, and stop being a guinea pig for a gigantic vaccine experiment that has proven to be of great disadvantage to both society and the individual, and especially children and young people. Furthermore, one should start researching a little oneself, having a child also has a responsibility - just reading headlines is stupefying and only helps to perpetuate the madness! Say no now!

I recommend everyone to take a look at the FB page Experiences with covid-19 vaccine side effects. Feel free to get vaccinated - but leave the unvaccinated alone!

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Also read; Infections and hospitalizations are increasing in Israel, despite the fact that 78 percent over the age of twelve have been vaccinated.

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