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Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID Vax Damages Your Immune System

TheNewAmerican - by Veronika Kyrylenko January 27, 2022

The COVID vaccines are not just ineffective, they are also connected to the uptick in cancers, warns Dr. Ryan Cole. An immune system that becomes compromised is unable to keep in check cancer growth. The doctor also said that the all-cause mortality rate is also higher in vaccinated people.

Dr. Cole explains that the data he got from observing his vaccinated patients, as well as the data provided to him from the oncologists elsewhere, suggests that the vaccines are connected to immune dysregulation.

Dr. Cole is a Board-Certified Pathologist trained at the Mayo Clinic, and a CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. According to his bio, Dr. Cole has 20 years of experience in dermatopathology and a particular interest in molecular diagnostics. Dr. Cole is licensed in states from coast to coast and serves patients and clinicians across the country by providing accurate and timely diagnoses.
To learn more about Dr. Ryan Cole and his practice, go to https://www.rcolemd.com or visit https://www.colediagnostics.com/

Veronika Kyrylenko

Veronika Kyrylenko, Ph.D. is a linguist and a freelance writer whose work has appeared at the Western Journal, American Thinker, The Hill, and other publications. GETTR: @vkyrylenko LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nkyrylenko/


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