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When Svein Østvik became seriously ill from Covid-19, he feared one thing.

Portrait Svein Østvik

Hemali - By Julia Schreiner Benito January 21, 2022

Svein Østvik (60) trembled with fever and gasped for breath. He was especially afraid of one thing.

Svein did not fear for his life, for his breathing, or for long Covid when he suddenly became ill in December.

- It was the media I feared. I imagined the scornful, injury-free headlines. I imagined the howling chorus: "What did we say?" and thought father, I guess I should not lie here pondering newspaper headlines. Not now that I need to be positive! If I had to go to the hospital, I knew the media would know I was sick. Therefore, I also feared the hospital, in addition, I was afraid of parts of the treatment given against Covid-19. Respirator, for example, has been shown to be poor treatment. I'm glad I found a doctor who treats Covid-19 with proven, safe medications.

Got medication

The symptoms came quickly: fever and crooked teeth, so let go that he dreaded going to the toilet. Since a cough tore him out, his chest felt increasingly sore.
- I realized that I had to have medication. About a week after I became ill, I contacted a doctor. The shape was a little better then, but the cough came every time I had been up, and my chest became more and more tender. I spat.
- Did you get scared?
- No, I have had ruptured blood vessels before, but I was unsure. However, the fear of the media was much greater than the fear of health. It was too damn good to be so sick of a potentially fatal disease and to know that what bothered me was the thought of headlines like "Does he believe in Covid-19 now?" And: "Charter-Svein not so cocky anymore".

it is madness that we who take care of health and trust our own immune system should be punished for it

- Have you changed your view of Covid-19
- No. I have never denied that Covid-19 is potentially dangerous for risk groups. With the disease autoimmune osteoarthritis and my age, I am in the risk group. I have compared Covid-19 to the severe flu, and that's how it felt. I have come forward with criticism of the handling, and when I lay there with a fever I thought of it as a possible "punishment": Should I go through this because I have stood for a different opinion? Because I listened to other professionals?

- If I were to be wrong, why should people accept it? Not that I'm wrong, but it's bad that it's so dangerous to make a mistake. Bad to be punished for thinking something other than the majority. My colleagues and I have criticized the measures because we believe that they are out of proportion for a virus with low mortality. I also believe that there is global politics behind it, this should be investigated further. It should be legitimate to mean something other than the majority.

- Got help from a wonderful doctor

- I got help from a wonderful doctor. He reassured me and assured me that medicine would help. However, I was clearly told to call right away if I became shorter of breath. The doctor is the one in Norway with the most experience in treating Covid-19 with proven medications and supplements. I got:

Imagine that we are not informed that medication helps!

- In the course of two days I got much better, it was a huge change. Imagine that we are not informed that medication helps! If people knew, the unrest could be reversed in a matter of days. I'm enlightened, I know there are doctors with knowledge and experience, but what about all those who do not know?
- Now I breathe just fine, says Svein and demonstrates his clear breath.
- I live a healthy life and exercise. I have relied on my immune system, and therefore declined the experimental treatment with mRNA. In my world, it is madness that we who take care of health and trust our own immune system should be punished for it. I'm glad I got help, and I do not understand why that knowledge does not come out.

Some facts:

  • About half of those who were admitted to Covid-19 were in fact admitted for other reasons. Dagsrevyen 19.1. (time: 11:13)
  • m-RNA carries the risk of increased infection because the treatment provides immune tolerance, the opposite of immunity.
  • Countries with the highest levels of mRNA, such as Israel, have much more infection than countries with low levels, such as South Africa.
  • Vaccinated people infect Omikron just as much, and probably more than non-vaccinated people. (Professor Mette Kalager at UiO)
  • Side effects: the latest report from the Norwegian Medicines Agency (18.1.) States 51,985 reports of suspected side effects after mRNA.
  • 4,766 of them are stated to be serious, of which 52% of these give hospitalization.
  • International figures show 11 times higher mortality after mRNA compared to Pandremix, the vaccine against swine flu.
  • mRNA does not meet the medical definition of vaccine, according to the Great Medical Encyclopaedia, a vaccine "is a preparation used to stimulate  the immune system  so that the person being vaccinated becomes immune without undergoing disease."
  • Measures such as shutting down, bandages and distance have not been proven to have an effect.
  • A conservative estimate shows that each saved case of infection in young students costs 190,000 kroner.
  • The condition for introducing a state of emergency with the Infection Control Act is that we are threatened by a «generally dangerous disease», the definition was changed in June 2019, and is now defined as follows:
  • «A disease which is particularly contagious, or which may occur frequently, or has a high mortality rate, or which may cause serious or permanent damage, and which
  • usually leads to long-term treatment, possibly hospitalization, long-term sick leave or convalescence, or
  • can become so widespread that the disease becomes a significant burden on public health, or
  • constitutes a particular burden because there are no effective preventive measures or curative treatments for it.

A serious outbreak of a generally contagious infectious disease: an outbreak or risk of outbreak requiring particularly extensive measures. In case of doubt, the Norwegian Directorate of Health can decide when there is a serious outbreak of a generally dangerous infectious disease. "

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The same thing happened to me here in Brazil as unvaccinated but used my own excellent, private health care with their own, modern hospitals, but it took 3 weeks. Today, 6 months later, I am healthy and on my toes. Also took my regular flu vaccine 3 months ago. I reckon that my resilience is at its peak after D3K2 and Zinc vitamins. Also, take a special D 72,000 vitamin tablet once a week while the madness is going on. Both my wife and her mother are unfortunately fully vaccinated and hope they will be ok.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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