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Omicron 'watershed moment' to end Covid lockdown rules in England?

talkRADIO presenter Mike Graham (Image: talkRADIO, Twitter)

Express - By ALESSANDRO SCHIAVONE - 14:07, Mon, Jan 3, 2022

TORY MP Tom Hunt paid tribute to Boris Johnson for his refusal to yield to outside pressures and slap stricter rules as he predicted England to be the first country worldwide to leave the pandemic behind. Boris Johnson was praised for not introducing restrictions

Mr. Hunt has hailed England’s audacious decision not to enforce any new sanitary measures despite a sharp outbreak of COVID-19 cases, suggesting that Omicron may actually give the country a helping hand to come through those difficult times and consign the pandemic to the history books. The Ipswich MP argued that the decision to beef up restrictions in the rest of the UK has backfired, claiming that England is much better off compared to Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales who are littered with curbs. People had to come to terms with another setback as the new Omicron variant unexpectedly hit in November, forcing Boris Johnson to introduce new restrictions under the so-called Plan B strategy.

Speaking to TalkRADIO host Mike Graham, Laura Dodsworth: 'Totalitarianism is creeping up around Europe'. 03 Nov 2021

But fears of a similar mortal wave to that caused by Delta were quickly defused as earlier data showed the new strain, although more contagious, is neither as fatal nor as destructive as its forerunners.

Even the Prime Minister felt that a lockdown was not necessary this time although the booster rollout and many people’s inclination to get jabbed helped big time in his decision not to tighten things up.

Speaking earlier to TalkRADIO host Mike Graham, Mr. Hunt was hopeful that rather than being the final nail in the coffin, the new Omicron variant may actually be remembered as the turning point that will spell the end of the Coronavirus crisis. He said: “I think it is good that we haven’t introduced any further restrictions and that we are in a much better position than Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and many other countries in Europe

Tom Hunt

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt suggested Omicron could be a "watershed" in the fight against Covid (Image: TalkRADIO, Twitter)

“I really hope that we can learn from this whole scare of Omicron and use it as a watershed moment where perhaps Britain is the first country in the world to turn our back on lockdown restrictions for good.

“That’s what I want to see."

He continued: “I really hope that after this Omicron scare, that there is a big moment, a big watershed moment where actually what we hear is that permanently, permanently we have lockdown restrictions ruled out.”

“The uncertainty and the anxiety that is hanging over us brings about, I think is very bad for business and bad for the mental health of millions of people in the country.”

Boris Johnson: NHS will be under pressure for 'weeks'

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

On New Year’s Day Covid cases in England went up by 33 percent on Christmas with 162,572 people testing positive.

In England and Wales, 73 people died within 28 days of testing positive whereas 13,151 patients were hospitalized in England, up from 12,615 the previous day.

Tim Colbourn, who is the professor of global health systems, epidemiology, and evaluation at the UCL Institute for Global Health, viewed the glass as half-empty with Omicron’s peak yet to come.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, he said: “Case numbers in London,  which is ahead of the rest of the country in the Omicron wave seem to be going up again after voluntarily reduced mixing before Xmas had suggested a peak.

Coronavirus Map

Coronavirus Map UK (Image: express.co.uk)

GB News' Harwood demands end to Covid restrictions as cases plateau

"Christmas and New Year’s mixing is likely to increase cases in London and the whole of the UK further over the coming days."

It has been reported that large gatherings in Scotland will remain forbidden until spring.

Since New Year's Eve, no new figures detailing Covid infection have been available in Scotland but new statistics will be released later today.

NHS Grampian's head of health intelligence Jillian Evans warned data may have gone up twofold in the last 72 hours.


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