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Study: Most of Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs

Study: Most of Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs
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The New American - by Veronika Kyrylenko December 29, 2021

A recently published study suggests that nearly every COVID vaccine recipient who died within seven days to six months after inoculation likely died because of vaccine-induced autoimmune damage.

A paper entitled “On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination” was published by Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. and Arne Burkhardt, M.D., both Germany-based and widely published scientists in their fields. The findings were presented during an interdisciplinary symposium on COVID shots’ safety and efficacy on December 10, and if they received the attention and regard they deserve from health authorities, the vaccination campaign would be arguably stopped today.

As shown in the study, 14 of the 15 vaccinated patients who died had autoimmune damage in different organs, i.e., the patients’ immune systems were attacking their own organs.

The doctors noted that prior to death, only four of the 15 patients had been treated in the ICU for more than two days, while most of the patients were never hospitalized and either died at home, on the street, at work, in the car, or in home-care facilities. That fact implies that therapeutic intervention was “unlikely to have significantly influenced the post-mortem findings,” per the paper.

Coroners did not link the deaths to COVID vaccinations, and in most cases, “[ar]rhythmogenic heart failure” was postulated as the cause of death.

Why would one’s immune system go wild and attack something it is designed to protect?

The deadly immune response happens primarily because the immune system sees the cells that are producing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as a threat and tries to destroy them, argue the scientists:

The vaccines cause cells deep inside our body to express the viral spike protein, which they were never meant to do by nature. Any cell which expresses this foreign antigen will come under attack by the immune system, which will involve both IgG antibodies [the most abundant type of antibody found in all body fluids] and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes [which protect the body against cancerous cells and cells that have become infected by pathogens]. That may occur in any organ.

The autopsies of the deceased aged 28-95 showed that in 14 out of 15 cases the heart was attacked. Such self-damage was also seen in the lungs (13 cases), the liver (two cases), the thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, two cases), the salivary glands (Sjögren’s Syndrome, two cases), and the brain (two cases).

At the same time, there were common pathologies in “all affected tissues of all cases,” including inflammation and death of small blood vessels due to the abundance of killer T-lymphocytes in both vessels and the tissues surrounding them.

The evidence of the “immunological self-attack is without precedent,” wrote the doctors, continuing, “Because vaccination was the single common denominator between all cases, there can be no doubt that it was the trigger of self-destruction in these deceased individuals.”

The likelihood of people suffering such adverse effects will only increase with the number of additional booster doses taken, conclude the authors.

In the subsequent video, Dr. Bhakdi underlined that four out of 15 deceased were only vaccinated once, and yet died. At the same time, with every booster taken, the immune system “gets more aggressive,” while the vessel tissues become “leaky” due to the previous attacks. And this is how the viral mRNA gets into the organs.

The doctor said, “Your heart muscle, and your liver and your lungs begin to produce these damn [spike] proteins, [and then] your killer lymphocytes go there … and destroy your heart, your lungs, your liver,” Bhakdi lamented.

But those organs are not the only potential targets of the viral mRNA that the vaccines “teach” human bodies to make.

Since the vaccines get into the lymph nodes that produce the lymphocytes, or the white blood cells, those cells, in turn, can be “taught” to make a spike protein, too. That, in turn, makes them a target of the autoimmune attack, which undermines the immune system’s ability to keep in check all potentially deadly viruses and bacteria that are always present in the human body. Among them, for example, is the tuberculosis bacteria, which will likely be on the rise all around Asia, India, and Africa, according to Dr. Bhakdi.

He added that the practitioners are already seeing an uptick of cancers and tumors in their vaccinated patients. That is also explained by the undermined ability of the immune system to suppress the pathological mutations in cells and was previously confirmed by Idaho-based pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole.

Many of the non-establishment scientists agree with that conclusion.

“Dosing of COVID-19 vaccines is worrisome for accumulation of spike protein in the human body,” warned Dr. Peter McCullough. “With repeated doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, the spike protein will progressively accumulate in the brain, heart, and other vital organs exceeding the rate of clearance. The spike protein is well known to cause diseases, such as myocarditis and neurologic damage as well as injuring blood vessels and promoting blood clotting,” he added.

“Rechallenging a sensitized immune system with the same pathogen over and over again could lead to an exponential increase in vaccine injuries with each additional jab,” agreed Dr. Brian Hooker.

Bhakdi and Burkhardt are not the first doctors who used autopsies of vaccinated people to study the effects of COVID shots.

As The New American reported back in August, a world-renowned German pathologist, Peter Schirmacher, the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, found that 30 to 40 percent of people who died within two weeks after receiving a COVID shot and whom he performed an autopsy on died from the vaccination. Schirmacher called on the government to focus on more detailed autopsies of people who die within close proximity of their COVID vaccination. Not surprisingly, his plea has fallen on deaf ears.

More and more countries, including the United States, are becoming increasingly coercive in requiring their populations to vaccinate against COVID and take the third dose as well. Some of the nations, such as Israel and Germany, are rolling out the fourth dose, and more are slashing the recommended interval between the initial inoculation and boosters.

Veronika Kyrylenko

Veronika Kyrylenko, Ph.D. is a research associate at GeoStrategic Analysis (Arlington, Va.) and a freelance writer whose work has appeared at the Western Journal, American Thinker, The Hill and other publications.


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