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Biden has days to respond to Supreme Court demand for Mandate explanation.

WashingtonewsToday - December 22, 2021, Adam Curran

Joe Biden has done many things to hurt the country. But perhaps the most shocking has been the alleged violation of our constitutional rights through his drastic mandate.

This mandate was almost immediately challenged by companies, states, and religious groups. One federal court shut it down, only for it to end up in the hands of a liberal appeals court.

Finally, it was picked up by the highest court itself. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh took the matter into his hands. And he is demanding that Biden explain himself, and his questionable mandate. And he only has days to do so.

From Zero Hedge:

President Joe Biden’s administration was directed on Monday to reply to a flurry of fresh challenges to its private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump nominee, told administration officials to file responses to applications from faith groups, companies, and attorneys general from over half the states in the country by 4 p.m. on Dec. 30.

That’s just days before the mandate’s deadline.

After an appeals court reversed a stay on Biden’s mandate, numerous groups petitioned the Supreme Court to rule on this issue. Trump-appointee Brett Kavanaugh is calling on Joe Biden to respond to these challenges by the end of the month.

If Biden does not provide a response, it could put his mandate in jeopardy. The court will probably uphold the ban, pending their own ruling. This is a crucial step in bringing down Biden’s dictator-like administration.

We know that this mandate is not about the current crisis. It has always been about establishing a pattern, where presidents can override our rights for any reason.

If Biden gets away with this mandate, future presidents can go much farther. They can suspend our First Amendment rights, our Second Amendment rights, heck even our Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate ourselves.

Who knows? It’s up to the Supreme Court to make the final decision on a mandate that puts Americans’ jobs and freedoms at risk.

Source: Zero Hedge

Fauci Admits Mandates Are "Just A Mechanism" To Get More People Vaccinated

Tyler Durden's Photo

ZeroHedge - BY TYLER DURDEN - TUESDAY, DEC 28, 2021 - 08:45 AM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

In an appearance, Sunday Anthony Fauci admitted that vaccine mandates are merely a “mechanism” to coerce more Americans to take shots.

Appearing on ABC Sunday, Fauci noted “A vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have a mechanism that would spur them to get vaccinated.”

The comments came as part of a discussion on applying vaccine mandates to air travel.

Far from following any ‘science’, Fauci admitted that “anything that could get people more vaccinated would be welcome.”


“Anything that could get people more vaccinated would be welcome,” Dr. Anthony Fauci says when asked by @jonkarl about potential vaccine requirements for domestic air travel. https://t.co/CxSdhhlI9G pic.twitter.com/KHVeu6nmTH  December 26, 2021

In a follow up appearance Monday on CNN, Fauci admitted that vaccine mandates to fly is likely not going to happen, (because there is no science to it).

“Everything that comes up as a possibility we put it on the table and we consider it,” Fauci declared, adding “That does not mean that it is likely to happen. Right now I don’t think people should expect that we are going to have a requirement in domestic flights for people to be vaccinated.”

“It’s on the table, and we consider it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I doubt if we are going to see something like that in the reasonably foreseeable future” Fauci added.


"The reason is that with the sheer volume of new cases that we are having and that we expect to continue with Omicron, one of the things we want to be careful of is that we don't have so many people out," Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why CDC changed Covid isolation guidelines. pic.twitter.com/g48XwcDdJh December 27, 2021

Meanwhile, not content with canceling Christmas… again, in another CNN interview, Fauci told Americans not to go to or host any new years parties where the vaccination status of any attendees is unknown.

“When you’re talking about a New Year’s Eve party with 30, 40, 50 people celebrating…stay away from that this year. There will be other years to do that, but not this year,” Fauci said.\

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he recommends that people "stay away" from large New Year’s Eve gatherings where they don’t know the vaccination status of guests.

"There will be other years to do that, but not this year," he says.https://t.co/X6u5qGcrbn pic.twitter.com/5eaEpVfWhd December 27, 2021

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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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