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Together in love - No to a Corona Certificate in Norway!

As citizens, we hereby address you who are our elected ombudsmen with the recommendation that it is decided that our municipality never introduces corona certificate (or that it must be revoked immediately and never re-introduced if this case is now being processed after corona certificate has been introduced). We request that the case be put on the case map without undue delay.

On 19 November, the Storting passed the Act on protection against infectious diseases, Chap. 4A Temporary provisions on corona certificate, § 4A-2. Use of the corona certificate, that "The Ministry may issue regulations for all or parts of the country on the use of corona certificates as documentation of vaccination status, reviewed covid-19 and test results for SARS-CoV-2. Provisions that corona certificates are the only accepted documentation can only be determined when effective and secure verification is considered necessary, and according to the nature of the infection control measure and the conditions otherwise it will not be disproportionate ".

This law opens up for our municipality to use a corona certificate if we add provisions that allow discrimination against people when using the corona certificate.

We present 10 reasons why a corona certificate must never be introduced (or must be revoked immediately and never re-introduced if this case is now pending after the corona certificate has been introduced):

1) Corona certificate violates the fundamental beliefs that we in Norway will pick our values and our humanity from.

2) Corona certificate violates human rights

3) Corona certificate violates the constitution

4) Corona certificate violates the Nuremberg Code

5) Corona certificate is undemocratic

6) Corona certificate is unscientific

7) Corona certificate affects everyone

8) Corona certificate is a control measure

9) Corona certificate segregates

10) Corona certificate must be renewed

Furthermore, sufficiently comprehensive arguments follow for each of the ten reasons why a corona certificate must never be introduced (or must be revoked immediately and never re-introduced if this case is now pending after the corona certificate has been introduced):

1) Corona certificate violates the fundamental beliefs that we in Norway will pick our values and our humanity from

"By law shall the land be built, and not by law be made desolate." This is a well-known phrase from the Frostating Act, one of Norway's oldest laws on how we should manage and build our country. We must never listen to a spirit of the times that works for the introduction of measures and restrictions that create pressure, coercion, differences and divisions in the Norwegian people. The Corona Certificate shakes the foundations of Norwegian cohesion and Norwegian society, which is based on trust and solid laws based on the basic view of life from which we in Norway derive our values ​​and our view of humanity.

2) Corona Certificate violates human rights

Human rights are fundamental rights everyone has, regardless of gender, age, religion, orientation, nationality or where in the world they live. In 1948, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It consists of 30 articles that define what is meant by human rights, and is seen as the most important basic document for human rights. Corona Certificate violates several of these articles.

Article 1: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood".

Corona certificate replaces human innate freedom with control, and rates human dignity and rights according to status. This violates Article 1.

Article 2: "Everyone is entitled to all the rights set forth in this Declaration, regardless of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin. , property, birth or other relationship ".

Corona Certificate defines a new group: "The stateless" or "unprotected", who do not have the same rights as others. This violates Article 2.

Article 5: "No one shall be subjected to degrading treatment."

The corona certificate contributes to social pressure and exclusion, which implicitly legitimizes degrading treatment, in violation of Article 5.

Article 13.1: "Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State."

A corona certificate takes liberty under Article 13.1 in exchange for a passport as a condition of "free" movement and "free" residence. Freedom as we know it will no longer be real freedom with the introduction of the corona certificate .

Article 18: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion".

The corona certificate hinders freedom of thought, conscience and religion. It breaks down the very basic idea of ​​human dignity and charity. It can make it practically necessary for people to defy their conscience in order to acquire status. It can burden people with valid status with a clear conscience for others (sympathy), create indifference to others (apathy), or lead to jealousy or arrogance. In addition, corona certificates prevent the practice of religion in communities at home and in community centers by restrictions that require a certificate and / or tests. This violates Article 18.

Article 27.1: "Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits".

The corona certificate deprives everyone of their right to participate freely in society's cultural life - as participation is conditional on a status certificate - and it also excludes part of the population. Both are clear violations of Article 27.1.

3) Corona Certificate switch Constitution

The Constitution is the highest source of law in Norway. This means that other provisions that come into conflict with it must give way to it. Corona certificate violates several paragraphs of the Constitution.

§ 106 : "Everyone who resides legally in the realm, can travel freely within the borders".

With a corona certificate, traffic within the borders is no longer free. Traffic is conditional on status control. This violates section 106 of the Constitution.

§ 101: "Everyone can meet in peaceful assemblies and demonstrations".

The corona certificate makes status a premise for being able to meet in peaceful assemblies. Everyone is made the subject of being able to be charged for status, and people without status will not be able to meet. This violates section 101 of the Constitution.

§ 100: "The state authorities shall facilitate an open and informed public debate".

The corona certificate is by nature discriminatory and creates room for an asymmetric power relationship in violation of section 100 of the Constitution.

§ 102: "Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, for his home and his communication".

Corona certificate is linked to personal health information. This privacy page is handed out and communicated using a corona certificate. This does not respect people's privacy, family life, and communication, and it can also apply to the home when visiting. This violates section 102 of the Constitution.

§ 16: "All the inhabitants of the kingdom have free religious practice".

Religious practice largely consists of community in homes and meetinghouses. Corona certificate prevents free practice of religion by making it a necessary condition for the implementation of the practice of religion. It can also be part of the practice of religion not to be bound by systems that hinder free practice of religion, so that a corona certificate will be in direct conflict with the practice of religion. This violates section 16 of the Constitution.

4) Corona certificate violates the Nuremberg Code

The Nuremberg Code is a document that sets out research ethics standards for research on humans. The code followed in the wake of the Nuremberg trials. Corona certificate does not comply with the Nuremberg Code.

Section. Voluntary consent from the subjects is absolutely necessary.

There is a widespread understanding among many that covid-19 vaccines are experimental. However, that is a completely different matter. Regardless of one's view of the vaccines, in connection with this citizens' proposal, it is the corona certificate itself that is the experiment and which all persons are incorporated into without voluntary consent. The corona certificate therefore violates the first and most important point of the Nuremberg Code.

Point 2. The experiment should be of such a nature that it leads to fruitful results that benefit society and that can not be ensured by the use of other methods or study methods and that are not arbitrary or unnecessary.

Corona certificate as a scheme is in itself an attempt. The entire population is incorporated into this experiment which distinguishes between people based on relative status. There can be no reference to historical examples where the introduction of status certificates for participation in society leads to fruitful results that benefit society. As an infection control measure, it is not a given that a corona certificate will have an effect, and it will therefore instead contribute to arbitrary and unnecessary differential treatment. In the event of a need for infection control measures, known methods and study methods must be used as a basis. Corona certificate violates the second point of the Nuremberg Code.

Section 4. The experiment should be performed in a manner that avoids all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

As a corona certificate is an attempt that incorporates all people, it is not possible to predict what physical and mental disorders and injuries it may inflict on the population as a whole or parts of it. It is therefore impossible to perform the corona certificate test in a way that avoids all physical and mental suffering and injury. This violates the fourth point of the Nuremberg Code.

Section 5. Trials should not be performed where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or injury leading to disability will occur, with the possible exception of trials in which the trial physicians also participate as subjects.

The corona certificate is valid if it has been taken for any given number of vaccines, has undergone illness, or recently tested negative. All three ways to get a valid corona certificate can be harmful to health. Vaccines can cause side effects. Illness can become serious. Repeated testing in the nose exposes the person to stresses that can cause the person physical injuries as the nose is not intended to be subjected to the introduction of foreign elements, and it can also lead to financial concerns if the tests have to be self-financed. Mental disorders can also be linked to the need to obtain and retain a valid corona certificate. There is an a priori reason to believe that what must form the basis for obtaining a valid corona certificate can lead to death or injury leading to disability.

Section. 6. The risk taken should never be greater than that justified by the humanitarian significance of the problem that the attempt is intended to solve.

The risk that a corona certificate entails is that status is the basis for its humanitarian significance. As the scope of corona certificate is total (it includes all people), it creates a status society. This does not solve any problems, but creates a new society. The risk for this is clearly greater than what can justify the humanitarian significance of the corona certificate. The Corona Certificate therefore violates the sixth point of the Nuremberg Code.

point 8. The experiment should only be performed by persons with scientific qualifications. The highest degree of expertise and caution should be required at all stages of the experiment by those conducting or participating in the experiment.

Corona certificate is performed by all people, and clearly violates the Eighth Code of the Nuremberg Code.

Point 9. The test subject should, during the times of the trial, be free to bring the trial to an end if he has reached a physical or mental state where the continuation of the trial seems impossible to him.

The corona certificate is in its nature so that persons are never free to bring the attempt to an end. The Corona Certificate violates the Ninth Code of the Nuremberg Code.

Point 10. During the trial, the researcher in charge should be prepared to terminate the trial at any stage if he has probable cause to believe in the exercise of good faith, superior expertise and prudent judgment required of him. that a continuation of the trial is likely to result in injury, disability or death to the subject.

Corona certificate incorporates all people in a scheme that has never been tried before. All people become part of the experiment. It is not inconceivable that there will be people who may be injured, disabled or killed as a result of carrying out or being affected by what is necessary to obtain valid status. This violates the tenth point of the Nuremberg Code and must be decisive in bringing the corona certificate to an end immediately.

5) Corona sertificate is undemocratic

A corona certificate is introduced in such a way that no one can avoid it and everyone is incorporated into it. There is no choice. A corona certificate can potentially also mean that participation in formal gatherings is required, which means that persons who oppose a corona certificate cannot express their opinions informal contexts, or exercise their political duties - whether for the majority or the minority - without the persons first implicitly legitimizing the corona certificate that the persons are fundamentally opposed to. Without a valid corona certificate, you are not allowed to attend formal gatherings and express your opinions against the corona certificate, while obtaining a valid corona certificate to attend formal gatherings has already implicitly legitimized the corona certificate. Corona certificate is unequivocally undemocratic.

6) Corona Certificate is unscientific

There is no research on the introduction of status certificates in our free society and what it does to our society. Corona certificate is therefore unscientific.

At the ideological level, the corona certificate will redefine society from being free to being subject to status and control.

7) Corona Certificate hits all

The corona certificate may at first glance seem to affect only those who do not have a valid status. But the corona certificate hits everyone. Absolutely everyone is subject to the scheme where the status must be presented or be subject to control. Freedom is exchanged for a passport that each individual must acquire, present and renew. Freedom as we know it is gone, and each individual is subject to passport requirements.

8) Corona Certificate is a control

Corona certificate is referred to as an infection control measure, but is in reality a control measure. Persons are required for status or are subject to being checked for status. We have not taken vaccines, undergone covid-19 disease, or tested ourselves and complied with infection control advice and infection control rules to have a corona certificate introduced. The corona certificate is subject to all control requirements and is a control measure.

9) Corona certificate segregates

The most obvious thing about the corona certificate is that it segregates people based on status. Corona certificate legitimizes discrimination and discrimination, not only on the basis of choice and personal health information, but status. People who do not have a valid status are by definition undesirable. Testing as a substitute for a corona certificate does not justify the overarching control measure that the corona certificate is, a control measure that segregates those with valid status, those without, and those who must be tested. In our society, inclusion, unity, respect and tolerance are central. We must never allow the opposite of integration, which is segregation.

10) Corona Certificate must be renewed

Corona certificates have a limited validity period and must be renewed regularly either by taking new vaccine doses, reviewing illness, or being tested periodically. The corona certificate is also necessary for access to community services and goods, and can be used as a requirement for work, study and daily chores when used extensively. Since the corona certificate is limited in time, must be renewed, affects everyone, and is made a necessary requirement, it has a binding effect on our freedom. We will no longer have a real choice but to ensure that we have a valid corona certificate if we are to have valid status for community participation. If you fall outside the scheme by not renewing the certificate, the individual is made responsible and blamed for this. There is never any guarantee that the corona certificate will expire, as long as it needs to be renewed. With this, the 10 above reasons why corona certificate must never be introduced, are repeatedly overlooked. Instead, the corona certificate must never be introduced (or expired immediately).

We have mentioned and justified 10 reasons why a corona certificate must never be introduced in our municipality (or must be revoked immediately and never re-introduced if this case is now being processed after the corona certificate has been introduced), and asks on this basis that the following proposals are adopted:


Corona certificate is never introduced in our municipality. If this case, despite without undue delay, is put on the case map after a decision on the introduction of a corona certificate has already been made, we request that the following subsidiary proposals be adopted:

Proposal: Corona certificate in our municipality is revoked immediately and never introduced again.

What happened to the Coronapandemic?


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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