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Covid19-Vaccine Trigger AIDS, Remaining Forever Plandemic

Posted on December 16, 2021, by State of the Nation

How the COVID-19 bioweapon was covertly launched to start the 2020 AIDS pandemic……and the weaponized Covid vaccines are administered to stealthily and slowly perpetuate a global VAIDS Plandemic.


It’s entirely true that World War III has taken the form of an apocalyptic global biowar being waged against the world community of sovereign nations.

As in all modern wars, this biowar on all of humanity began with a series of acts of terrorism—BIOTERRORISM.  The COVID-19 bioweapon was specifically bioengineered so it could be launched as an elusive yet fake ‘coronavirus’, which it is not since SARS-CoV-2 has never been scientifically proven to exist.

However, that does not mean a highly lethal COVID-19 bioweapon containing a deadly synthetic AI-controlled parasite with a programmed mutational rate that will periodically create new Covid variants has not been disseminated throughout the entire planetary civilization. (This is why the powerful anti-parasitical drug Ivermectin is so effective in treating Covid patients around the world)

KEY POINT: Although the Covid Multi-Infection Syndrome is not caused by the fictitiously named coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, many armchair investigators and Alt Media journalists wrongly insisted that no such COVID-19 bioweapon exists.  These folks are often speaking from a position of willful ignorance.  In point of fact, SOTN has published numerous scientific research papers, physician videos, personal testimonies, articles by qualified healthcare practitioners and other high-integrity posts categorically proving the existence of this new type of biowarfare.  In other words, it’s not just the weaponized Covid vaccines doing its damage across the planet 24/7, it’s also a meticulously bioengineered COVID-19 bioweapon that continues to be released via multiple vectors of dissemination.

It’s also quite likely that the COVID-19 bioweapon consists of other pathogenic micro-organisms such as respiratory system-attacking bacteria, especially those that cause pneumonia.

Of course, HIV-like spike proteins, pernicious mycoplasma, and other infectious microbials have also been found in Covid patients, depending on where and how they were bio-attacked via the various COVID-19 bioweapon releases from Wuhan to Milan to Tehran.

It is because of those bioengineered HIV-like spike proteins that a low-grade version of AIDS is now appearing the world over.  Many physicians, scientists and medical researchers now refer to it as long COVID (aka long-haul COVID, post-acute COVID-19, long-term effects of COVID or chronic COVID), but the stark reality is that we are now witnessing a pandemic of “Covid-triggered AIDS” around the globe.


As if to add insult to injury, the NWO criminal conspirators were determined to greatly exacerbate this genocidal pandemic via the rapid roll-out of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

There are now volumes of hard scientific evidence which prove that all of the weaponized Covid injections were purposefully formulated to create yet another pandemic—vaccine-induced VAIDS[1].  As follows:

Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: Be Prepared!

Not only do each of the different Covid ‘vaccines’ produce immediate person-specific symptom sets that reflect a swiftly weakening immune system, they also take advantage of an individual’s existing physical vulnerabilities.  In other word, those with more medical ailments and/or health conditions will be further compromised by the Covid jabs.

Similarly, those with manifesting or latent circulatory system diseases will be killed much quicker by these deliberately designed clotshots.  Particularly when there are multiple comorbidities present, if patients do not succumb to the various VAERS-reported causes of death, they will likely live the rest of their lives with VAIDS. (See latest VAERS data below.)

*The preceding Covid vaccine injury and death data represent only 1% to 10% of the total number of actual injuries and deaths.  The vast majority of adverse events go unreported by the victim, unrecognized or not acknowledged by the doctor, as well as intentionally covered up by the physician group or healthcare institution.

In addition to depopulating the planet IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda has the explicit purpose of inflicting some form of VAIDS on every resident of Earth.  For even those folks who refuse to take any vaccines will be susceptible to the shedding of spike proteins by the vaccinated.  The unvaxxed’s resistance to those disease agents will be a function of their overall health status and age, lifestyle and diet, exercise and sleep patterns, inherited genetic blueprint and blood type, among other determining factors such as stress levels (especially their predominant maladaptive reaction and/or healthy response to stressors).

KEY POINT: If a double or triple vaccinated individual had cancer in the past, they will probably experience a relapse of that specific cancer. Likewise, if there’s a strong genetic predisposition toward a chronic degenerative disease, it may manifest soon after the vaccination(s). The more anyone is vaxxed with the initial injections and subsequent boosters, the more they can develop any of the assorted autoimmune disorders, diseases and dysfunctions which will eventually evolve into a full-blown VAIDS profile.

In this way, it was calculated by the Plandemic perpetrators that people everywhere will be so diseased or debilitated, infirm or incapacitated, that they will be very easily controlled by the New World Order globalist cabal.  And, those who are not easily controlled and manipulated will be so preoccupied — as never before — with caring for family, friends and other acquaintances that they will be in no position to pose a realistic threat to the emerging NWO power structure.


The ultimate goal of imposing a global COVID-1984 tyranny, distinguished by the full-spectrum dominance of the Earth realm and sustained by a One World Government, is made quite easy the longer this biowar is prosecuted.  For the more chaos, confusion and conflict that pervades societies and countries everywhere, the more smoothly the NWO perps can carry out their Ordo ab Chao implementation plan also known as the GREAT RESET.

Isn’t this why the Covid criminal conspiracy enjoys the full cooperation of every globalist-run government and corporation, healthcare system and research institution, university and college, foundation and NGO, think tank and brain trust, as well as secret and not-so-secret society?

BOTTOM LINE: In view of the various stages of intensifying Covid biowarfare graphically executed during 2021, it’s now clear that the NWO cabal will continue this worldwide bioterrorist operation until the GREAT RESET has been successfully completed.  The perpetrators have already crossed so many red lines, in nations both large and small, that there’s no walking this back.  Not only will all the frontmen like Fauci and pitchmen like Gates and bagmen like Soros be on the docket for Nuremberg 2.o, but their once hidden handlers and paymasters have all been outed—FOREVER.  Hence, they are all compelled — by sheer self-preservation — to keep their pedal to the metal for the foreseeable future.  They probably see this as a decade-long Covid scheme so that AIDS and VAIDS will have a maximum disabling effect worldwide.

State of the Nation - December 16, 2021


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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