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WEF Open Forum In Davos Called Off Following Death Threats


The COVID World post date: November 27th, 2021

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced that its public ‘Open Forum‘ set to take place in Davos in January next year has been canceled due to death threats. The union of elite globalists under the leadership of Klaus Schwab has caused such a wave of anger from populations worldwide that security measures of the other WEF events have also been increased, reports Swiss news outlet Südostschweiz.

WEF Open Forum in 2018

As anger against the WEF has grown since the pandemic, various employees and attendees have received increasing levels of abuse with some even receiving death threats. Yann Zopf, head of media at WEF, said about the threats:

“We receive dozens of threats every day on social media and by email. But it also happens that employees and attendees of the forum are approached personally.

Even the application form for jobs at the WEF on its homepage is misused for insults of all kinds.”

WEF founder Klaus Schwab speaking at the WEF Annual Meeting in 2019

Zopf added that security at this year’s Open Forum could not be guaranteed.

“We have informed the authorities and are working closely with them.

The decision to cancel the event was very difficult for us. Everyone should be able to take part in the events and discussions, that is the idea of ​​the Open Forum.”

The Open Forum was started in 2003 as a response to criticism of the WEF regarding its secretive and elite nature and was supposed to be a place where members of the public could come and ask questions. However, due to security concerns, the public event has now been canceled.

The event was expected to take place from January 17th to 21st in Davos under the motto “Working Together, Restoring Trust”.

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jacquelynsauriol 4 days ago

I suppose they can just do this meeting by Zoom, right? So much safer and easier.-14 Reply


ZbyszekReply to jacquelynsauriol 3 days ago

Globalization, # Fitfor55 and Germany's absorption of the whole of Europe, we say NO! They are afraid because people have understood what they want to give us! Ordinary communism, and we already had it and we thanked it politely! Never again!9 Reply

James LaBombs

James LaBombsReply to Zbyszek 18 hours ago

These are the people who will be hunted for Nuremberg crimes. There will be nowhere to hide.3 Reply

Laura McDonough

Laura McDonoughReply to jacquelynsauriol 3 days ago

This C. Schwab is satanic along w/ his ilk. All national leaders incl the E.U., USA and Canada, S. Amer. leaders, etc. are in sync w/ the W,E.F. globalists. Pushing pull throttle for mass depopulation and transhumanism. They will usher inthe anti/christ and force the mark of satan. Many will take it on the broad way (reprobates) . Agenda synopsis: https://stateofthenation.co/?p=9822146 Reply

Nigel Partis

Nigel PartisReply to Laura McDonough 3 days ago

Spot on Laura . . . . . Jesus is coming soon xx11 Reply

Non compliant

Non compliantReply to jacquelynsauriol 3 days ago

Common quadbrillonars cant use the zoomys like peasants. How could they share the cavaire12 Reply


TelReply to Non compliant 2 days ago

Difficult to stuff a brown paper bag through your USB port.2 Reply


SilentReply to jacquelynsauriol 1 day ago

The only safe place to them is not located on earth.8 Reply


Daz 4 days ago

Sounds as if people aren’t happy having everything taken from them. Guess old Klaus the Louse is an idiot after all.44 Reply


klausReply to Daz 20 hours ago

Klaus is the lowest possible form of human excrement. I don’t understand how this moron can be alive after all the damage they cause to everybody.1 Reply


Brian 4 days ago

Exposing them is fine but death threats? Time to take a chill pill. If threats are serious it’s not going to make the trouble go away – the heirs will take their place. Besides I thought they were too powerful to kill.-54 Reply


ZoeReply to Brian 4 days ago

They’re probably lying. These people are evil. They haven’t canceled their conference just the part where the public is invited. “the public event has now been canceled.” They don’t want the public voicing their opinion and not embracing slavery. Go figure.66 Reply

Laura McDonough

Laura McDonoughReply to Zoe 3 days ago

Info get’s leaked anyway incl their W.E.F. website. These guys are from the pits of hell.23 Reply

Kalin Vermaak

Kalin VermaakReply to Brian 3 days ago

Every sinhle one of those power drunk globalists should be HANGED for treason!!!38 Reply


KielandersReply to Kalin Vermaak 3 days ago


Witches get burned at the stake, why break with tradition now?Last edited 3 days ago by Kielanders16 Reply


R00yReply to Kalin Vermaak 1 day ago

Only after a speedy trial. Must preserve due process before commencing the judgement.0 Reply


KielandersReply to Brian 3 days ago

If the crowd wises-up al la French Revolution style, their heirs will be joining them on the funeral pyre.

Fair is fair, after all, they started killing your kids first.Last edited 3 days ago by Kielanders26 Reply


jonoReply to Brian 3 days ago

their policies cause death on a mass industrial scale directly and indirectly17 Reply

Lisa Franklin

Lisa FranklinReply to Brian 3 days ago

Really? When they’re murdering our children.8 Reply


hazzReply to Brian 3 days ago

they will bled before this is over3 Reply


AmberReply to Brian 3 days ago

They have caused thousands of deaths by engineering sars-cov 2, lock downs, suicides, fake vax. They can’t escape what is coming to them. And then, hypocrites what to gather together to continue plotting further crimes, while everybody else has to lock down?12 Reply


GaryReply to Brian 1 day ago

Remember the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution or Germany in the Great Depression? History teaches us that the People can only be pushed so far b4 they rise up. And when they do all hell breaks loose and much blood is spilt b4 peace is finally re-established.

The Terror they called it in 1789. CCTV cameras or not, riot police or not, I doubt that much has changed. If Klaus Schwab, the WEF and the 1%ers want to test that theory they are perhaps going the right way about it. “You’ll own nothing and he happy” sounds remarkably like “Arbeit Macht Frei” to me.6 Reply


2DsReply to Brian 1 day ago

The death threats are likely fake. The end result is to close the public forum so that the elites won’t have to answer any questions.2 Reply


Dani 3 days ago

All these people in this WEF are sadistic. They bringing back HITLERISM.20 Reply


ResistTheBeastReply to Dani 3 days ago

I wouldn’t equate it to Hitlerism. Klaus Schwab is a Freemason, and the Hitlerites purged freemasons. 200,000 freemasons allegedly perished at the hands of fascism. What we have right now is World freemasonry “hidden in plain sight”. Ordo ab Chao literally means “from chaos a new order”.12 Reply


D JReply to ResistTheBeast 17 hours ago

Klaus is another satanic J0 Reply


Robespierre 3 days ago

We need a French style revolution globally.30 Reply


Bullsit 3 days ago

Bet klaus svhwab was a nazi , duck him he is a murderer9 Reply


KielandersReply to Bullsit 3 days ago

Well, he’s Jewish, so that would make him a Jewish Nazi – which means the rest of us are Palestinians.Last edited 3 days ago by Kielanders13 Reply

John Vincent

John VincentReply to Bullsit 3 days ago

How could he be a “Nazi”? The NSDAP didn’t exist after 1945 and he’s a Freemason. The “Nazis” purged Freemasonry from the The Reich as they were ideologically opposed.Last edited 3 days ago by John Vincent5 Reply


Patriotgirlnj 3 days ago

Maybe “you will own nothing and be happy” is not making people very happy, right, WEF?24 Reply


Let 3 days ago

Everyone involved in the WEF should all be in jail- Klaus Schwab especially – you have nothing but evil to offer the world – your egos will be your undoing – I think death threats are too easy – let’s just line them all up and give them one of every jab plus added boosters… switch on 5g and see how that goes eh!35 Reply


bibi 3 days ago

How many doses graphenated are you? https://odysee.com/@psychoNWO:9/Bi-Directional-DNA-to-Computer-Interface:4?r=GHBM5vePehvivDbgyGcgGJ6drCThcmjD4 Reply


Bjay 3 days ago

Not impossible but could be another deception7 Reply


Kielanders 3 days ago

Omicron spells m o r o n i c. They are playing us.14 Reply

Lisa Franklin

Lisa Franklin 3 days ago

Fucking cowards. They should come out and fight like real men and women.6 Reply


hazz 3 days ago

I hope someone gets them9 Reply



Nuremburg Now3 Reply

James Rodgers

James Rodgers 3 days ago

Don’t threaten just do it.6 Reply


Ant 3 days ago

Klaus sure knows his words… “They know the words, but not the music.” Klaus and other WEF members only claims to “build trust” as part of the title by its definition to grab power.

I’m no woman, but this is patriarchy. Patriarchy, aside from male genome dominating the bloodline, denounces all emotions as weaknesses and says everything science, fact, truth, trust, love, safety, success, and business only by their description and meaning to grab more power.1 Reply


ed_J 3 days ago

Love this. Keep the pressure on them.3 Reply


SouthSoulReply to ed_J 2 days ago

Remember the New Zealand bunkers where some of those bastards are hiding.4 Reply


BenReply to SouthSoul 1 day ago

Peter Thiel has one there. He was named by David Martin as one of the conspirators. A bunker could be useful for us but not for them as they will be blockaded in and all life support cut off once people go hunting for them.0 Reply

Double vaccinated and boosted

Double vaccinated and boostedReply to SouthSoul 1 day ago

Welding machines will make sure they stay in thier bunkers.0 Reply


di 2 days ago

Great! Everyone knows the truth about WEF, WHO, UN n all these lying demonic murderers of humanity.. spiritual wickedness be exposed
God is greater than them…hahaaa7 Reply


Lulu 2 days ago

I hope they are scared as they trying to scare us ! These criminals should be locked up somewhere where nobody will find them ! Let them rot away .3 Reply


Monkus 2 days ago

The face of evil.2 Reply


KrissMac 2 days ago

Ahhh, too bad! No big party. Is that better for “climate change,” too? These people should be on alert for the rest of their lives for their hubris and intentional destruction of lives.0 Reply

Peter Clarac

Peter Clarac 2 days ago

Davos Group? Who elected these blood stained elites? They do not give a a shit aboit us. They call us useless eaters. All they want is control of the world and us. Rembered their tag line.?
“You will have nothing and be happy”
The UN has been infiltrated by these globalist and their NATO army is trying to start wars all over the world. We are in WWIII. Cyber, misinformation and mass media are their weapons. Time to come together and say no more. It is our right.
Our country. God givin!

Lolo Padilla

Lolo Padilla 2 days ago

It’s just another lie…so many things have come to light with “Covid” that they do not want the kinds of questions they are going to get. They are cowards.0 Reply


Uselesservant 1 day ago

Their going to simulate the next pandemic, Cyber polygon great reset.0 Reply


idonotagreewithanything 1 day ago

I’m not surprised they are getting threats. They are genocidal maniacs0 Reply


Laura 1 day ago

Demented globalist fools with too much $ and too much power treating the rest of the world as their subjects just like a tyrant king. L’etat, c’est moi! Let them eat cake! You’re just a perverted bunch of deluded cretins trying to glorify and enrich yourselves even more. You’re certainly pretty blind about what kind of beings you really are; I omit human purposely. Leave us alone!1 Reply

Double vaccinated and boosted

Double vaccinated and boostedReply to Laura 1 day ago

“You will own nothing and you will be happy Laura”
Your fren,
Klaus S.0 Reply


Ronem 1 day ago

The time that the sheep awakes,and revolution french style comes,Claus( and his friends )are taking his private plain( climate change or not)to new zeeland to hide.In bunker.They push a button of the atom,or 5G,and we are all gone.They are not afraid from us,and nothing can stop them.0 Reply


Mimae 1 day ago

Cowards!0 Reply


Jaime 1 day ago

If one of your main goals is to build trust among the people, you must be trust-worthy.
The volumes of research and statistics now available globally regarding the ‘plandemic’ certainly does not build trust among the people when they’re dying from The Tyranny that is being created by, quote-unquote, the elites … which is the WEF, is it not? The majority of the population on the planet now knows the truth and therefore knows that you are lying about most everything you put out in the media and more!
It’s time to pay your karmic debts now!
How does it feel to have your lives threatened? “What you put out comes back” … a Universal law.
Sending you all Divine love (not without firm boundaries by drawing a Line in the sand now!) from a place of equanimity so that you may see the light soon and do the right thing! This / Your evil Behavior and tyranny must stop now!
PS: And yes, you are also lying about cancelling this conference as others have stated … YOU / the so-called ‘elites’ are far from trustworthy!0 Reply


klaus 20 hours ago

Nice, Let’s GO! Put the pressure on the puppets.


Copy & Paste the link above for Yandex translation to Norwegian.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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