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Kim Goguen’s Life Force Weekly Update, November 22nd 2021

Gepubliceerd Monday, November 22, 2021 20:00



November18 BlackRock Part of SIGINT, Buying Trading Sovereign Debt, SIGINT went down last week, so No Cashing of Historic Bonds.

Lots of Unseen Generals in Switzerland. Chinese are Going to Cash Bonds They Were Given a year ago.

People talk about Wuhan Lab – an international Black Sun Lab to Manipulate DNA.
Also had Others’ Technology. Wuhan Lab is Very Active. They Lost Databases, Control Systems for ARCHON technoly.
Today the Black Sun Group wanted to Create Portals to Extract Loosh to Give to Abraxas and Draco, but it was Shut Down. They were trying to Charge Iridium to Create Havoc on Earth.
The Chinese Elders Thought they could Get Control of the Back End by Selling Out Population Back to Dragon Families. BlackRock Lost their System.

For the Government Types Listening to the Call, the Dragons and BlackRock will Never Pay You, Even if They had Money.

JP Morgan Pulled Out from Funding Trump, After Flynn Left. The Majority of the Military is Not Behind Trump Now. You Can Not Commit Global Genocide and Then Be The Saviour. Black Sun is still looking to Dracos as a Saviour, though That Didn’t Work Out 16.5 Thousand Years Ago.

Their Plan Only Works Genetic, Aetheric, Plasma Manipulation of Humanity.

The Real War – like Historic Military Theater. There is a Ridiculous Number of Space Ships Watching Humanity – they’re Watching the Hunger Games.
On November 18, All Players Chose Their Side, Light and Dark. This Day was called the Day or Destiny, where You Chose your Destiny.

A Lot of the Battles are Going On With the Secret Space Force. While they were Busy with their Agenda, Life Force Enforcement has been Taking Pieces Off the Chessboard. Their Big Move – Lots of Fear Porn recently with Covid Numbers, Marburg Virus. Only Four Cases or Marburg Case Historically.

MicroNova is More Fear Porn. Micro Nova is Not Naturally Occurring. Star Maker or Star Breaker Technology can Create MicroNovas. So MicroNovas can Only Occur with Help of This Advanced Tech. Kim mention Some Clif High (Clif is Negative on Kim) Information that Clif was Correct but Incomplete about the Sun and Plasma. Elites with ARCHONS tried to Use the Alignment of the Sun (Source of Power), Mercury, and Earth to Damage Humanity.

Kim talked about Loosh Harvesting, the Issue of Harvesting without Causing the Human to Perish – the Goal being to Optimize Loosh Yields. Degeneration is Necessary for Loosh Harvesting.
The Binding Mechanism That Degenerated Us was Been Mostly Removed, from Nearly 0% Regeneration to about 74% Regeneration.

People talk about CERN Being Moved to Australia. There were 13 Portal Centers and Facilities around the World Already. They use Baby Sacrifice to Try to Open These Portals. So No Demon Portals, but Synthetic Demons from Black Dust they Called Interferons.
Injectable Synthetic Demons for Humanity.
These Facilities are Gone Now. Kim is Able to Find These Issues Because They Are Tied to the Financial +System.

DARPA Systems went Down Recently. So Crimea has a Space and Jump Station, that can Transmit Frequencies to Remote Parts of the World. They Wanted to Time Travel to Restore DARPA.

Elites of China and Japan are Doing Some Negative Operations Now, Not Understood Yet.

The Space Force has Lost Its Space and It’s Force, Meaning They Lost their Technology. This is Why Most of the Military has Joined Humanity. Life Force Enforcement is Getting Rid of Space Force Facilities, With Pleasure They Say.

1122 and 9999 are Frequencies You Can Use to Help Yourself Today with Today’s Alignment with the Central Sun.

The US Financial System is Getting Really Bad. Back in March, Kim Cut off their Credit Lines. Thus Covid Bonds were Never Cashed. No Bonds are Able to be Cashed. As Insurance Companies Run Out of Money, More and More Bonds Worthless. At the Drop Dead Date, Everybody will be Insolvent.

Kim read Part of the 1975 United Nations Memo about their One World Government, Talking about the Name Changes of All Countries to New UN Designations, As Well as the UN Military Replacing All Militaries, and the UN Legal System, including the Agenda 2021.

Today Kim Sent Out the Termination and Cancellation of all UN Directives to All Governments and Militaries Today, and the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium Website will go Live Later today

The Military has Not Unblocked the Narrative. Assemblies will Become Very Important Once the Dollar Falls and Governments Fall.

No Negative Entities and Aliens will Be Able to Help the Elite At This Point. They have To Savior Coming To Help Them. The Next Month or So Will Be Bumpy.”

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Who is Kim Marduk? (foto

In this Latest Video from Kim, she Dissects Current Events and Drops Some Major Intel We All Need to Know! Things are Heating Up and it’s About to Get Really Crazy. Kimberly Ann Goguen Wears Many Hats and is One of the Most Important People on the Planet. Kim and her Role is Unknown by the Majority of the People around the World. However, she is Very Well Known by Members of the Deep State.
One of the Reasons for This is because she Replaced their Malevolent Predecessor, Marduk over a Decade ago. Her Predecessor was the Cabal’s Leader, Not the Peoples’ Leader by any Stretch of the Imagination. But In Reality, he wasn’t Their Leader either. They Too were His Slaves, but they didn’t see it That Way. In fact, many still don’t see it That Way.
Kim is the First Person to hold This Seat Who Wants to End the Human Enslavement that has Existed on our Planet for over Sixteen Thousand Years, Not Perpetuate It. This has Gained Her Many Enemies and Few Friends. But that Surely is Going to Change as Humanity Finally Starts to Really Wake Up to the Facts of How, When, Why and By Whom Human Enslavement was Imposed on Our Planet.

Kim Gorguen Wears At Least Seven Hats

I say she Wears at Least Seven because she Mentioned a Recent Promotion, but she didn’t want to share What This Role was on the Last Intel Call I listened to. The Hats She Wears and Roles She Fills are Listed Below

• Universal Protection Unit Command
Commander of Earth Races | Galactic Council Ambassador for Earth
Human Ambassador to All Earth Races
Controller of the Planetary Quantum System | Original DNA Representative of Humanity
Representative of Humanity for Disbursement of Planetary Assets | Trustee Manna World Holding Trust
Ranking Bloodline Royal of All Earth Kingdoms | Tzar of Russia
Quantum Physics Executive

To the Heart of the Matter, THI Source to Action Book Series (1) Page 34

Kim has caused Major Upheaval on All Levels of the So Called Elites, and they have been doing Everything Possible to Bring Her Down and Regain Control of the Quantum Mapping System (QMS). The QMS holds all the Above Ground Assets, Below Ground Assets, and Human Assets on Planet Earth, and a Slew of Other Things that are Beyond My Scope of Understanding. But from what I understand, Every Asset is Mapped Based on its Origin. Humans are Considered Assets to the Cabal. Actually they consider Humans as ‘LiveStock and we are Literally Traded (Our Birth Certificates) on the Stock Exchange. They Consider Us Food and Covet Our Life Force Energy which is Highly Valued by Beings who Are (or Believe They Are) Unable to Manufacture Life Force Energy Themselves because they are Cut Off from the Soul Matrix.
A Must See For Sure!

N Morgan


Meer informatie|+Steffen+Rowe

All about Kimberly A. Goguen


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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