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Iskra Loukanova

Roserambles 13 Oct 2021     (or EPUB)


Steve Jobs is alive and working on the new Quantum Phones. Free quantum phones for anyone worldwide who doesn't emit any harmful radiation and only need charging once every 5 years. When EBS is finished, we officially move into the Quantum Age. Everything becomes quantum. And everything that was related to K a b a l leaves our lives.

   Q-phones have already been manufactured in Germany and the UK, with a final update of software in the United States. This smartphone is three-dimensional and of the highest quality. It will become one of the main tools for direct credit and day-to-day living for consumer, small and business trading operations, including internationally. This is a production operation worth five hundred billion dollars in three countries.

Costs may increase considering seven billion Q-phones will be provided to every person on the planet. QFS will create its own internet, which will work from its trinary code system and can have a G 8 network for Satcom. You will be trained for QFS and how to operate this system. The world as we know it is changing, don't think about banking and investing the old way.
We are entering a new form of out-of-planet technology designed to free humanity from the deceit of dark caps. As we transition to mass pressuring, we may experience inconveniences. It will be temporary until the world restarts. Necessary scaremongering Event, EBS and videos that are shocking will happen, but you who have been warned, don't be scared, stay calm. You are already very well informed of what will happen in these days. It will be unexpected in one of the next days. You know everything and you will be guided. Everything will be meant to free humanity from the deceit of dark caps. After that we will have a world without wars or feuds. Never again! A thousand years of peace. After the emergency, the G E S A R . A program is activated.
The news of the Queen is expected to be announced at any moment, perhaps tomorrow. According to my logic, we could not have passed into the New World together with the institution that caused humanity's greatest evils. Everything needs to be clean! We are expected in November, perhaps on the fifth, to return to the old Julian calendar, which is 13 days further behind the Gregorian. I mean, we will celebrate our name days, as we have recently. In these days it will pass into history and the biggest fraud in the history of humanity - the fake pandemic and the non-existent virus. Counting down!

Where one goes, we go all - WG1WGA!

Note -  Steve Jobs died October 5, 2011, Palo Alto, California, U.S.Cause of death: Neuroendocrine cancer

Iskra Loukanova

ROSERAMBLES - 30 Oct 2021

These elites, sure of their strength, are not even hiding anymore. Their plot is unfolding before everyone's eyes, because unfortunately the mass of ignorant is such that they can act without even worrying! President John F's nephew. Kennedy and son of his brother, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the United States, both killed by K a b a l, founder of Children's Health Defence - Children's Health Protection, professor of environmental law, repeatedly convicted B. Gates, calls for a GLOBAL STACK on November 3 against the loss of freedoms, for a return to democratic principles, against illegal mandates (in * a * k * s * and * n * i) and tyrannical governments.
The situation is serious, we can no longer expect these killer governments to respond to our demands because they were ordered for the genocide with the * a * k * s * and * n * and the establishment of the New World Order. We are neither conspirators nor enlightened, but AWAKENED - more informed than the mass hypnotized by the mainstream media, responsible for disinforming and manipulating public opinion. We could publish the long list of their lies, we can prove and demonstrate what we claim because their own statements condemn them.
The tyrannical system that has been imposed on us for nearly two years has nothing to do with the health crisis, because how to explain that doctors and nurses who managed the epidemic in the bud, without funds, without masks, without any help from the state, today fired when they make us believe in the fake pandemic. The figures, of the deceased of C o v i d, published by the Italian Ministry of Health, prove that the Italian government lies to its people, leading them to believe that more than 130 people have died from K o in id.
And even if the same defamatory campaign experienced by Luke Montagnier - the Nobel Prize-winning virologist in Medicine, when he announced that the virus was a ′′ laboratory product ", has now been unleashed by terrorist media against the Ministry of Health, as thought yesterday for the Golden Standard in health, they will no longer be able to hide the truth for a very long time, because everywhere the official narrative cracks, proving that all governments from NATO countries - from Canada to Australia and New Zealand through France and Italy, lie to their peoples! EVERY DAY PEOPLE DIE OF FAKE VACCINES. The side effects are dramatic - young and healthy people are suddenly paralyzed. Young people die of heart attacks! Families and lives are broken and our governments pretend everything is fine, relying on a completely false and criminal ′′ benefit / risk "!
World's leading virologists, researchers, biologists and infectious diseases are alarming and consider this campaign to be in * a * k * c * ination at best for irresponsible and worst for criminal, even talking about crimes against humanity. A group of international attorneys have organized to denounce the planned genocide, but despite their efforts, at all international forums such as the European Court of Human Rights or even our corrupt courts, refuse to enforce the law and respond to justice by groups of citizens filing complaints and complaints.
How not to link President John Kennedy's historic speech when he wanted to warn America and the world about a ′′ monolithic and relentless plot ′′ aimed at enslaving humanity?

How not to make the connection to the 10 New World Order Commandments cut in almost all languages in Georgia Guides and planning to reduce the world population to 500 million people? How not to remember Sarkozy passing by Atali, Rockefeller, Duke of Edinburgh, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others of the same kind.

Everyone has a common obsession with overcrowding and the need to reduce humanity. Atali even writes that ′′ idiots will go to the slaughterhouse of their own free will." And that's exactly what happens because the common man held in the dark and manipulated by misinformation is unable to believe that the government can wish him evil. Fatal mistake, because all who rule the West right now, all come from Young Global Leaders, trained and formatted by the World Economic Forum of Crazy Transhumanist Klaus Schwab - Temple and Guru of Globalization and the New Collective and Dictatorial World Order!
This Klaus Schwab who dares to say: ′′ After 10 years you will no longer own anything and you will be happy for it."


These elites, sure of their strength, are not even hiding anymore. Their plot is unfolding before everyone's eyes because unfortunately, the mass of ignorant is such that they can act without even worrying! If we don't react, if we stay passive, the worst is ahead of us. By confining ourselves to peaceful demonstrations controlled by police, we will get nothing because this power enjoys seeing us walk every Saturday.

Police are the fortress, their protective shield, their close security. This ′′ republican ′′ militia led by ma soni doesn't realize that they are lying to her, that she was conditioned, that she was created against the people to protect the interests of this elite without morals, without scruples, without faith or law. They are led to believe that it protects the Republic while ensuring the safety of the corrupt, traitors and murderers who are destroying our country, our economy and our lives!

This first global strike should be the first signal for global mobilization.

Our Italian friends demonstrate every day, block ports, decree surprise strikes, harass MPs and senators, publish the real numbers of this fake pandemic and put massive pressure on Mario Draghi, who is even considering his resignation. We French are too moderate. We don't realize that in the face of this criminal force, we are threatened with death and that self-defense is now the last alternative to saving our lives!

MOBILIZATION! We have a moral obligation to protect our lives and the lives of our children! Let's start with mutilating the economy and if that's not enough God bless us, we'll advise you!!!

Link to authentic post: https://mediazone.zonefr.com/.../robert-f-kennedy-appel...


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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