US Supreme Court rules that Vaccinated People are now the property of the pharmaceutical company that holds the mRNA patent on the vaccine. We've all been anticipating this.

Think about this for a minute or an hour and let this sink in. Any vaccinated person now has no HUMAN rights- they are now identified as TRANS-Human, because of the mRNA in their body, It is not enforced YET - but you better get ready for the big surprise - they are waiting for the perfect moment to unleash it. Are we, the people simply going to stand by and allow this to go down? What is the outcome? How does it end? (PS:I can't verify this)

For those that know my work will know about a solution for this tyranny. Please discover the ONE SMALL TOWN plan that will put us on an irreversible path to freedom from economic slavery, prosperity and abundance AND very advanced technology to protect ourselves with.

I cannot find the source of this video -  Apologies and gratitude to the publisher - It has to be shared.

In unity - Michael Tellinger