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Dutch politicians work for dictatorial global institutions

Elise Nijmegen-Our Next Gen Group- 09 Oct 2021

You probably know by now that Dutch politicians work for dictatorial global institutions and organizations with unelected "leaders" who want Agenda 2030 for humanity. "Politicians" such as Kaag, Rutte, de Jonge, Klaver and many others want to crush the Dutch identity and culture, our traditions, family and Western norms and values.

Agenda 2030 wants neo-communism for our children, one world government that controls everything and man will have nothing left. No house, no engine, no boat, no television, nothing. Now I understand that that comes across as unreal, but you better take it seriously since in Canada, a kind of exemplary country for what is going to come if we do not oppose this insanity, there the Canadian government can now, in the name of COVID, take everything that is yours ...

The Canadian government has also granted itself the authority to "cause the evacuation of persons and the removal of persons or livestock and personal property from any area of Saskatchewan that is or may be affected by an emergency situation and to make arrangements for the adequate care and protection of those persons or the livestock and of the personal property."

The new health care powers allow the government to "assume the leadership and control of the emergency response of a local authority".
They also give the government the power to "acquire or use any immovable or personal property that the Minister deems necessary to prevent, combat or alleviate the consequences of an emergency situation".


I think this whole covid hysteria is only there so that some very rich people can make even more money, the same people who want the world's population to be drastically reduced. The experimental injections are not about or do nothing for human health, they cause all kinds of things and many people worldwide die from it.

Three scientists at Pfizer have been secretly filmed admitting that they are not allowed to discuss anything in public, and that our immune system offers better protection against this "so-called dangerous virus" than the injection. These scientists are required to attend seminars where they are told that getting the vaccine is safer than getting Covid-19... Survival rate averages 99.98%.



In my opinion, medical inequality has been created by people in the government who no longer have any sense of reality and follow orders from the UN and the WEF and how far that can go can be read in the article below.

The transplant team at the University of Colorado Hospital sent Leilani Lutali a letter saying they had decided to put her on the waiting list as inactive because she refused the experimental injection: "You are inactivated on the list for not receiving COVID vaccine compliance," the message read. Added to this was the addition: If Lutali continues to refuse to receive a vaccine, she will be "removed from the list of kidney transplants".


Do you know the story of Yvonne Brinkerink? She is one of the many victims of the Dutch state, because she spoke the truth that the government, who does many things that cannot see the light of day and therefore do not find that truth very pleasant, had to flee abroad. A gripping story of someone who wanted to do the right thing for children as opposed to government agencies that clearly do not and therefore lost everything but fortunately did not give up the fight.

There are other people who are now in prison because they share or tell the truth, people like Joost Knevel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbnWYus3spI,Micha kat, Bart van Well and Wouter from the Raatgever family. Let us not forget them. We have political prisoners in the Netherlands... Bizarre huh'?


Everyone appeals to the advice of everyone, hardly anyone still values the truth or the real science and especially the very unsavory OMT club with Marion Koopmans is dubious at least... In the articles below you can read more about the connections of Marion Koopmans and Faucie and Wuhan...



The plan of the global government is clear, control, control, control and you will eventually have nothing anymore... one world government, one policy, and one world religion because even Christian values are not really important anymore apparently.


It was on t.v. so then it must be true... Those times are over, it seems to me, since it turns out to be propaganda and Fake News Under State Supervision, but I have heard it said and I take that for the truth ... If we want it to stop, then it stops... So, what do we want? Continue with QR codes, control, taking everything we love including our children because a number of people without a spine have thought it should be that way? We decide, this is our country and the country of our grandparents and (grand)children.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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