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Proposal for an oil and gas auction in an area near Noronha receives criticism from environmentalists

By National Newspaper - 03/06/2021 23h07  Updated 6 months ago

Proposal for an oil and gas auction in an area near Noronha receives criticism from environmentalists. Researchers and environmentalists are on the alert. The federal government authorized the exploration of oil and gas in areas close to Fernando de Noronha.

ICMBio's technical note points out the risks of including blocks from the Potiguar Basin because of the proximity to the Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park and the Atol das Rocas Biological Reserve. Auction may still be held in 2021.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, sanctuaries of biodiversity: the Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park and the Atol das Rocas Biological Reserve. World natural heritage that belongs to Brazilians.

But a decision by the National Petroleum Agency has worried environmentalists and researchers. The ANP included areas in the Potiguar Basin in the auction for oil and gas exploration that could still be held in 2021. The stretches are along the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, about 370 kilometers from Fernando de Noronha and 260 kilometers from the Atoll of Rocas.

Environmentalists warn that an assessment of the environmental impacts in the areas that will be auctioned was not carried out; and that there are no studies or simulations in cases of accidents during oil exploration.

“When you start exploring these areas, you start drilling into the ocean floor. And you run the risk of leaking from the drilling process. Yes, this volume of oil and gas, especially oil, can be transported to these more sensitive ecosystems”, warns Moacyr Araújo, oceanographer and vice-rector of UFPE.

The concern of environmentalists is supported by a technical note from the Chico Mendes Institute, published on the ANP website. ICMBio, an agency linked to the Ministry of the Environment, says that “considering the spread of seismic waves over long distances, the great mobility of some marine species, the action of sea currents on the spread of oil and the history of species invasion to In oil and gas exploration activities, the inclusion of exploratory blocks in the Potiguar Basin is reckless due to their proximity to the Atol das Rocas Biological Reserve and the Fernando de Noronha National Park”.

The National Petroleum Agency said that "ICMBio's technical note was duly considered in the joint statement by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Ministry of the Environment, and the agency's opinion did not indicate the need for prior exclusion of areas for supply." The note goes on to say that "if the activities are considered incompatible with the conservation objectives of the areas, or whose impacts are not properly mitigated or compensated, they will not be authorized".

In a public hearing, via videoconference, four civil society institutions were unable to withdraw from the auction the areas most sensitive to oil and natural gas exploration. Now, they say they will appeal to the Federal Court and the International Court to try to remove 35 lots from the auction.

“After the leak happens, after the accident happens, after the damage happens, there's nothing else to do. The damage will be established and unfortunately we are running the risk of having billions in damages of the nature of these sectors that will probably be affected by possible leaks”, says Juliano Bueno, technical director of the Oil and Gas Observatory.


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