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HERE IT COMES! The Beginning of the Bankster’s Super Shemitah

Posted on September 20, 2021 by State of the Nation (or EPUB)

Analysis by SOTN Financial Analyst

It doesn’t get any bigger than EVERGRANDE

Just as the great stock market crash of 2008 occurred right after the real estate market crash of 2007, it appears that the Zio-Anglo-America banksters are set to execute another fastidiously controlled demolition of the entire Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) beginning this September.

What drove the series of stock crashes during September and right through October of 2008 was the unparalleled housing market collapse which began in early 2007 and continued through 2008.

Of course, the highly manipulated trigger for that epic stock marker crash was the controlled demolition of Lehman Brothers on Monday, September 15th 2008— the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Well, fast forward to 2021 and we are seeing a very curious replay of events.

The Evergrande Group

Only this time the real estate bust is beginning in China with the current free-fall collapse of the Evergrande Real Estate Group.

Also known as The Evergrande Group, this meteoric collapse has proved to be as “grande” as they come; so grand that it will likely be used as both the cause and the trigger for the coming long-planned controlled demolition of the GE&FS.

While the Evergrande default presents only half the debt load of what Lehman Brothers defaulted on in 2008, the interpenetration of the financial impacts throughout the Chinese real estate markets is exposing HUGE fault lines.

What that means is that the entire Chinese real estate market, which is really a house of cards built on quicksand, is liable to collapse faster than you can say WU HAN.

Really, why is China being used again by the New World Order globalist cabal to implement their Ordo ab Chao strategy toward a One World Government?

Who has not either witnessed or experienced the utter chaos, confusion and conflict caused by OPERATION COVID-19 that was quite purposefully launched in Wuhan, China during January of 2020? But, why China?!

Now it appears that the perpetrators of that all-out Covid Biowar against humanity are backed in a corner of their own doing.

Their plans to foist a COVID-19 tyranny on the world community of nations is falling apart faster than a roadrunner on a hot Texas highway.  So, too, is the catastrophic implementation of their Covid Super Vaccination Agenda doing a real-time crash and burn.

Given these side-by-side NWO global disasters, the perps of which are being caught IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, the cabal seems to have only one alternative remaining.

That alternative is to significantly move up the date of their long-scheduled controlled demolition of the GE&FS that was originally planned for September of 2022.

In this new context, the preplanned collapse of EVERGRANDE will serve as both the trigger for the coming global real estate breakdown (which had already began in earnest with the unprecedented Covid commercial real estate collapse throughout the West), as well as the necessary and HIGHLY DRAMATIC “Lehman Moment” that will justify the stock market crashes soon to be engineered worldwide.

Just take a look at the following headlines from the largest financial/economic media platforms in the USA to grasp the sheer enormity and profundity of the ongoing implosion of Evergrande.

It is quite possible that the Central Banking Cartel and International Banking Crime Syndicate will string out the demolition process until 2022, as they always plan these monumental “boom and bust’ according to a specific schedule of pivotal events (known as the Shemitah), each event triggering the next to produce a meticulously engineered domino effect.  See the following exposé.

2022: The Controlled Demolition of Everything

Regardless of how the NWO globalists carry out this crucial piece of their desperate agenda to take over the entire planetary civilization via the GREAT RESET, they have in fact passed the point of no return.

THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC has proved to be their undoing.  So many people have awakened across the planet to their utterly absurd and insane scheme to chip every person alive via the Covid jabs (aka the MOTB) that the resulting calamitous and pervasive devastation cannot be undone.

In short, the Covid criminals and Clotshot perpetrators have been caught red-handed with absolutely no where to escape to.  Hence, there is a great likelihood that the cabal banksters will quickly move forward with “The Controlled Demolition of Everything” in 2021.

One final point: No matter what the NWO cabal does, or when they do it, the next 12 months will prove to be the most consequential in human history.  Therefore, prepare and plan for any eventuality … but don’t get stressed about the unstoppable changes since they all happening according a truly “Divine Plan“.

State of the Nation - September 20, 2021

SOTN Editor’s Note:

What, pray tell is the “Bankster’s Super Shemitah”?!


It widely known that the field of banking, and particularly where it concerns the practice of charging interest, it always fell to a specific tribe which is recognized as the original international banksters.

Because their Black Babylonian bloodline goes back to the Hebrews of ancient lore, some of their customs and traditions were brought forward into the modern world of finance and economics.  By far, the most significant of those traditions is known as the Shemitah.

The Shemitah was a sacred seven year custom that was put into practice by the Hebrew communities which had the explicit purpose of forgiving all the debts that accumulated during the previous 7 years.

In this way, all members of the community were regularly relieved of their indebtedness so they could start fresh, and then the whole community rejuvenated financially.

This perpetual community-wide practice was maintained over the centuries but only within the extremely tribal Hebrew, and then Judaic, communities no matter where the diasporas took them throughout the world.

The following excerpt provides vital understanding into the rest of this well-concealed conspiracy that has plagued humankind for eons.

“Sacred Scripture Morphs Into Profane Script”

Because the Judaic tradition is the oldest of the three primary Western religions, it has had the longest time for ‘opportunities’ to arise in which “Sacred Scripture Morphs Into Profane Script”.  Herein lies the crux of this essay.  The predictive power that has been built into the Jewish Scriptures and Hebrew Calendar is now indisputable. The 7-year Shemitah cycles and Jubilees have been proven — beyond any doubt — to directly correlate with uncanny precision to many of the major world events of the past 200 years.

Again, what is being presented here is the notion that the authors of the prophecy ensured through their future religious lineage that the prophetic statements would come to pass … exactly as written.  Because the prophecies (and predictions) were literally designed and planned out in advance, they could be properly executed at the appointed time and in the right place.  In this fashion the prophets and the perpetrators have become partners in a multi-millennial plot to imprison humanity in either a financial penitentiary, on an economic plantation, or both.

How so?

Virtually every financial and economic cataclysm that has lined up with the Biblical Shemitah timeline has had far-reaching global consequences.  Of course, all of the stock market crashes and commodity collapses, worldwide economic depressions and national monetary meltdowns fit perfectly into this deliberately timed and manufactured pattern. A one hundred year retrospective will convince even the most skeptical that there has been a very purposeful conspiracy at work to periodically cause a financial apocalypse from which an economic Armageddon always precipitates.  By the way, don’t the highly charged words “Apocalypse” and “Armageddon” find their origin in the very same holy books?!

Since the beginning of this new millennium, the economic/financial effects of the Shemitah have been witnessed by every resident of the planet … in living color.  The following excerpt provides a graphic illustration of the predictive power of the Shemitah. No one can now deny either the calendrical synchronicity or the numerological significance of those various earth-shattering events which have occurred since the year 2000.

Shemitah & Modern Banking

As long as nations around the globe have suffered the terrible woes associated with the society destroying patterns of boom and bust, it was these same controlling banksters who were responsible; and who greatly benefitted from them.

It’s of paramount importance to correctly understand what really happened here because everything written in our history books reflects the extremely destructive dynamic that grew out of the utterly corrupted version of the Shemitah that was purposefully foisted on the world community of nations.

While there was customarily an explicit goal associated with the 7-year phenomenon known as the Shemitah for the very tribal Hebrew communities, this practice was never implemented to help the larger communities in which they existed.  On the contrary, this predictable 7-year period was used by the banksters to shift their enormous debts to the unsuspecting citizenries in those countries where they lived.

By way of illustration, the year of 2008 presents a classic example of how an immense corporate debt load was shifted off the backs of the world’s biggest investment firms and brokerage houses and onto the backs of the American people.

On September 15th of 2008, Lehman Brothers, one of the largest global financial services firm founded in 1847, collapsed by way of a perfectly controlled demolition stealthily executed by the international banksters headquartered in London and working out of New York City.

By the end of 2008, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. had vanished from the investment banking landscape, the
largest corporate bankruptcy filing
(with $619 billion in debt) in U.S. history.

(Source: Lehman Brothers The rise and fall of the
US investment bank)

During the collapse, two things became abundantly clear: First, that Lehman Brothers was surreptitiously gutted of all of its assets.  Secondly, that much of the debt load was quite cunningly shifted to Lehman Brothers in order to rid the balance sheets of billions of bankster liabilities.

After that colossal fiscal fiasco, the US government proceeded to provide the biggest bail-outs to the largest TBTF banks and predatory corporations throughout the USA.  In essence, the billions upon billions that were stolen from the American taxpayers were given to the bankster-controlled corporations, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and major financial institutions.

In other words, the Shemitah that occurred in 2008, as well as those that occurred in 2015 (Chinese stock market crashes & Greek default) and 2001 (9/11 stock market crash) and 1994 (Mexican peso crisis) and 1987 (Black Monday stock market crash) and 1980 (Great Recession of 1980s began) and 1973 (global oil crisis of 1973), were all carried out by the banksters to unload their massive debts and countless liabilities onto the taxpayers in those various nations around the world that were victimized by this economy-devastating practice.

Let’s face it: the international banksters are ONLY out to enrich themselves and their clandestine criminal co-conspirators.  Their many institutional accomplices and individual enablers, financial terrorists and economic hitmen, corporate saboteurs and currency manipulators are nothing but financial predators and economic vultures of the highest order.

The “Global Gambling Casino” (GGC), sometimes known as the stock market (the GGC really includes the stock and bond, commodity and currency, real estate and insurance, derivative and carbon markets), is the primary means by which they carry out carefully controlled demolitions of any market they target.  The resulting monetary meltdowns, financial destruction and economic collapses are always experienced to the greatest degree by the 99%, not by the 1% who always gain.

These boom and bust cycles, that have transpired with great regularity since the modern banking systems have been fully operational, are virtually always engineered to coincide with civilization-shaking events such as the manmade Covid Pandemic of 2020/2021.

Super Shemitah of 2022

Given the established timeline of every previous Shemitah calamity going back to the beginning of the 20th century, it’s clear that the upcoming Shemitah is actually the Super Shemitah.

However, because of the extraordinary and paradigm-busting events that have been occurring since January of 2020, it’s evident that even this Super Shemitah will be the last one.

In other words, the Mega-bubble that the “Global Gambling Casino” has become is no longer sustainable.  In point of fact, every single major market has evolved into a HUGE bubble ready to pop at any moment.  And, in view of how all of these bubbles have come to interpenetrate each other to form a Mega-bubble, when one blows up, the rest will follow in short order.

It ought to be obvious by now to even the casual observer that, because of the pervasiveness of the Internet, economic data and financial information are now easily available.  The best technical data and info portrays a Global Economic and Financial System in desperate straits.

Because every confidence game such as the “Global Gambling Casino” relies on the confidence of the participants, all of the whales (i.e. biggest institutional players) know the score.  Likewise, most individual investors also now know how they’ve been conned by the system practically forever.  And, that they are being gamed by the GGC where the house never really loses.  This data point alone serves as the death knell for the current incarnation of the Global Economic and Financial System.

Which is exactly why the upcoming Super Shemitah will be the one to end all Shemitahs.  Which is also why The Powers That Be are surreptitiously and conspicuously setting up the GREAT RESET.

KEY POINT: The Super Shemitah of 2022/2023 is the final Shemitah of the era that occurs after the last Shemitah Jubilee that took place in 2015.

See: The Great Tribulation Of The 3rd Millennium Foreshadowed By The Shemitah Jubilee

The Evergrande headquarters is seen in Shenzhen, China, on Sept. 14, 2021. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

The Evergrande headquarters is seen in Shenzhen, China, on Sept. 14, 2021. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

The Epoch Times - Antonio Graceffo September 16, 2021


China’s public debt already stands at 270 percent of GDP, and non-performing loans have hit $466.9 billion. In addition to existing economic challenges, real estate giant Evergrande Group has signaled that it may default on payments owed to creditors.

China’s second-largest developer has been facing a liquidity crisis, as its onshore bond trading has been suspended. Without access to funding, Evergrande will find it impossible to pay suppliers, finish projects, or raise income, making default more likely—an eventuality which could send ripples through the entire Chinese economy.

Evergrande made $110 billion in sales last year and has $355 billion in assets. In June, it failed to pay some commercial paper and the government froze a $20 million bank account. The company now owes total liabilities of $305 billion, making it the most indebted real estate developer in the world. It is also the largest issuer of dollar junk bonds in Asia. Evergrande owes money to 128 banks and over 121 non-banking institutions. Consequently, the company’s stock price has dropped by 90 percent over the past 14 months, while its bonds were trading at 60 to 70 percent below par.

Evergrande accounts for 4 percent of total Chinese real estate high-yield debt. The company’s debt is of such significant size that it may pose systemic risk to China’s banking system. Late or defaulted payments by Evergrande could cause a chain reaction of defaults across institutions. An Evergrande sell-off could drive down prices, crashing over-leveraged developers. Authorities worry that this threatens to destabilize the entire real estate sector, which comprises about 30 percent of the Chinese economy.

Additionally, Evergrande has implications for the labor market. The company employs 200,000 people regularly and 3.8 million per year, on a project basis. After 18 months of sporadic COVID-19 lockdowns, China needs more, not fewer, jobs.

People gather to demand repayment of loans and financial products at Evergrande’s headquarters, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China on Sept. 13, 2021. (David Kirton/Reuters)

Evergrande is expected to be unable to meet interest and principal payments due next week.

The People’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission warned Evergrande’s executives to reduce its debt risks. Beijing instructed authorities in Guangdong Province to coordinate with potential buyers of Evergrande’s assets. Meanwhile, regulators have signed off on a proposal to let Evergrande renegotiate payment deadlines, which would grant a temporary reprieve.

Evergrande is not the only problem in China’s debt market. By midyear, Chinese onshore and offshore defaults already totaled more than $25 billion, which is nearly the same amount as for the entire previous year. Real estate firms accounted for about 30 percent of these defaults. Some of the larger culprits were China Fortune Land Development and Sichuan Languang Development. Furthermore, the transportation, tourism, and retailing sectors have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic lockdowns, increasing defaults in those sectors.

Some state-linked companies have also suffered defaults, such as Yongcheng Coal & Electricity Holding Group and Tsinghua Unigroup. Additionally, China Huarong Asset Management, a majority state-owned company, failed to release its 2020 results on schedule. Between the main company and its subsidiaries, Huarong had $39 billion of debt outstanding, eventually posting a $15.9 billion loss for 2020.

Over the past several years, China’s corporate debt to GDP ratio has been steadily increasing. In 2017, it hit a record 160 percent, up from 101 percent 10 years earlier. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has made it a priority to rein in the debt, particularly in China’s $10 trillion shadow banking sector. Local government financing vehicles (LGFV) have defaulted on many trust loans in the shadow banking system, but not on a public bond. So far, this year, 915 million of LGFV have defaulted. This so-called hidden debt of local governments has become so pervasive that Beijing has named it a national security issue.

Investor confidence has been shaken, as both private and state-linked companies, once considered safe investments, have been in default. The danger is that investors, fearing contagion, might panic and begin selling off both good and bad debt, driving down the market.

A complete collapse of Evergrande could cause widespread economic turmoil and even civil unrest. The future of Evergrande and the Chinese economy depends on whether or not the central authorities will allow Evergrande to go into default, leaving its creditors high and dry, or if the Chinese Communist Party will intervene in order to maintain stability.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Antonio Graceffo

Antonio GraceffoFollowAntonio Graceffo, Ph.D., has spent over 20 years in Asia. He is a graduate of Shanghai University of Sport and holds a China-MBA from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Antonio works as an economics professor and China economic analyst, writing for various international media. Some of his China books include "Beyond the Belt and Road: China’s Global Economic Expansion" and "A Short Course on the Chinese Economy."


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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