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KLAUS SCHWABS 4th REICH. The Great Financial Recovery.

GeoEngineering - Jan Winås - June 10, 2021  ( in EPUB)

Orig. By  Åse Steinsland  - May 22, 2021

The years 20-21 have been the most bizarre years I have experienced in my life soon 54-year life with virus madness, lockdowns & quarantine, censorship, surveillance, human rights violations, election fraud and rapidly evolving RNA vaccines.

More and more people are now asking themselves whether everything is actually connected, is part of a larger plan. Luckily. And there is probably a meaning behind it.

In the article on the World Development Stage, I wrote many years ago that the world is now in a major shift. Time is not linear, but cyclical and history repeats itself. To find historical fractals / similarities regarding what we are going through the next 9 years, it works like this. The cycle we are now in started in the year 2017 and takes us back to the years 1936-1944. (9 × 9).

It was a 9-year cycle that produced many unforeseen events in the world, including World War II.

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It hurts to compare with such evil, but if we are to learn from history,   then we must see the similarities / parallels between the period then and now. Scary many similarities.

In March 1933, Hitler introduced laws that gave him all powers. This is how the legal basis for his dictatorship was created. Erna tries the same thing. Everyone knows how it went.

In March 2020, Prime Minister Solberg (like Hitler) set aside the CONSTITUTION in Norway. She received harsh criticism but explained that there was no attempt at a  coup. The scheme was supposed to last a month, but now it has been over a year and the dictatorship is becoming clearer. The conspiracy theorists were right. Now comes the vaccine passes. What was an emergency has now become a new normal. «The new Normal».

More and more people are gradually beginning to understand that they may have been tricked? Below is an explanation of the order «Lock-down».

Where do we start?

To find one of the spiders in the large sticky web Norway and large parts of the world have become entangled in, we end up back in Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Klaus Martin Schwab was born on the Palindrome date  30.03. 1938 (Global Year  22 ) and was a child of Hitler's regime. He is the founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum / WEF.

Schwab has Name Numbers 6, Vocal Numbers 6, Consonant Numbers 9 and Fate Numbers 9.

Hitler's dictatorship built on  fear , violence,  brainwashing , control,  propaganda , lies,  industrialism,  racial hygiene and  medical experiments.

The obsessed technocrat Klaus, who was 7 years old when Hitler died, does not believe that  a healthy natural human life and society is possible. He has dedicated his life to rebuilding Hitler's wet dream in a new and modern version, it is his new Global World Order nightmare or  the 4th Industrial Revolution  /  4IR   which is now being rolled out right in front of your nose.

"Many are wondering when we can return to normal again. The short answer is:  Never! ”  says Klaus Schwab.

Did you follow Bill Gates' investment advice last year?

In 1971, Schwab founded the European Management Forum, which held annual meetings in  Davos  , Switzerland. He invited  444  executives from Western European companies to his first meeting. Political leaders were invited to the January 1974 annual meeting, and they soon began using the meeting as an arena to advance their interests. The name was then changed to the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) in 1987.

So, the ideology is that rich and prosperous business people work more closely with the authorities. And he has it clear. Forum members meet once a year in Davos, Switzerland. The previous meeting was in January 2020 and the next meeting will not take place until May 2021, due to the Covid-19 delay.

Over 40 heads of state, 20 Nobel Prize winners, 300 ministers, important academics and industry leaders as well as representatives from virtually all voluntary organizations were e.g. present at the WEF meeting in Davos in January 2017.

Klaus has written several books, the most recent being  Covid-19: The Great Reset . He states that, unlike previous epidemics,  COVID-19 is not a new existential threat.

He is right about that. If you look at death figures from the USA in 2020 and compare them with previous years, the figures look like this:

  • 2018: 2,839,000 deaths.
  • 2019: 2,855,000 deaths
  • 2020: 2,533,214 deaths per. November 22, 2020.

If we take it seriously and say that 2,818,000 people will die in the United States in 2020, there are still 37,000 fewer than last year. ( Source ). We see the same number of trends in deaths in Norway.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

This is because Klaus says outright that the pandemic chaos has given him (and his partners / hence called drones) the perfect opportunity to roll out  his 4th industrial revolution , as he likes to call it. The new sustainable world order. "The New Normal". And, it's for our good, Klaus has assured us.

The original fascist project in Italy and Germany was about the same thing, merging the state and business.

The state protects and promotes the interests of a select wealthy elite. Klaus is not a Nazi in the classical sense, but a visionary fascist / communist, transhumanist and technocrat who plays with the dream of connecting people with machines / AI.

There was once a Crown Prince who demanded that his father say no to entering into an agreement with Nazi Germany, ref. The film "The King's No". Today, his grandson and our future king are attending meetings in Davos. He and his wife are on the board of Young Global Leaders, a club of billionaires and royalty who, according to Business Week, are   "the world's most exclusive social network."

Communist / fascist China, where the virus originated, has also entered both the UN and the WEF. China organizes the annual conference "Meeting of the New Champions" where innovation, science and technology are in focus. The United Arab Emirates does the same with its annual "Summit on the  Global Agenda " where the world's leading knowledge societies meet.

Hitler and the Nazis similarly carried out their Nazisation of the entire social apparatus. All important positions and positions were filled by their own party members.

Two of Germany's Chancellors. Pretty much the same.

50,000 of the Nazi stormtroopers were appointed as auxiliary police and, together with ordinary police officers, could take part in the persecution of the opponents.

This weekend there were demonstrations in Bergen against the Lockdown measures. A man lost his job the following Monday because he participated.

In Bergen, the chief infection control officer also withdrew because she was not allowed to attend meetings where coronary measures were to be discussed. This means that the measures are not professionally based, but politically based .

The measures we see now are more intrusive in people's private lives than what was experienced during the Nazi occupation during World War II.

(In the book  "Gray Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler " it is claimed that Hitler and Eva Braun were secretly flown out of Germany in April 1945 to fascist-ruled Argentina. Hitler is said to have lived here for 17 years, had 2 daughters and died first in 1962.)

The fractals / similarities are here, and in recent years this powerful gang has become more and more arrogant and radical.

For several 10 years, they have used "climate change" to justify their agenda. They hide behind fine words like New Normal, Sustainability and The Green New Deal, which is not just a climate change proposal, but a forced reinvention of the entire world community.

Schwab wants to turn us into mindless programmable work drones that will work and make money for him and his drones a little further up the system.

Everything is basically information. Consciousness is programmable, but consciousness can also be programmed incorrectly. It looks like the world circuit board has been hacked. There is no doubt that a computer virus has crept in that has spread to virtually all governments and power structures around the planet.

The world's current economic system must obviously be laid in rubble, everyone must be subject to the new system. (Half of all adult Norwegians today are dependent on payments from the state). An important move to ruin all independent free-thinkers & small businesses.

Remember that the myth of progress has long been used by the 1% to persuade people to accept the technologies that are only designed to exploit and control us.

The purpose.

In 2020, we have now been through a forced system collapse. While the economies of many nations have been shattered, the political upper class and super-rich Bezos, Zuckerberg and Gates have increased their fortunes.

In their fantasy world, there is no pollution and climate destruction, no private property (only those at the top). No one will eat meat and we will live in blocks ala Eastern European and get a citizen's salary. If we are lucky, we get some freedom of movement if we behave properly. Here's a small list of WEF's goals.

  • Modern Money Theory - The central bank is abolished. Facebook's currency Libra is digital and has no boundaries.
  • Circular Economy -  Property rights are abolished, rent - not own.
  • Blockchain -  Tracking mechanisms determine how much money you get (Facebook LifeLog), similar to the Chinese credit score.
  • Internet of Things -  G5 connects us to "The Internet of Things". Nano technology will infiltrate our DNA.
  • Intellectual Property - Genetic modification/memory chip, who owns you then?
  • Virtual Reality -  Freedom of movement is abolished and you will live life in a VR world.

Klaus and his drones are really for artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology etc.

In the book, he writes hopefully that our lingering and possibly  lasting fear of being infected with viruses  will accelerate the relentless march towards automation.

He repeats the following in his book to make sure we have been duly WARNED.

  • He describes how technology "can penetrate the hitherto private space of our minds, read our minds and influence our behavior." (It seems to have happened already with many).
  • “Think of the limitless possibilities with billions of people connected to mobile devices. It provides unique processing power, storage capabilities and knowledge. (page 12)
  • "The incredible innovations triggered by the 4th Industrial Revolution, from biotechnology to AI, will redefine what it means to be human, " (p. 34).
  • "The future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a  biological and a social point of view" . (page 35)
  • "Advances in neurotechnology and biotechnology are already forcing us to question what it means to be human." (page 36)
  • Regarding media and news, Klaus predicts: "Technology is evolving so fast by the mid-2020s, 90% of the news will be generated by an algorithm, mostly without any human intervention (apart from the design of the algorithm, of course)".  Well, it seems to have been introduced already. We see the same brainwashing in all media channels.
  • "Everything will be smart and connected to the Internet." This also applies to animals,  sensors will be connected to cattle… ». (page 17). The company Chipsafer is affiliated with WEF and chips cattle, they develop computer chips that monitor the animals' health and behavior to look for anomalies and to prevent disease and epidemics. When you are a multi-billionaire who wants to keep track of "his cattle", it is wise to chip it. The same system can also be applied to humans.
  • https://youtu.be/NifEehvMuoM

You should preferably take their / Bill Gates RNA vaccines ,  be constantly monitored  and  not own anything.  Because that's how you get happy.

And authoritarian Klaus, who rejects any idea of ​​democracy and democracy, is already well on his way to shaping humanity in its sick, fascist, capitalist worldview. It's just to enjoy.

Klaus seems more confident now, probably because WEF on 13 June 2019 got the  UN itself on the team.

Present at the meeting were  WEF director  Børge Brende, founder Klaus Schwab and  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The UN wanted to speed up its sustainable 2030 agenda.

Few can withstand power, and radical globalists rule Norway.

Following the conclusion of the agreement with the UN, the WEF arranged a  virtual meeting with other globalist drones in which they proposed to  " reset "  the global economy. They wanted to speed things up in order to unleash the social and economic transformation needed for the  UN to achieve its Agenda 2030 goals.

Then the same gang ran their pandemic simulation on October 18 last year and voila, not long after, the plandemic was a fact.

New World Religion Planned.

Human rights lawyer Elizabeth Yore met Pope Francis with other globalist drones in the Vatican. She reveals that in October 2020, the pope renewed a secret agreement with the Chinese authorities, also warning against the coming global "godless" communist withdrawal. ( Link to video )

Regarding the religious aspect, the Pope is also in alliance with the UN. The first thing he did was when he was deployed on 13.3.13 was to drive forward the UN's sustainable goals and the Paris Agreement. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to the Vatican in October 2020 in an attempt to stop the pope from renewing his agreement with China, the pope refused to meet with him.

The pope will soon launch his new project,  One World Religion. ( Source )

Anyone with a little between the ears and who can count a little understands that it is not a dangerous pandemic, in the true sense of the word. About as many people die now as when there is a common flu, but they have organized themselves well. Remember awareness is programmable.

The globalist drones have gained so much power that they override the opposition and use the pandemic to roll out their suspicious agenda. Remember those today "own" own governments, corporations, the medical industry, the media and social platforms, that's why it went so well with all the communist censorship we have seen on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.

And of course, the globalist drones hate President Trump. He does his job as a President should.

"Within yourself, you know other".

President Trump and everyone who supports him are portrayed as super-nationalists, Nazis and right-wing radicals. Because he, unlike certain others, actually takes care of the nation he leads. He has also pulled the US out of several of the globalist agreements and will investigate e.g. The UN's WHO, which dictates the plandemic globally.

It is up to the United States if we can keep something similar to Western civilization that we are used to in the future. Trump is his famous wall (think symbolism) that stands in the way of world takeover, he has to go and Biden in if they are to gain world domination, and they do not go out of their way for massive election fraud.

In recent months, all globalist drones have shown a clear aversion to democracy and democratic processes.

They have no qualms about overriding the interests, opinions, and choices of ordinary people.

The "bit" as I like to call it represents the alliance between Big Tech, Big Pharma, Wall Street and the Democrats & Clinton Foundation, Black Lives Matter and Antifa with the main focus on China & the green shift in the US.

Welcome to Norgorea!

In China-ruled EU and Norway, intimidation propaganda has worked and during the year we have slowly but surely slipped into more and more oppression and coercion.

Among the companies affiliated with the WEF, we naturally find Vaccine Bill (Gates), who is now certainly trembling with excitement and is ready to become the world's richest man again.

And now the planned major financial recovery is approaching.

The new fascism is advancing day by day behind frightening words like biosecurity and pandemic.

The purpose of the lockdown is  not  to save you from COVID-19, but to take away from you the little freedom you have left.

Nearly  50,000 researchers and doctors from around the world have signed a petition against the COVID-19 shutdowns. They are seriously concerned and believe they are causing irreparable damage to humans. The petition is called the  Great Barrington Declaration.

The whole thing is so ridiculous that you can hardly believe it's true. The arrogance, ethics, low morale and total overthrow of democratic processes have been unbelievable to witness. Madness, simply. And our own prime minister has no problem sending billions out of Norway to polish his own international position among the globalists.

Do you feel that you do not fit into the world? That's a good sign.

The ultimate goal is to dissolve the nation-states of the world. Everyone should enter Klaus' vision of his 4th industrial kingdom. A digital world with smart cities/camps. All freedom will evaporate, everyone will be monitored and no one can complain, protest or demonstrate anymore. A kind of digital version of the old Føydal system where an almighty elite owns and controls everything and everyone.

We have naturally built-in Wifi in the brain. ( Source ).

We live in a multidimensional reality. All people are already connected through many layers and levels. I believe all technology really has a spiritual purpose. To support, develop and strengthen our mental and spiritual abilities. As opposed to limiting, controlling, and monitoring as it is used today.

The world is ruled by people who seem to have lost touch with their built-in Wifi / soul. Klaus and his drones will override the existing network, they are not concerned with nurturing or learning more about the spiritual reality that exists behind and that governs the "coincidences" of history.

If humanity had understood that we are all spiritual beings in a spiritual world and given ourselves to the job of developing such a world culture, free energy and food, equipment, technology, media and government would come into place by itself.

«You do not need to think, the leader thinks for you…»

I believe in the natural man and I believe in freedom.

We are witnessing a criminal coup from an elite that has infiltrated at all levels of society and they respect neither the constitution nor democracy. Fascism and communism have been tried countless times before, it has never ended well. It kills private initiative, and always leads countries into poverty and in an authoritarian direction.

Norway and most countries in Europe, unfortunately, seem to have been bewitched by the China virus. We get to bet that the wall in the United States stands. One of democracy's last strongholds against madness. Then we can hope the corrupt gang and their plans once and for all are thrown where it belongs. On the scrap heap of history.

What is good about the times we live in is all that is revealed. I will end with an interesting conversation between Dannion Brinkley and David Serada. They discuss different things, ranging from the meaning of life and death to the situation in the world today. Have a nice evening everyone!

Update 13.1.2021:  Italy was involved in the coup election in the USA, together with many other countries. Covid-19  is the New World Order ». Interesting video of 15-min on this link.

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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.


Does it not ring a bell when we see what desperate efforts the democrats are making to coerce ALL the people to have that jab? They have never shown any particular interest of this kind in the people's welfare otherwise. All kinds of punishments and attempted segregation of the non-vaccinated are being perpetrated.

  1. First of all, there is a large number of farmaceutical as well as other companies who are benefiting grossly from the sale of these Covid-19 related vaccines, who probably want this to go on indefinitely.  To maintain assistance in this fraud, they are paying thousands of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, medical schools, manufacturers of medical equipment, and, not at least, the POLITICIANS!
  2. The second, but the most important reason is their fear of not reaching their planned number of fully vaccinated people before their evil intent starts to show up within the next 2-3 years, which will FINALLY make ALL people understand the real truth of the global elites plan to reduce the world's population by 95%.   If at this time there will still be a substantial number of unvaccinated people, they will no doubt see the ELIMINATION of the perpetrators of this horrific crime against humanity.
  3. And thirdly, the ongoing wave of Covid versions with prolonged close-downs will eventually destroy smaller and middle-class businesses, and in so doing, destroying the entire middle-class.  



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