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The Life-Work -1947 - 2021 of Inger Berit Harrington

Human Synthesis - 27 AUGUST 2021  (Un-edited translation from Norwegian)

SunnmørePosten - By: Christel R. Håvoll - 20. December 2018

Inger feels that the meaning of life is to evolve and make the best. Not only for herself and her own family but also so the earth will be a better place to live. Christmas, at my regular place on the Amfi Moa.

Inger Berit on the Moa, December-2018. Photo:private.

Inger Berit Nielsen grew up in Ystenesgata and was "Bollarjente" even though she lived on the Bitch-territory. This was due to her father Mindor was "Bollarfanatiker". If you are wondering what it means, then there is a reference to the type of St. Hans bonfire you light at the mid-summer celebrations. Which most often was associated with the coast or the district you lived in.

Inger was an only child. She had a problematic father, Mindor, who drank, and a mother Borghild from Gothenburg, Sweden, (former Skoglund), who was very troubled with nerves and therefore took pills.

A troublemaker at school

-At school I was a problem child who constantly ended up in trouble. I was bullied because my dad drank. Constantly I ended up in fights and conflicts with teachers and other students.

She brought the cat to school, and hang out of the window on the third floor in order to explain something. This and similar episodes meant that she had to change schools twice.

-When the part got crazy I got a proper beating from the ass of a nurse.

On Volsdalen school, she took back then lærerinna dragged her by the hair. It was because she would not come forward to solve a mathematical problem on the blackboard, as she knew that she could not.

-I slammed into her so that she fell out of coal on the floor. After the incident stuck I was with a friend in two days, since I thought that my father was going to kill me when he got to know it. After the rain I by that he thought I was dead, so she dared me home again. I was hoping he thus had softened a little, which also voted.

Thus was a girl school in Birmingham next stop for this young seductress.

-Where would all be so nice and great, but it was the alarm on the doors and the whole. So when stuck I'm off again. I managed to get myself onboard a  Southbound ship before they caught me again.

Therefore, threatened the teacher, the other students that they did not go to the cinema if they do not beat me. They were also "rampejenter", as they came to perform ærendet his. Behind the pigsty should they take me, but then the faith I with that I would take for me each and every one turn later. Thus they began to yell and scream and beat at the walls, but left me in peace.

Heading out in the world, and lose her parents

Ungdomsbilde of Inger. Photo: private.

Shortly after pikeskolen she traveled to Copenhagen and then to Paris. Life was basically chaos for ungjenta Inger. Until she came to England. Where she went to a psychiatric sykepleierskole, and learned how to structure a bit.

-When school was finished, it was hitchhiking around Europe with a friend. I was a hippie, and there was a lot of drinking at the time also. In Rome, we were accused of having robbed a guy and was put in prison. Finally admitted to him that this is not voted and I got to go home to Ålesund.

The page follows a long period of time in San Francisco where she married rikmannsønnen Mike Harrington, that Inger had the surname Harrington from. The family-owned where a large bar which was the abode for us most of the time.

-This was in the middle of the hippietida so we lived the life, you might say, until it eventually went out of hand after a three-four years. Thus, he traveled to Hawaii to get up, and I went back to Europe and eventually Ålesund.

When Inger came home died first, the risk of a heart attack, here in Ålesund. Shortly after took his mother who was Swedish, suicide in Gothenburg.

Fill & salvation

-After this it was a trip out in the world again before I came back, got a job on the Brothers Aarsæther and a small apartment here in Ålesund. The time I met again old friends, and had it in due very nice but there was too much "bobling and drinking".

Inger knew then that she had to do something with her life and gained more education. The page follows a few years with various journalistjobber, something she both liked and performed well. However, santa is still on the bandwagon, including a high consumption of alcohol.

-I was simply on my ass, drunk in St. Olavsplass with the result that the foot was broken in five places.

She ended up in a wheelchair and met the famous wall. Old trauma, including abuse, rape and loss appeared again because of the good and in-depth psychotherapy. Inger also experienced at this time to be saved, despite the fact that she basically was enormously skeptical of everything that had with religion and christianity to make.

Like brand new, she asked God for counsel in relation to what she should do with her life. This she did because she so wanted to do something of significance for other people.

A friend takes the same after contact with Inger and tells him that he has been in a meeting with a guy that works with street children in Brazil. He knew that Inger wanted abroad for make benefit for himself , so he nagged at her that she should go there.

Brazil and the kids

The 30.april 1987 drag Inger to Brazil. She worked over on a boat, having sold and aksjonert away all the possessions in their home. The 11. in may of the same year arrives she quay on Santos with a ship-sack over the back.

-Which smelled it fertilisers and coffee. I go right across the street to what I assumed was a if you are going to get me a coffee. It turned out to be a brothel.

A nice woman who worked in the reception was arranged with both coffee and a room at the motel, so that Inger got to rest up a bit before gatemisjonæren from Sao Paulo arrived at the site to retrieve her.

Inger with some of their children in Brazil. Photo:private.

After each got Inger organized in a small house with furniture, beds and space for the children that she wanted to help. In the first place, it came eventually to six cubs, who had previously lived a tough life that street and experienced a great trauma.

Inger was eventually more children in the house, which led to the press and media here at home began to show an interest. She got also a couple of awards which provided much-needed funds to the project.

– Everything hurt well, all the way to another engaged in a similar project began to cast doubt on my abilities as a caregiver. Later it turned out that he was actually a pedophile.

The claims he made were based on the fact that I smoked, was out in a while, played the blues in clubs and rarely took me a whiskey. The judge was not, however, agree that this was a good argument, so it ended well.

Inger selected yet to move from the city.

-With the help of a cash prize from the QC who voted me for this year's woman, I was able to buy a large house in Santos. At the time I had fourteen children.

Barnehjemsdriften as she drifted in addition, outside the home, was then acquired by a friend of Inger, who is also passionate about this work.

Family, loss, and thoughts about julestresset

I have been very domestic and hjemmekjær of me, who would have thought it laughs Inger. No one who knew me before in time would have thought just about me. I miss my kids, dogs, and not least the grandkids when I'm here in Ålesund.

When she is in Brazil, it is the beautiful scenery and friends here at home in Ålesund she misses the most.

-I have no family left. Actually, I think that many friends are more family than what I have ever had here in the past.

This with people hurrying after material things is the captivity that governments have given us. We shall have more and more and more. In the middle of all this kjøpestresset they see, when a woman who has traveled and done something, where I'm sitting on my seat in the shopping center.

People can find to talk with me about everything strange, from underlivsoperasjoner to the ghosts that come up through the floor. So, it is very interesting. They know that I will be travelling soon and that I'm not going to blab.

Christmas for Inger trades is all about Jesus and God, and therefore can be anywhere. This christmas, she will celebrate on an Air France plane because she would not celebrate christmas at home in Brazil.

-I said to the youth that now you are adults and have taught you to make christmas even. Ergo I come christmas day and will have a clean bed. We can also make a good dinner, and celebrate the new year in the layers. I'm sure I'll get more out of christmas eve when I'm sitting on the plane to speak with him on the higher level, than if I had sprung around the home to stressed. When would I served all together and focused on other things.

A quiet time with Inger and Jesus high up there on the way from little Norway to the large Brazil... It is her christmas this year.

Inger outside the mall Amfi Moa . Photo : Private.

Thoughts about the future and about the challenges of life

-Occasionally worries me for the future of their children and grandchildren. Much because of the "new presidentjævelen" in Brazil that is racist to the above-skinned people. I'm coming from "opphakkede" family relationships had never believed it, but the family matters the most now. All of my kids are the "black" and it is not easy for them ahead of him in which to sit with the power.

What she is most proud of in life is that she has managed to come to the souls who have been so abused that they are not as hope in it all. So it was for these kids, until they met Inger. Even though they are now adults have it come the grandchildren, the whole nine pieces actually.

Some of the older kids to Inger struggling also with major challenges. Mental retardation and substance abuse for example. One of her grandkids who is the lamb of god need the help of both aids and healthcare in the form of, among other things, wheelchairs and physical therapy. She also helps 3-4 disadvantaged families with monthly grants of food.

Regret she on something? No. -I could have thought myself to have been drinking and ravaged less so that the body had been in better shape. But then, had I not been who I am today, good and bad. I am who I am today because of everything I've done.

Just the livsreisen is the well which has helped her to help these kids who all basically had given up. She has even felt life skyggesider on the body and know how it feels.

19 AUGUST 2021

Orphanage In Brazil

Twenty years ago he sold Inger B. Harrington everything she owned, and travelled to Brazil to drive the orphanage in Sao Paulo.

NRK - Helge HelgheimPublisert 12. sep. 2007 kl. 03:14

- It was God's will that I should go, " says Inger Harrington, who celebrated the 60th anniversary of its previous weekend.

The Foundation Casa Emanuel

Casa Emanuel was formed by Inger B. Harrington in 1988 and converted to a foundation in 1997.

Casa Emanuel was formed after that she had decided to travel to Brazil to help the street kids. She had many assistants in the beginning who spent time and effort to collect money for her work.

It has for many years been a need for tighter economic structure in the organization, something Inger even on several occasions pointed out.

Inger and the new board of directors adopted, therefore, in the summer of 1997 that the organization should be converted to a foundation. The necessary papers were signed, and sent to the county of Møre and Romsdal. The foundation was then recorded and approved.

today is the Casa Emanuel a foundation subject to the County. This was decided after the organization had been through a turbulent economic difficult time, and an overall control wanted a change. This was done under the Ingers visit in Norway in the summer of 1997 and approved by the county in november of the same year.

Start the soup kitchen in Brazil

Inger Berit Harrington has almost 30 years done everything she can to help the street kids in Brazil. New year's resolution to her is to start a soup kitchen in São Paulo in order to help even more.

NRK - Ina-Kristin Lindin - Published 26. des. 2014 kl. 16:29

It was in 1987 she sold everything she had and went to Brazil to help the many orphaned children in São Paulo. Brazilian authorities have estimated that there are approximately 15,000 to street children in the city. Probably, there are many more.

The breadwinner still four

Harrington has taken care of and raised 14 children in his own home in Ubatuba. The oldest is now 39 years of age and the youngest 18 years of age. In addition, she has driven the orphanage – all to make life easier for as many children as possible. Four of her children still live at home.

– My kids had an absolutely horrible childhood with a lot of violence and abuse. Two of them have physical and mental problems so they can't manage themselves. The third must have help because he is trying to be drug-free and the last goes to school. He holds on to educate themselves to the hairdresser, " she explains.

Collect money in Norway

Each year, more than her home to Norway and Ålesund in December to raise money for the foundation Casa Emanuel. Then, she sits on his usual place outside the Coop Obs! and use the time to crochet and greet the people who come away to give money and peeking in the album that she has on a table beside them. In the album, there are pictures from a long life in Brazil, among others, of Harrington, and children, and photos from the many julefeiringene.

– To get things to go around I'm going to have to come home and sell tickets to raise money for the children. In addition I have three small camping cabins which I rent out. They are located right by the sea, a hundred metres from the beach. In each cabin, there is space for four people, " she says.

Now these are rented out from christmas, and back to the big carnival in Brazil is over. Otherwise, she rents these out at the weekend when it comes to tourists.

– It helps a little, but we can't take too much for the simple cabins. So we cannot just on it. I have to home and have a lottery, " she says.

Fighting for the grandkids

Harrington is very concerned that his grandchildren will get it as well as possible. She has nine grandchildren.

"I wanted to take care of them also. They have not been involved in drugs and such things. They should be individual skills and manage themselves. It is something I am fighting for, " she says.

Harrington has many to take care of and always a lot of worries for the future. But just at christmas, she takes a little time to relax and enjoy life.

– Right now I'm sitting on the terrace and listening to the crickets that sing for us. On the Norwegian christmas eve, we had simple food and a very quiet and calm evening with the grandchildren and their parents, " she says.

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Stopped in customs

First christmas day that is the day they celebrate in Brazil, celebrated she along with six grandchildren and seven of their own children, in addition to some neighbors who came by on christmas dinner. Every year before christmas when she travels home to Brazil, she tries to get bacalao, Norwegian salmon and Edameroster. But she never will take them across the border.

– I always get stopped in customs, so now I'm going to stop with it. We tend to have a good julefrokost and then there had been well with some. But they forgot to take the spice mine, so I'm going to make a different sort of herring. Then it becomes a bit of Norwegian traditions no matter, " she says.

Despite the fact that it was not bacalao in years either, it was a great dinner with a lot of coziness.

– The first christmas day we made a huge dinner with turkey and three desserts. Also we were on the beach the whole afternoon where some of the bathroom, and the other played cards, " she says.

Start the soup kitchen

After christmas and new year she has new plans she hopes to get realized.

– I have long wondered if we might get to start a soup kitchen for the "God's vingeklipte birds" and rotate in the floods here to find food. I have not completely taken a position on it, but I think that it's going to happen in the year.

I will stand on and collect what I can to get this accomplished, " she says.

When we ask her if there is anything she would like to append to the end of the interview, she is quick to respond.

"I want to thank all of you at home who have been so generous, handsome and kind. There are so many that have come out and taken the tickets and put money in bøssen min. I wish you all a slightly delayed julehilsning, and we must all have a wonderful, well, the new year, with lots of tranquility, peace and love, " she says.

Astrid Overaa have made play about Harrington. See nyhetsinnslagene here:

Published 26. des. 2014 kl. 16:29

- We are still there!

Inger Harrington has been 20 years in Brazil. But every autumn, she has one month at home in Ålesund to remind us that they are there - she and the street children in Sao Paulo.

Torild ØvrelidOdd Sørås - NRK - Published 20. nov. 2007 kl. 10:51

When Inger Harrington came to Brazil in may 1987, it was with the money she had got himself. After a alvorsprat with the Lord - "the Boss on the top floor", as she even called and he changed her life completely.

The idealist

She kept the auction, and sold everything she owned of earthly goods - and with the money she got started, she worked among the street children in Sao Paulo. After each adopted her fourteen children. They are adults, and some of them have founded a family on their own.

Need to constantly spend money...

But Inger Harrington gives itself in the roll with the other project.

She has contact with a home for hiv-suffering children who need help the most, whether it is husleige that is not paid or an unpaid straumrekning....

Furthermore, she has engaged in a fotballprosjekt to rent boys into healthy activities instead of being kurerar for narkotikalangarar. She had the money to ball, football shirts and fence around the track they play in - but her heart says: and she became famous with them, and played them without shoes, and some svima during the training of the lack of food...


The hope now is to get the hundred thousand dollars before she travels back to Brazil the 20.December. Up until the time it is found in the loddbordet their StorMoa in Ålesund. Here you can win image Inger has painted himself.

Published 20. nov. 2007 kl. 10:51


By-Tore and Dinora Christiansen, Friends and neighbors in Ubatuba, Brazil

20 Aug 2021

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter information below: f.16.08.1947. Single, previously married twice. Livmotto: Have low expectations and high hopes. You must not expect anything, just hope that it happens and do something with it.

Would you like to support Inger and family with some money for christmas? Then you have the chance to do it until Monday to either act with her, or give a donation. You can find her on the Amfi Moa Nord, just around the corner for the NOTE store!

It is also possible to vipse to this number: 90700027, for those who want to give a contribution on the way.


From Gregory John Smith:

Good morning friends! As many of you know, our dear friend Inger wished to be cremated after her death, which was done. What Inger also wanted was for her ashes to be spread in the waves of the sea and for that, she asked me to make sure that her wish would be fulfilled. So be it! Tomorrow, Sunday, October 03rd, 2021 at 08 am, a schooner sets to sea with friends and family who wish to attend this short farewell ceremony for our dear friend, mother, and grandmother, to fulfill your wish. There will also be a brief ceremony at sea saying farewell to a great human being.  R.I.P.

The video

Em Portuguese:

Faço parte do oceano azul e lindo, das ondas e das marés, a verdadeira vida em movimento.

Minha alma está nos mares em constante mudança, eu faço parte da névoa que sopra com a brisa.

Estou na calmaria, faço parte da tempestade, estou nos raios de sol, tão dourados e quentes.

Eu estou ao seu redor, eu não fui, procure-me no sol a cada novo amanhecer.

Estou com você, apenas escondido de vista, sinta minha orientação na calma da noite.

O amor é eterno, uma luz que não se foi, na quietude você me ouvirá, eu irei sussurrar minha canção.

Quando você sentir a dor, porque seu coração se dilacera, saiba que não estou perdido, sou uma parte dos mares.


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Copy & Paste the link above for Yandex translation two English.

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