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“We Are Never Quitting Until We Get the Truth”; Lindell Attacked Outside His Hotel at Cyber Symposium

“We Are Never Quitting Until We Get the Truth”; Lindell Attacked Outside His Hotel at Cyber Symposium
Photo by Annika Leon

TheNewAmerican - by Annalisa Pesek August 14, 2021

Sioux Falls, South Dakota — Despite reporting the disturbing news that he had been physically attacked at his hotel the night before, Mike Lindell appeared undaunted in his determination to overcome the obvious pressures surrounding him on Thursday, as he closed out his Cyber Symposium, held August 10-12, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Speaking to a crowd of some 200 people, mostly cybersecurity experts and elected officials representing all 50 states, gathered at the South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance, where the event was held, Lindell promised his legion of supporters he would not give up the battle to expose the fraud and corruption plaguing the 2020 presidential election.

“The show must go on,” he said. “We are never quitting until we get to the truth.”

Lindell was staunch and courageous, as he addressed the audience, not visibly shaken by the attack of the previous evening. Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, Sioux Falls Police Department, acknowledged an assault had occurred on August 11, at approximately 11:30 p.m., in a hotel near Russell St. and West Ave., close to the hotel where Lindell was staying.

“The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made,” Clemens told a reporter from Dakota News Now during a police briefing on the morning of August 12. While the details of the assault remain unclear, what is certain is that Lindell has been the target of vicious attacks by the Left in recent months for his refusal to back away from investigating potential foreign interference in the election.

Lindell’s allegations of election fraud have garnered almost zero support from his fellow conservatives, yet he has forged a dogged path of his own to uncover what really happened on November 3, 2020.

CNN’s presence at the symposium was glaring — barbs were allegedly exchanged between reporters from the leftist outlet and their right-wing counterparts — as was the absence of any major conservative conglomerate such as Fox News, which had banned Lindell’s symposium ads from running on its website.

Right Side Broadcasting, One America News (OAN), and Newsmax were in attendance, as was The New American, and on Tuesday, Lindell announced a judge in Washington, D.C. had reportedly ruled that Dominion Voting Systems could proceed with its lawsuits against himself, OAN, and Newsmax.

Though no conclusive evidence was presented at the conference that indicated a hack from China flipped votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, costing Trump the 2020 presidential election, calls to action for election reform were a major focus, with more than 30 legislators from New Hampshire to Washington State announcing their commitment to a new national Election Integrity Caucus at the close of the program on Thursday.

Live-streamed continuously for 72 hours on Frankspeech.com, the symposium drew in lawmakers from across the country, as well as millions of viewers online. On Tuesday, Lindell said his system had been attacked three times and that he was on his fourth backup. This raises the question that if none of what Lindell is saying is true, why is he being hacked? Why is CNN covering the event at all? One could argue the Left is very concerned.

On Thursday, Lindell warned that his group had been infiltrated with “agitators,” noting also that the home of an associate of Colorado’s Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters had been raided. Peters had presented information the night before about the deviations of data collected from election servers that she claims were a result of Dominion updating its machines just prior to the November 3 presidential election. (Article continues below photo.)

BRINGING BACK HONEST AND FREE ELECTIONS: On August 12, the final day of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, more than 30 state legislators, many shown here, organized to form an Election Integrity Caucus.

“We’ve detected infiltrators and identified agitators,” Lindell told the crowd. “[These] attempts to discredit the legislators [are] obviously trying to subdue the message. These are typical insurrection activities and part of the color revolution made to divide America. Yet the whole point of this conference is to unite everybody and unite the American people and we’ve made the conscious effort not to eject those people [agitators].”

Later on Thursday, symposium attendee Joe Oltmann, founder of FEC (Faith Education and Commerce) United, told New American Senior Editor William F. Jasper in an interview that he came out for the event “to add perspective to the cyber side of things, related to the [data] PCAPs [packet captures],” adding, “I am trying to understand the landscape of what we’re dealing with specifically and do a mathematical analysis of what is happening across the country.”

Oltmann is one of the people being sued by Eric Coomer, Dominion Voting Systems director of product strategy and security, for allegedly claiming Coomer helped rig the 2020 presidential election through manipulating data using the electronic voting machines.

“We’ve let the radical Left create a narrative that is hard to talk over,” said Oltmann, in his discussion with Jasper on claims of massive evidence of voter fraud. “They have suppressed free speech and free thought. There’s so much evidence in different categories.”

Oltmann, who is from Colorado, said he launched FEC United in order to focus on opening the eyes of his state lawmakers. “Once I started doing that, I got bad press,” he said, “and in a way they were trying to smear my reputation. We know something happened on November 3…. I knew something was wrong when they had to close the polling booths and swing-state systems went down and went back up.”

Coomer has publicly decried the accusations against him, stating none of what happened during the election was about him. According to the Denver Post, “In December, Coomer sued 14 defendants, including OAN and Newsmax, for defamation. The lawsuit against Newsmax was dropped after the station apologized in April.”

Oltmann said that after he was sued “the rhetoric really ramped up … but the greatest part of this is the corruptness of the courts.” He argued that the judge assigned to the case has ties to Antifa and no experience in the election environment. “We have massive corruption in the Colorado justice system,” he said.

Also on Thursday, The New American’s own Kurt Hyde spoke with statistician and mathematician Dr. Douglas G. Frank, joined by TNA editor Jasper, about the elections process. Many in attendance at the conference were in favor of a paper-based elections process, expressing distrust of anything electronic.

Hyde, who has worked with TNA since the 1980s and is a former adjunct professor of systems analysis, had written an article in 2010 pointing out a security weakness in the elections system that makes it possible to compare the census database with the statewide voter registration database, asserting that the census data could be used to fill in gaps in the election data.

“The only real way to know for sure if this was done is to contact the voters,” said Hyde. The Democrats do not want this to happen, of course, and have put safeguards in place to discourage auditors from canvassing voters door to door. In mid-July, the Department of Justice published the report “Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election ‘Audits,” outlining federal guidance by the Biden administration for election probes with which “every jurisdiction must comply,” regardless of relevant state law.

Similar to Hyde’s work, Dr. Frank’s analysis of the 2020 election suggests the voter registration database was inflated using census data. The Ohio-based mathematician, who has been modeling elections for years, told The New American that he’s “predicted every election over the years and never been wrong…. Over the last eight months, I’ve been looking at the algorithms driving the elections, and there are ways to inflate the registration databases and stuff the ballot difference.”

“We need to vote Amish,” said Frank. “No machines, no electricity. There has to be paper and it has to be completely known. You’re stuffing the ballots during the elections and having internet connections to tell you where the results stand in every county.”

While Lindell’s cyber conference had promised the public could obtain the PCAPs [data packet captures], consisting of 37 terabytes of data showing things did not go as planned on Election Day, in the end, the event seems to have marked the beginning of a new information war, bringing experts and elected officials together to propose different paths forward for how to stop fraud and restore trust in American elections.

Lindell ended the program by lauding county recorder Peters from Colorado, who turned over forensic images of her voting machines, before and after the election, suggesting evidence that the records had been wiped clean. This data was not expected by conference-goers and remained a highlight of the day’s discoveries, leaving attendees somewhat puzzled but also in great anticipation of what will happen next.

As talk-show host and best-selling author Eric Metaxas so aptly stated, “you don’t have to agree with Mike, you don’t have to like Mike, but I think you have to agree that he’s fighting for America, that he believes he’s on to something. I’m sure he is on to something…. What China can do with technology these days is chilling, and if you don’t think that they aren’t spending every second, everything that they can possibly do to get the upper hand on the world stage to undermine our democracy by messing with our election… well, there’s no question. Mike Lindell, to me, the man is just a hero.”


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.


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  2. The second, but the most important reason is their fear of not reaching their planned number of fully vaccinated people before their evil intent starts to show up within the next 2-3 years, which will FINALLY make ALL people understand the real truth of the global elites plan to reduce the world's population by 95%.   If at this time there will still be a substantial number of unvaccinated people, they will no doubt see the ELIMINATION of the perpetrators of this horrific crime against humanity.
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