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Longtime Physician on COVID Care: “When Did the World Become Insane?”

Longtime Physician on COVID Care: “When Did the World Become Insane?”
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The New American -  by Selwyn Duke August 7, 2021

He’s fed up and, he says, must finally speak out beyond his private circles even if it means being canceled. What bothers Dr. Matt Bettag, a physician with 24-years of experience, so much is that he has “never before seen the medical establishment just stop thinking,” as he puts it. “Insanity is the new rule,” he continues, “and common sense cannot even be discussed.”

Bettag, who has been a practicing ENT for 19 years of his career, is, of course, referring to COVID craziness, to schizoid prescriptions that mutate faster than a virus ever could.

In American Thinker, Bettag mentions his shock at the insistence on “15 days to flatten the curve”; he writes that though this was unprecedented, he nonetheless gave the government the benefit of the doubt. Of course, this demand was then followed by, “No, actually, we can’t reopen until there are 14 straight days of declining infections.” This was then declared null and void and became, “No, we can’t return to normal until we have a vaccine.” Now we’re told that even the vaccinated must be masked and, essentially, that Branch COVIDian restriction are the new normal.

“Then came Fauci,” Bettag writes, before continuing:

He initially said social distancing didn’t work, and masks were largely ineffective. But by late March, he pronounced both masking and social distancing necessary. Weird…red flag. But what really hit me was that he went on to say people should use Tinder and Grindr at their own discretion. What? How do you socially distance that? So now I am alarmed.

(Note: I don’t recall Fauci saying that distancing didn’t work, though he might have. But he certainly considered changing the prescription from six to three feet. And why not? The six-foot notion came from a 19th-century German’s work. Germany today recommends 4.92 feet, and the World Health Organization — of “SARS-CoV-2 can’t be transmitted person-to-person” fame — recommends 39 inches. So take your pick.)

Bettag then goes on to write:

I started researching the utility of masks. There were very good articles I found — one out of a respiratory center in Chicago, and another a good dental review. I bookmarked both of them. Less than a month later, the dental website was down, replaced by a text saying basically that their information is now irrelevant because of COVID. The Chicago article also had a disclaimer that previously wasn’t there saying people shouldn’t use their article politically. What? Don’t use a scientifically-derived article to make a scientifically based decision on the utility of masks? What the hell is going on?

Next comes PCR. Let’s conveniently jack up the cycles to 40+, resulting in a 90–97% false-positive rate, then let’s start testing all elective surgery, asymptomatic exposures, and hospitalized patients. In addition, we will reimburse hospitals greatly for COVID admissions and ICU visits. Oxygen doesn’t work; go home until you get worse. Oh, and bring your family and friends with you; they’ll need testing.

Bettag also makes the following points:

• Steroids were discouraged early on even though they reduce inflammation and have long been used in Bettag’s specialty, ENT, to treat viral disease. Yet weeks later the Covidians recommended steroids.

• Even though it had been used safely the world over for decades, hydroxychloroquine was demonized as dangerous merely because President Trump trumpeted it. Other trusted therapeutics, such as ivermectin and vitamin D, were likewise dismissed.

• Speaking for many leftists, Kamala Harris said last autumn that she wouldn’t trust any vaccines whose creation the Trump administration facilitated. Now it’s said that the very same drugs should be mandatory for everyone and that those opposing such are mass killers.

• The government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database showed 12,000 vaccine-coincident deaths; this number then dropped to 6,000. It subsequently rose to 10k and is now back to 12k. Moreover, some reports hold that the actual number could be 10-fold (or more) higher and that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) could be hiding deaths via intentional misclassification. But, hey, Bettag says sarcastically, let’s still trust the government.

• Now the Covidien Chicken Littles are blaming the dreaded Delta variant “surge” on the unvaccinated, ignoring data showing that many countries with high vaccination rates have rampant COVID and many with low vaccination rates are largely free from the disease. Bettag also mentions that while Sweden mostly rejected lockdowns and mandatory masking and has a low vaccination rate, it has almost no COVID.

“I have never lived in a world like this,” Bettag then laments, “where open medical dialogue is completely suppressed and there is only one party line.” He finds this befuddling. It’s not hard to understand, however: It’s what too often happens when there’s a conflation of science and state — especially when that state is built lies.

I’ve often cited Lysenkoism as an example. Named after Soviet biologist Trofim Lysenko, it preached the heritability of acquired traits (the notion that, for instance, plucking a plant’s leaves will cause it to have leafless descendants).

Oh, and even though this idea had been long discredited, it was the USSR’s official “science” until 1964.

And good biologists contradicting it were sometimes put in gulags or even executed.

The Soviets embraced this insanity driven by a political imperative: They knew that Marxism, being contrary to man’s nature, could only work if a man didn’t actually have a “nature” but instead was naturally malleable.

Today there are also political imperatives — and political imperatives and Truth often don’t share an address.

Of course, there are financial and social imperatives, too, whether you work in or out of government. Speaking Truth to power can often cost people their jobs or social standing. And to use a twist on an Upton Sinclair line, it’s hard to get someone to understand something when attaining what he wants most — be it money, acceptance, fame, or power — depends on his not understanding it.

In other words, medical insanity is what you get when people go insane for something other than Truth.

Selwyn Duke has written for The New American for more than a decade.



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