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Supreme Court ruled that mRNA vaccinated people are patented

USA 🇺🇸 Supreme Court ruled that Mrna vaccinated people are patented

Vaccinated people are patented WORLDWIDE by law in the USA.

that means they are no longer humans because of a DNA or RNA GEN-modified vaccination such as. the mRNA vaccination, they are OWNED by the owner of the GEN-modified vaccination, because they have their own genome and are no longer “human” (no natural people) but “trans-human”, i.e. they are no longer human. Ergo all human rights are lost.

Since 2013, all GEN-modified, mRNA vaccinated persons are legally trans-human and are legally identified as trans-human.

They do not get any human rights or any other rights of a state, it must also be taken into account that this applies WORLDWIDE, because the patents of the GEN-POINT SYRINGE ARE AT HOME in the USA. This means that the jurisdiction and the legislation were decided by the Supreme Court!

The decision read by PDF


The small statement “Panic and fear due to compulsory vaccination”

️Even if the pressure of the special consorts increases, don't be afraid
they have no power over you. Even if you say you are only free again if you are vaccinated ... don't let that persuade you, if you think free and feel free, then you are free too


️The world's best hackers are already trying to overthrow the government system!

Recently it was said that the Pfizer vaccination would immunize for years .. now Pfizer announces that it will be time for the 3rd vaccination much earlier than expected.

Israel Ministry of Health announced that as of June 6, the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing infection has fallen to 64 percent. It was only a few weeks earlier 95%

You will probably need a 3rd vaccination .. and when the next mutant appears, the 4th, 5th, etc. Why else would Austria have reordered 72 million vaccine doses in the spring (for its 8,5 million inhabitants)?

People become Nespresso machines