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By Lone Nørgaard. - July 20, 2021  - NewSpeek

In this article, Tim Murray focuses on Klaus Schwab under the heading: "Introducing Quadra Island's New Green Grocer" - ie 'Presentation of Quadra Island's new green grocer'. Quadra Island is an island located off British Columbia, Canada.

Klaus Schwab has decided to 'get dirty hands' Murray writes: "In other words, rather than guide the world with a remote control behind a desk in Geneva, he [Klaus Schwab] has decided to 'get dirty hands' in a relaxed rural community and work from home. It's less of a career change than a lifestyle choice (my translation - LN):

As Schwab ("Just call me Klaus") has expressed - satire or not, Herr Schwab is hit on the grain:

“Gone are the hectic days of jet setting between conferences and knocking heads with the one percent, of plotting to restructure your lives beyond recognition under the guise of sustainability and the eradication of poverty. I’m going to explore my human side (if I can find it), and try manipulating minds at a grassroots level… I’m calling it Orwellian Global Fascism With A Human Face…

You can screw with people’s heads
“Mind control need not be a top-down thing”, Schwab continued, “You can screw with people’s heads on a local level, from the ground up. You can persuade men to think they are women and women to think they’re men. You can make them believe that 2 + 2 equals 5. Then switch the number to 6 or 7 and have them accept it without noticing the change.

You can tell them that masks don’t work, then tell them to wear a mask then tell them that one mask doesn’t work, then tell them they must wear two masks and then tell that them even that is not enough. They need a vaccine. But then that’s not enough… they should still wear a mask and keep their distance…. ad infinitum…until further notice

All is possible as long as you make them afraid first
All of this is possible. As long as you make them afraid first. Very afraid. Or as Americans say, ‘scared shitless…’

“You tell them that this is an emergency…that their lives are imminent danger…and you cook the stats if you need to….And of course local editors and social media moderators must do their part in censoring dissident voices as well…censorship is key to my agenda…

Snitching on neighbours, family and friends is their duty
“And you make them feel part of the team by encouraging them to be informers…you tell them that the people who don’t comply with our rules are ignorant, selfish and dangerous…they are endangering you and everyone else… so snitching on neighbours, family and friends is their duty. And destroying civic trust is a must.

You tell them that you are following “the Science”
“You tell them that you are following “The Science”, as if science is univocal…and you make them believe that the only scientists they can trust are the ones that Prime Ministers, Premiers and Presidents have anointed.

Just call them conspiracy theorists
“And if that doesn’t work, that is, if some of them do their own research and cite the studies of highly credentialed scientists, you just call them conspiracy theorists, and that’s the end of it…..

“These credulous herd animals even believe that I am a conspiracy theory! A figment of paranoid imaginations—-even though my speeches and pronouncements are recorded on video! It’s all there hiding in plain sight! But herd animals can’t go there…they must delegate their thinking to information gatekeepers they trust….if they didn’t hear it on the CBC, then it can’t be true, right? …

I need to be jabbed ASAP
“I don’t know much about this community yet. But I can already see that much of my work has already been done. As voting patterns suggest, a good two in three people here have drunk the Kool-Aid. So much so that they were willing to offer themselves as lab rats and be injected by a so-called ‘vaccine’ that has not been adequately tested! Even the FDA [US Food and Drug Administration] hasn’t approved it! Downstream neurological problems? Who cares? I need to be jabbed ASAP or I’ll die…You’ll die too you damn fool!…

“So it won’t be hard to convince them that my vegetables are organic and that my operation is locally owned. If they believe that substantial differences exist between political parties and that private businesses are in competition with one another, then they will swallow anything. They are Canadians after all. A naïve trust in authority is baked right into their DNA…. I feel like a wolf inside a sheep pen!”

One can just imagine: Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger sit rubbing hands over the billions they have earned on their lies. Intoxicated not just by X bottles of Piper Heidsieck, Cuvee Rare 2006 (super premium champagne), but by the power that comes with keeping most of the earth's population in an iron grip.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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