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-In my 42 years of practicing medicine, at an academic medical center, the U.S. Navy, and private practice, I always felt comforted that our President was physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of his office, UNTIL NOW.

Please allow me to elaborate on Biden's health.In February 1988, Biden sustained the rupture of the cerebral (brain) aneurysm and almost died, except for the heroic efforts of his neurosurgeon.  Three months later, a second aneurysm had to be clipped.  After the second procedure his neurosurgeon gave him less than a 50% chance of a full recovery.  With that history one would think that the media would have questioned him during his presidential campaign about whether any diagnostic studies had been done in the interim, but they did not.  His health status was never seriously questioned.

On his most recent published physical exam it was noted that he has persistent atrial fibrillation.  This diagnosis alone would not qualify him for standard life insurance because of a 5-fold increase for a stroke.  The treatment for this condition is chronic anti coagulation, which in a feeble, unsteady 78 year old male, who falls three times while ascending the stairs of Air Force One is extremely risky.  A severe fall with a head injury could result in a fatal cerebral hemorrhage.His mental and cognitive status has obviously deteriorated as is apparent to anyone who watches him speak, despite his handlers' attempts to protect him as much as possible.  Speaking in short sentences with frequent pauses, the need for notes to answer questions, using jumbled words without meaning short term memory lapses (forgets the name of General Austin, and two female generals he is honoring) are all definite signs of brain damage.  

It surprises me that his wife, (Jill) who knew his shortcomings better than anyone else, could not have talked him out of taking the most difficult job in the world.  Of interest also is the fact that since 9/11 it has been the U.S. Government policy to have the president and vice president travel separately, NOT ANYMORE.  Kamala Harris is only a few steps behind him whether by air, land or sea.  This is obviously because he may say the wrong thing, fall or have a medical emergency.  He would also be the first president to have the nuclear button removed from his sole use.So, where does this lead us?  It tells me that Kamala Harris will be our President sooner rather than later.  This alone sends shivers up my spine.  The Democratic party, directed of course by Barack, knew this would be the case despite the fact that she received the fewest votes of any candidate for President in the crowded Democratic primaries.  

Harris was second only to Bernie Sanders on the Socialist/Marxist scorecard and this resonates very well with Obama's ideology, nurtured by the Saul Alinsky playbook.So what can we do about this?  First of all, I recommend that you PRAY FERVENTLY, because divine intervention may be necessary.  Secondly, I recommend that you pay very close attention to the mid-term elections next year and vote for the people who love America and our Democracy.Leonard J. Hertko, M.D.Orland Park



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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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