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Windham 2020 Forensic Election Audit Begins Tuesday

Tony Schinella, Patch Staff - Posted Mon, May 10, 2021 at 2:06 pm

WINDHAM, NH — The forensic audit of the Windham 2020 election begins on Tuesday and up to 20 New Hampshire residents will be allowed to witness the process in person at the counting facility in Pembroke.

The Forensic Election Audit Team of Mark Lindeman, Harri Hursti, and Philip Stark will begin the auditing process at 10 a.m. on Tuesday at the Edward Cross Training Center on Riverwood Drive in Pembroke. They are tasked with finding out what happened during the November 2020 election in Windham and the subsequent hand recount which showed four Republican Rockingham District 7 state representative candidates were shorted 297 to 303 votes each when compared to the machine count on election night. Three Democrats were also shorted between 18 and 28 votes each. The fifth-place finisher in the race, another Democrat, was found to have been given 99 votes too many by the machines, according to the recount.

The team will be running recounts on the state representative race as well as the governor's race and U.S. Senate race. The audit team is also supposed to be analyzing the AccuVote optical scanning machines and memory cards, too, used in Windham during the November 2020 election. The audit must be completed by May 27.

A number of activists, mostly on the conservative and libertarian side of the political aisle, have raised questions and concerns about the law, the three men selected, and whether or not an actual forensic audit will take place.

The NH Voter Integrity Group started a petition on Change.org, which was quickly removed by the company after they had collected 500 signatures, for an extensive audit of the election and more transparency. Supporters of the org, spearheaded by Marylyn Todd, a professional accountant and auditor who owns a property in Windham but is not a resident, spent the weekend collecting signatures calling on the Board of Selectmen in Windham to have another reconsideration of the appointment of Lindeman — due to letters he signed attempting to stop an audit in Maricopa County in Arizona. Supporters want Jovan Pulitizer, an inventor and computer scientist, to be involved in the auditing process because he is skeptical of some of the results with voting machines. Lindeman, Hursti, and Stark have all raised issues about electronic voting machines in the past — with Hursti believing they can be hacked and has shown how to do it in documentaries.


Ken Eyring, a Republican in Windham who worked with Secretary of State Bill Gardner and elected representatives to create the bill, also raised alarms about the selection of Lindeman and supports Pulitizer being put on the team.

Both Lindeman and Stark declined invitations to be interviewed.

Even though President Donald Trump won the town easily, he commended "the great patriots of Windham" for attempting to have the audit done — believing there was voter fraud in the state.

One post-recount issue raised is the fact that one of the four machines in Windham gave the Biden-Harris ticket 439 more votes than Trump-Pence. The other three machines had Trump-Pence receiving 448, 413, and 235 votes more than Biden-Harris. This result anomaly has been raised as something that should be analyzed since the trends of the down-ballot races from that machine show a number of other Republicans winning — although it had the strongest turnout for Kristi St. Laurent, the fifth-place finisher in the state representative race, seemingly showing that either a lot of Democrats used that voting machine to scan ballots or that machine was used to process absentee ballots, which trended Democrat in the state for the 2020 election.


Up to 20 witnesses will be allowed to attend in person. Ten will be chosen "as a result of their direct participation by voting in the presidential election, participating in the Windham recount as observers, and/or participating in the subsequent Ballot Law Commission appeal hearing," according to the state. Another 10 witnesses will be chosen daily, by random drawing, at 4 p.m. for attendance the next day. Alternates will also be selected. Observers will be notified by 5 p.m. and provided with attendance protocols, the state said.

To be considered as one of the witnesses, email elections@sos.nh.gov with "Windham Election Audit" in the subject header. Include your name, address, email, and phone number.

This process will be repeated for each day the audit continues according to state officials.

A live stream of the proceedings will be available at doj.nh.gov.

More information will be available on the Secretary of State website sos.nh.gov.

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