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Too horrendous for words... can this be true?
Dear friends,

The past weeks I have been working incredibly hard on a report that exposes the greatest horror in this world, that I know of right now:

millions of children are every day being raped, tortured and murdered by the royal families, top politicians, celebrities, and many other high profile people in the world.

This revealing in depth report is in Dutch, for the people of The Netherlands and Belgium. It will however impact the whole world...


Because the Netherlands is in many ways at the very heart of a lot of the worst evil in the world.

One example: one of the main secret societies that control governments, industries, religions, media, etc. is called the Bilderberg Group. During their private meetings, the wealthiest of the world gather to discuss how they will rule humanity without the voice of the people. They choose and appoint political leaders, steer the media, etc.

This Bilderberg group was founded by… the Dutch Royal family.

Just one example.

So for those who have been waiting for an email from me: I had to build this big project. The report is shocking, as it features different testimonies, eye witnesses and victims, from four nations in Europe, who all say the EXACT SAME thing:

The elite is deeply satanic, involved in organized worldwide networks of pedophelia, satanic abuse and sacrifice of children.

The evidence is undeniable. There are also two videos from former CIA and FBI directors, who confirm this to be true. The CIA guy even explains how the CIA traffics children to the rich and powerful.
This is the worst evil in the world. Children are even being eaten by some of these monsters.

You can see the Dutch report here, although you may want to wait for the English version I am preparing.

I have dozens of testimonies from victims and witnesses from the USA, Australia, UK, etc. and even more confirmations by the FBI.

If anyone of you have powerful testimonies and evidence, feel free to send it to me. Also pray for me please, as this is very hard. Often, when I have seen the evidence, I just have to cry, because it is so heartbreaking.

The ONLY reason this can go on, is because people have a habit of denying it, and looking the other way.

This is also used
to control the victims:


My goal with these in depth reports is to provide so much evidence that nobody will be able to deny it, with a clear conscience.

The Dutch report is going viral as I speak, with tens of thousands of views in the very first day. It is stirring the government already...

The coming weeks I will be working on the international versin of this report, so again: please pray for me, to finish this well. This can awake humanity like nothing else...


Besides that I am also working on a video that proves how the covid vaccines are changing the human DNA. This is almost done, so be ready...

And a video is almost finished of a very powerful interview I did with a world renown scientist who has a 100% succesfl cure for covid. His treatment slashed the covid death rate in Bolivia from a 100 deaths a day, to zero! He explains that governments are hiding this from the world, because they want to dramatically reduce the world population and build their New World Order. I hope to release this video very soon.

And I am making a very encouraging video that shows how dozens of nations around the world are joining forces with the white hats in America to take down the New World Order. So there is HOPE!

I am also working on a report that lists all the scientific evidence about masks, and the deadly health hazards they pose. This will be a major tool for the world to expose the crimes of their governments, who are mandating masks, that literally kill their people.

Besides that I am preparing informative flyers that summarize the facts on covid, vaccines, masks, ec, that you will be able to print and hand out.

And I am working on a document that reveals stunning evidence how the PCR test swabs indeed are designed to ADMINISTER NANO PARTICLES AND DRUGS to the people. It’s not a test, it’s a delivery device!

The evidence is amazing. Dr Carrie Madej is currently reviewing this per my request and she will get back to me.

So you see: I am working on a LOT of very powerful stuff, that will help to awaken the world.


I realize I have to focus now on revealing the child abuse, by the authorities in our nations, because this has the potential to break their hold over the masses.

They only have power over the world, because of the blind faith of the masses in the authorities. People believe everything the government and media says.

Once the world finds out what these monsters are in fact doing, HUMANITY ITSELF - the ACTUAL PEOPLE - will wake up, and rise up, and a new world can be born, where the PEOPLE reign and not the criminals at the top.

So please understand: if you don't get emails from me, it’s because I am working very hard. I would love to be able to hire freelancers to help me with this work, but I do all the work for free, and depend entirely on donations.

If you feel a gentle nudge in your heart to support me with this massive work, so I can release critical information quicker with the help of paid freelancers, that would be wonderful. 

Be patient as these critical and very powerful reports are being prepared. Pray for me please, and if you feel love whispering inside your heart to support this work, that would be awesome.

Together we can do the impossible, with God inside of us, guiding, encouraging and working out his plans of healing for the world through everyone who is willing to be used by Love and Truth, for the good of humanity.

The future is bright, the light wins, the darkness is passing, and we will see amazing things happen.

Much love,

David Sorensen

Paedophiles protected by the British Intellience Service and the Deep State (55 pages)


Copy & Paste lenken øverst for Yandex oversettelse til Norsk.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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