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HOLOCAUST 2.0: Jews in Israel Being Genocided by Lethal XXX Injections

Revisionist Historians for World Peace - SOTN Exclusive

HOLOCAUST 2.0: Jews in Israel Being Genocided by Lethal Covid Injections…by the Same Zionist Perpetrators Responsible for the World War II Holocaust and Final Solution!

First, Some Crucial Revised History

Especially for the righteous Jews throughout the world, it’s of paramount important to correctly understand exactly who was really behind the first Holocaust.

The historical facts prove beyond any doubt that the “Final Solution” was conceived by Zionist Jews who operated at the very top of Hitler’s Nazi government.

Those treacherous predominantly Jewish Zionists were many of Germany’s major political and financial leaders who quite purposefully colluded with Hitler, and who were all Ashkenazi Jews whose bloodlines could be traced back to Khazaria, the original homeland of today’s much feared Khazarian Mafia.

In point of fact, the “Final Solution” was not Hitler’s idea; rather, it was cooked up by those who controlled the destiny of Zionism in order to scare every European Jew to move to the Modern State of Israel (MSI) after World War 2.

The first Holocaust was meticulously framed in such a horrifying way (e.g. lampshades and soap) in order to sufficiently frighten Ashkenazi Jewry Europe-wide to the supposedly safe haven known as Palestine, now the Modern State of Israel.

KEY POINTS: Unknown to but very few Holocaust conspiracy insiders, the entire Holocaust terrorist operation was about moving Jews across Europe into concentration camps which were really set up as slave labor camps.  The Nazis wouldn’t even think of killing Jews when they could put them to work in what were essentially slave labor camps, which were desperately needed to maintain the myriad German war efforts across the planet.  The perfidious Jewish and Christian Zionists advising Hitler knew that Jewish bankers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, accountants, businessmen, diamond and gold dealers, etc. and their families would be shocked into a full-blown PTSD profile were they to do hard labor of any kind in a concentration camp (which they were forced to do).  That was the fulcrum around which the Zionist “Final Solution” and utterly fabricated Holohoax revolved.

The primary strategy by which Hitler was tricked into going along with the “Final Solution” was a purely financial one.  The banksters in London, New York City, Paris and Frankfurt contributed an enormous amount of funding and financing to Germany in order to assist Hitler in ‘Making Germany Great Again’, which he certainly did.  How could Hitler refuse such a great deal, not knowing at that particular time that there were some serious strings attached.

The Allied Powers who won World War I quite deliberately destroyed Germany — financially and economically — with the Treaty of Versailles, thus ensuring that the future Führer and Chancellor of Germany would have to heavily rely upon foreign banksters to rebuild the pervasively broken economy.

As long as Hitler went along with the central and very secret plot of fabricating a “Final Solution” and ensuing Holocaust that could then be used to terrorize European Jews to leave the Continent for good, the Führer would receive all the necessary loans and massive capital infusions from Great Britain, France and the United States.

This highly complex international conspiracy worked like a charm.  The whole world has watched Jews from around the globe migrate to the Modern State of Israel, despite being completely surrounded by angry and dangerous Islamic states that witnessed the outright stealing of Palestinian lands and ongoing cruel oppression of her peoples.  How does that work out except to create deep animosities and seething hatreds between the Jews and Moslems worldwide.

KEY POINT: The Rothschild Banking Family operating in London, Paris, Frankfort as well as through their Morgan and Schiff proxies in New York City, is only one of many banking operations that generously funded the Nazi regime.  In fact, Rothschild scion, Jacob Rothschild, recently blew his tribe’s horn for playing such a vital role in the highly consequential Balfour Declaration without which there would be no Modern State of Israel.

Now fast forward to 2021

How do you really perpetrate a racial genocide except by first moving the whole race to a country that can be totally controlled by your Zionist arch-enemies.

Remember, Khazarian Mafia don Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli politician who has served as Prime Minister of Israel since 2009, after previously serving in the same high position from 1996 to 1999.  This long term leadership role was, of course, charted by his hidden, higher-level Zionist masters with extremely purposeful design.

Netanyahu is cut from the same bolt of cloth as those Zionist traitors who conspired with Hitler whereupon many Jews in concentration camps were used in various inhumane medical experiments.  Yes, many of these these repugnant experiments were grossly exaggerated post-WW2 in order to further traumatize European Jews and galvanize them to move to the MSI, but they did happen during the war years.

Now here we are during the Spring of 2021 and the world community of nations has witnessed all of Israel being victimized by a genocidal experiment using exceedingly dangerous and deadly COVID-19 injections, shots and vaccines. As follows:

  • OUTCRY FROM ISRAEL – URGENT Wake Up Call For the World!
  • ISRAELIS – Pfizer’s Chosen People
  • Israelis Cry Out to the World to Stop Mandatory COVID Injections


  • S.O.S. Medical Apartheid in Israel
  • COVID-1984: An Israeli mother speaks about the horror of living in a country where refusing to take the ‘vaccine’ makes you a second class citizen.

Even a quick look at the preceding headlines makes it clear that there is a highly organized plot to commit genocide in Israel today.  Not only that, but also that Israel was selected by the New World Order globalist cabal as the model country for how mandatory vaccination programs will eventually be rolled out worldwide.

Well, well…what do we have here? A letter from Dr. Sydney Brenner, Lord Victor Rothschild’s chief biotech advisor, indicating that “Israel is a good country to study these [viruses] and other problems in human genetics because of the peculiar structure of the Jewish population.”


Satanic Covid Agenda

Both the Jewish and Christian Zionists who operate at the very top of this criminal conspiracy to wipe out religious Jewry globally have been unified in this goal since the very founding of the modern Zionism movement in 1896 by arch-Zionist Theodor Herzl.

These Jewish Zionists have no authentic association with Judaism whatsoever; rather, they function solely as a political, social and economic movement determined to impose a fundamentally Zionist One World Government upon the entire world community of nations with their future capital city being Jerusalem.

And, their primary means to achieve these ambitious goals is to use their fellow Zionists and unaware Jews the world over to help carry out this highly nefarious scheme.  Hence, those Israelis who do not die from the various Covid kill shots, will simply be taken over — mind and body, heart and soul — and be utilized to do the bidding of their Zionist masters.

KEY POINT: Many experienced and knowledgable geopolitical analysts really wonder why Bibi Netanyahu seems to incredibly have more than 9 political lives.  No matter how many crimes he and his wife commit, no matter how much corruption his administrations are stone-cold guilty of, his clandestine handlers keep him propped up to carry out their malevolent Zionist missions.  The very reason why there are so many indictments being held over Bibi’s head like the Sword of Damocles is so he can be coerced and/or blackmailed into perpetrating any dirty deed ordered against his fellow Israelis, which he does regularly.


Little do the vast majority of Israelis know that Holocaust 2.0 is being conducted in the Modern State of Israel.  Not only have the citizens being treated like those in the pre-WW2 ghettoes, they are being forced to carry vaccine passports to gain entry into various venues throughout Israel.

What’s quite surprising is the extraordinary degree of trust Israeli Jews place in PM Netanyahu, a proven corruptopcrat and dangerous megalomaniac. How can they not see his many profound betrayals occurring at this very moment across those once hallowed biblical land?!?!

Like sheep led to slaughter we see, once again, the righteous Jews being led to their demise and/or debilitation — by their Zionist enemies — this time by way of a lethal bioweapon disguised as a COVID-19 vaccine.

Is this the heavy price that Israelis must pay for knowingly occupying the lands so blatantly stolen from the Palestinians?

Or, is this apocalyptic drama a modern replaying of the King Herod’s “Slaughter of the Innocents” in an effort to prevent the first coming of the Messiah, also known as the “Second Coming of Jesus the Christ” throughout Christendom?

Or, are we all witnessing the final chapters of the Book of Revelation whereby the End Times are about to explode as “The Greatest Show On Earth”, with Israel taking center stage for reasons having to do with Albert Pike’s notably accurate prophecies?

Or, it is all three of these … … … and much, MUCH more?!?!

No matter what the true plot or convoluted conspiracies are, there is something very wrong in Israel today.  Both sides of the political spectrum are hellbent on using Israeli citizens as the model for COVID-19 response around the world.

No other nation or society on Earth has been so easily corralled into the pen of Covid compliance and stampeded into cattle cars heading to CV19 vaccination clinics.  It’s as though the WW2 Holocaust experience was a dress rehearsal for today’s Holocaust 2.0!

Indeed, there’s something very wrong with this picture which can only be explained — psychohistorically — via a racial case of long-term “Secondary PTSD” and the profound vulnerability it confers upon it’s multi-generational Jewish victims.

Bottom Line: Even the Righteous Jews in Israel Detest Zionism

by the Revisionist Historians for World Peace State of the Nation April 8, 2021

Editor’s Note

SOTN is not denying that a Holocaust of sorts took place in Nazi Germany during World War II.  However, the very same Holocaust treatment was given to all blackballed citizens and prisoners of war who ended up in the concentration camps.  As a matter of historical fact, they were set up as work camps where, toward the end of the war, many died of starvation and disease because the Nazi High Command diverted all food, medicine and other resources to the losing war effort.  When the war was finally lost by Germany, those camps became disease-ridden where many starved to death as occurs in war since time immemorial.  

What the Zionist historians did in this case, however, was to purposely inflate maybe 60,000 Jewish deaths to their sacred number of—6,000,000 deaths.  There were no ovens at Auschwitz except the two crematoria used to incinerate diseased dead bodies to prevent epidemics from spreading in the terrible conditions.  So, the Holocaust Industry was then stealthily formed to provide an income stream to many Jews who have a vested interest to support the false narrative, as well as revenue streams to Jewish organizations the world over who scream “HOLOCAUST” every time they’re ordered to.  

Likewise, the fake Holohoax is forever dramatized in a multitude of ways to keep every Jew on the Zionist reservation, as well as to generate hatred toward the Jewish peoples around the world because their Holocaust experience is somehow worse than every other genocide over the past 5000 years, many of them even being downright denied by Israel such as the much more atrocious Armenian Genocide.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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