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The AstraZeneca Jab is stopped in several countries.


Woman (60) died after the AstraZeneca vaccine vaccination is stopped in several countries. After several cases of blood clots following vaccination in Denmark, the use of AstraZeneca is paused. Norway is also following suit.

The reason is that several cases of blood clots have occurred in people who have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine from AstraZeneca.

It reports the Danish authorities, Thursday morning.

A Danish 60-year-old woman died of blood clots one week after she was vaccinated, the Danish authorities report.

  • Approximately one week after vaccination, a person had detected blood clots in a number of places in the body. It is a very serious symptom picture, says director of danske FHI Søren Brostrom.

The vaccine that the Danish woman was vaccinated with comes from the same batch that an Austrian nurse received. She died an hour and a half after, writes Danish BT.

Two additional Austrian nurses also received blood clots after vaccination, but these survived.

Norway follows after
At the present time, it can not be concluded whether the death is due to the vaccination.

Norway and several other European countries have chosen to follow Denmark, and are currently stopping the vaccination with AstraZeneca.

European Medicines authorities have, on the basis of this, initiated an investigation into the vaccine.

According to the Livesquawk financial website, AstraZeneca is following the latest developments.

AstraZeneca is familiar with the statement of the Sundhedsstyrelsen. They investigate possible side effects related to covid-19 vaccinations. That the vaccine is safe has been thoroughly investigated through clinical trials, writes LiveSquawk.

No easy decision
Currently, the Danish authorities have chosen to pause the vaccination of the AstraZeneca vaccine for two weeks. A new assessment will be made at Week 12.

We are in the middle of the largest and most important vaccination rollout in Denmark's history. And now we have use for all vaccines we can get. It is therefore no easy decision to put a vaccines on pause. However, because we vaccinate so many, we are also obliged to react, when serious side effects may occur. We have to clarify that before we can continue the use, says the director of the Board of Directors of Sundhedsstyrelsen Søren Brostrom.

Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen says that the vaccine has been put on hold until the authorities have provided an overview of the side effects.

  • Of course, it's painful to get such a novelty, but first of all it's right to investigate the case, when there are risks associated with a vaccine, says the Prime Minister.

She says it's too early on to conclude about the importance of the bad news. It is the country's health directorate that has informed about the severe cases of blood clotting. Frederiksen refers to the health authorities for further information.

Have to react.

Danish authorities emphasize that they have not put away the AstraZeneca vaccine for good, but that they put their use on pause.

There is good evidence that the vaccine is both safe and effective. However, both we and the pharmaceutical plant will have to respond to reports of possible serious side effects, both from Denmark and other European countries, Brostrøm says.

The break in the AstraZeneca vaccination in Denmark has consequences for the vaccine schedule. Anyone who has received their first dose of the vaccine must now wait for dose number two.

  • I feel sorry that we will now have to tell those who have already received the first dose, or those who have received a notice of the first dose, that they unfortunately have to wait until spring or early summer before being fully vaccinated, says Brostrom.

Break in five other countries
Health minister Magnus Heunicke says that the decision is taken as a precautionary consideration.

  • Although at the present time no relationship between the vaccine and the serious side effects has been demonstrated, we should act cautiously until the conclusion is reached, says Heunicke to Danish TV 2.

Also in Austria, Estonia, the Litua, Latvia and Luxembourg, the use of notably one batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine has been paused, while investigations are underway, according to Euronews.

Now it is up to the EU and make a further investigation of a possible link between the vaccine from AstraZeneca and the severe cases of blood clots.

394 side effects

The AstraZeneca vaccine was adopted in Norway 8. February. Since then, the Pharmaceutical Plant has received reports of 394 suspected adverse reactions, 15 of them serious.

The vaccine manufacturer himself says to Danish TV 2 that they are aware of Denmark's decision.

  • Patient safety is the first priority of AstraZeneca. We have clear and strict safety standards for the approval of all kinds of new medicine, including the corona vaccine of AstraZeneca, they write.

Ireland Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine Amid Blood Clot Reports.  BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS March 14, 2021 Updated: March 14, 2021


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