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The United States presidential election? China sent 'mail ballot' envelope


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This time, the United States presidential election is

The Chinese Communist Party and the Deep-State and the degenerate Democrats need to do

Voting negative evidence is continually coming out.

​Freedom in democratic countries election as head of government if if those countries that continue to deny election is to continue to be out there.This is the most important part.

​However, this time the Chinese government(ruling party the Communist Party of China)the intervention was that. Several circumstances of the company. Busy you the video below prepared.

​4 the United States 'USA Today'is the election situation in the live broadcast was, if the owner Georgia election office in the amazing scenes captured on Dec.

​Polling station staff check for completing the postal voting envelope, China international courier company 'shun Fung Express(SF express')logo stamped on the back was.

(Sorry, no voice translator)

Of the United States for postal voting is necessarily the United States Federal post office(USPS)to ship because they must vote on the China courier bag is empty.

​Voting prior to data communication,the

"The Election Authority, the Federal post office stamped postal ballot is only valid as correct", in terms of the other courier company if you use the void check processing can be a warning was

​In China, the American International Courier as ballot country that is not a problem, but the Courier building as a polling place on can't send it.

​This is because the panic pure Feng Express

"The mail arrived in the United States, after the United States to the destination of the shipping is related to us without it"

In terms of the presidential seal is a doubt in a hurry, a line was drawn in.

China courier company priority is to doubt and then came even more amazing news, the former New York Times China Studies member of the 'Zhao Yan(趙巖)'by the whole experience.

​Zhao Yan is Twitter in China this if you have one printing factory, Vice President of quote,to

"Over the last 5 November in the United States on the presidential ballot 500 million to print to"is a secret order, received the revelation of the content we had before.

​This client are American, but the exact identity did not disclose, and "the United States printing factory in Corona because of the time of delivery cannot be from the overseas factory to ask for help would be"this, and confidentiality for each of the up to write said.

​Of the World 'supermarket'called China Zhejiang Yiwu Market this year

The United States of various election supplies to create a topic whereThis is also a must.

​This printer Vice President recently in the United States fake ballot controversy, and their printed ballot and the connection seems to be to uncover the truth stepped in.

​This saying is true, this time in a tremendous display fake replaced with a SMB. But this is overseas in China reports that suddenly the original link is gone to,In fact, whether the time is to be confirmed as well.

​Meanwhile the United States 'Department of Homeland Security'(DHS)and 'cyber security and infrastructure security'(CISA)is a fake ballot in order to prepare for "secret" watermark " to insert said,"the rumors, about

​Their direct ballot printing is not involved, but the main individual the election office is a barcode or a watermark has been inserted to more.

​Meanwhile, Chinese-Americans Schmidt(Schmidt)is a New York NTD TELEVISION and in an interview, the evening of 3 to 4, the dawn, between one place in the shocking scene uncovered it.

​Schmidt of Michigan in Detroit vote in the Republican Party as an observer on the scene there was a total of 137 had a table of it.

​3 at 11 p.m. today, the vote will be finalized when each table the average 50 table left was in, since she was 'about 7 thousand representatives'degree of personal vote will be, as was expected.

​However 4 days dawn around 4 o'clock, suddenly the van one ballot containing Box 61 is carrying came to the scene, REP, "only 1 in 6 One Thousand brand new came in,"he said.

​Schmidt is back to work to prepare but was already 5 a.m. is beyond the end ballot box, youre not and the ticket office staff, they all went back home.

​However she morning 7 o'clock arrived at the home to turn on the computer and saw that she had released in a whopping '13 million goal'is added as aggregate no she was shocked and fell in it.

​"Really should not be all night, barely 7 thousand two, the goal was 13 million goal in an instant aggregate was it! Scene people this makes total sense that you know you can."

Such abrupt added to the aggregate in addition to the Michigan Republican Party is 6 PM, one County in the Trump brand '6 ceiling'is a program error as the target aggregate was a shocking fact has been announced.

​Michigan Republican Chairman 'ROCA Cox'"this program throughout the state, 47 in the County was used,"he said, and since Georgia, including 28 in the week, even use the same program to see my files because days and can.

​Meanwhile Biden on the glass, so that "voting with the last postal ballot envelopes for the boss, have the post office postmark dates to manipulate me,"said the width as a postal worker, eventually your real name and face published.

Investigative professional Media 'Project Veritas', according to Pennsylvania 'in County'postal employee 'Richard Hopkins'"big day too shaky and tense" and "losing your job does look too afraid,"he said, but in conscience we couldn't before.

​Furthermore, Richard "congressional testimony from the can"and up to mention for large files this can. 'Project Veritas'of the O'keefe representative about him "he is a courageous soul and inspired many people in line will be called"the assessment said.

​Richard is internal and development since, in the end, but the only post office in the game was, but his courage impressed, for the Americans are already 11 million 6 thousand dollars(1 billion in 3 million)or more donation for will

​Meanwhile, the 7th Trump, the President's lawyer, Giuliani former New York City Mayor

"A minimum of 60 million of votes a controversial"this and "presidential defeat, never admit you can't"

High emphasize.

​Giuliani Pittsburgh City(Pennsylvania), the Republican observers who altogether reject the 30 million scheme is sure no aggregation was, in the early Trump the President took was 70 million, and even later disappeared, for example, was

​He Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina from Republican observers and the election that the illegal practices simultaneously as it happened, and "for victory media and not the court to decide,"he says.

Here in the United States in the most prestigious election experts 'Hans von Spa Golf ski'also, Biden ratio is close to 100% in some postal voting with the case, observers had been rejected one place, for example, and "Trump the President's win is likely to" high said.

(Translated from N. Korean using Yandex.)

Found this article in a US group. Not often from N.Korea.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >


The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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