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George Galloway claims US Election Result is ‘a Coup’

Daily Express - By STEVEN BROWN PUBLISHED: 21:17, Sat, Nov 7, 2020

GEORGE GALLOWAY has claimed the US election result is "a coup" after Donald Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden earlier today. US Election: George Galloway labels Donald Trump loss a ‘coup’

After millions of Americans casted their votes this week, the results have finally been counted and Democrat rival Mr Biden has been projected as the next US President.

But outgoing President Mr Trump has continually claimed, without evidence, voter fraud and launched several legal battles.

Now, former MP George Galloway claimed the election is a “coup” and said the minute Mr Trump was elected they “never gave him the power”.

Speaking to Russia state-affiliated media, RT America, Mr Galloway said: “If this is how far they are prepared to go, Manila, to get rid of Donald Trump who was barely a jolt to the prevailing orthodoxy, imagine if Bernie Sanders had been on this ballot on Tuesday.

“God knows how far they would have been prepared to go.

George Galloway claims US election result is coup

George Galloway claims US election result is coup (Image: Getty)

“You will never persuade me, I’m sorry, that this is not a coup.

“It’s a coup that has been going on for four long years.

“From the minute, the hour that Donald Trump was elected, he got the office, but they never gave him the power.

“And they were determined to oust him from the first available opportunity.

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“Not because I think he’s anything great, far from it, but because he was for a time - or at least sounding like - he might be for a time a jolt to the prevailing orthodoxy.”

Following Mr Galloway’s comments, people flogged to social media to agree with the former MP.

One wrote: “Thank you George.

“Helps so much to have someone of stature back my own beliefs. Thanks so much for you.”

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Another said: “Well said GG as always on the money, right on the mark and spot on.

“Expected nothing else.”

While someone else said: “Mate totally agree it was an attempted coup from the moment Trump got in and some might say he did well to be in with a fighting chance at another election.”

Another person added: “Exactly that George! It was not one coup attempt, but several.

“The matter over the election theft is not over and is going to the Supreme Court.

“The media can not DECLARE an election winner (they can "project" whatever they want).”

While another person simply wrote: “I completely agree. The proof is irrefutable.”

Earlier this week, several Republicans distanced themselves from Mr Trump and his claims of voting fraud.

Others have said Mr Trump will refuse to leave the White House despite losing the election.