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Mysterious Author pens report

Mysterious Author pens report; Barclays Banker, Edmund Dunne - Digital Gold, and World Bank Whistleblower

  • Published on October 30, 2018
Christine Michelle Chadwick

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Mysterious Author pens report: Barclays Banker, Edmund Dunne - Digital Gold, and World Bank whistleblower.


Translated from the original article written in Spanish: https://www.mentealternativa.com/banquero-illuminati-edmund-dunne-creador-de-la-tecnologia-blockchain-secuestrada-por-el-cartel-bancario/

[Note: I do not know the author. I am not affiliated with the author who has gone to great lengths, using Open Source Intelligence Gathering to report on this story. The questions that this article presents will need to be clarified by Edmund himself, who wishes to speak publicly as soon as he is able. Until then, we guard all of his documents that we have decentralized with over two dozen Anonymous Operatives for safe keeping. Edmund also has over eight years of documentation sent into government bodies, embassies, international law enforcement, and UNHRC.

He has three years documentation, sent certified mail, to the CROWN addressed to the QUEEN of England. Edmund developed a psychological bond with both his Queen and President after he realized that no one was going to come to his rescue. Edmund has lost his career, home, independence, health, and sanity. He was then left in tortuous isolation, in the countryside of Ireland, as a disabled person with very little support on the estate of Aristocracy.

My personal assessment in this situation is that Edmund is a disabled investment banker who became a victim of neutralization in a multi-agency coverup involving; Barclays Bank, Nightingale Hospital, Allen and Overy Law Firm, and both British and Irish Establishments. An innocent person was nearly assassinated and/or intimidated by the global intelligence agencies by acting to pervert international law in pre-emptive criminal defense of Barclays as they stood accused of very serious crimes and where about to be shut down. Edmund continues to fear assassination. - Christine M. Chadwick]

The article states: The supposed creator of blockchain, Satoshi Nakamoto, would be just a pseudonym. For the identity of one of the creators of the chain of blocks has come to light through an intriguing story full of paradoxes that involves the whistleblower and World Bank lawyer, Karen Hudes, the activist and counterintelligence agent, Christine Michelle Chadwick, and the controversial banker "Illuminati" Edmund JM Dunne. In 2016, through a suspicious - and perhaps desperate - offer, the banker Edmund JM Dunne revealed to Karen Hudes that he was the real owner of the blockchain patent and that he was interested in entering the Global Fund for a block chain. Prosperity (1.7 million metric tons of gold placed in a trust for humanity by José Rizal and his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos). Karen Hudes, on behalf of the Board of Governors of the IMF and the World Bank, rejected the offer.

According to Christine Michelle Chadwick, from that moment, Edmund JM Dunne had to deal with his own fate and face the consequences of the accumulated actions that as a "revolutionary" banker led him to ruin and institutional persecution for betraying the global banking cartel offering the blockchain technology to a just cause, in addition to having participated in the closure of 6,000 accounts in the Vatican associated with the money laundering of the Catholic Church, and despite having fought against the financial manipulation and fraud of LIBOR and corruption in the global monetary system of the Rothschilds and the Vatican. In the years following the LIBOR scandal - between 2012 and 2014 - there were approximately 90 suspicious bankers' deaths, both homicides and suicides. And in the investigations it was determined that the employers of the bankers were cashing in on life insurance policies, free of taxes known as BOLI.

Edmund survived all this and now recovers from the post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the persecution, psychological torture and assassination attempts suffered during years and aggravated in the last months. According to documents published by Christine Michelle Chadwick, current representative of Edmund JM Dunne, he is a developer and owner of global patents of the Distributed Ledger Technology commonly called Blockchain (DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology in English) and all models of debt restoration that could be used to rescue the global financial system that is collapsing. She states that Edmund's original idea was to establish Permanent Peace and Prosperity as well as a global meritocratic planning agency.

But it has been almost a decade since banker Edmund Dunne decided to confront the powerful and deranged bank cartel, and today he is "too sick" to continue litigating as he did before: "They almost killed me and I'm very bad and I have to retire, at 42 I have lost everything and everyone in my life, "he confessed to Karen Hudes in his last email. But beyond the tragedy of Edmund Dunne, it is not very difficult to realize that what is currently happening in the world of cryptocurrency, and specifically with bitcoin, is very similar to the plan that Dunne had in 2016 to develop the chain of blocks and eventually back it with the gold of the world.

In a recent investigation, the criptodivisas analyst Mr. Santos, showed how the bank cartel is acquiring cryptocurrencies as bitcoin through techniques of financial speculation through the control of Investment Funds Quoted (ETFs) with the objective of merging the bitcoin system with the gold standard to control the economy through the manipulation of cryptocurrency futures in the new financial system backed by gold. That is to say, that the Rothschild banking cartel, the Vatican and the Black Nobility, could be conditioning the "original" idea of Edmund Dunne to rejuvenate their own system of extortion and usury.

This situation is particularly intriguing and paradoxical, since according to Dunne's testimony, he himself began his career working as an official in Rothschild banking and believed that "the Illuminati and the Queen" had recruited him to solve the world monetary and financial crisis by working as leader in the group of experts that designed the digital architecture for the gold-backed world currency: "One World Currency" that the Rothschilds and the British Crown currently promote through the return to the gold standard.

Is it, then, the system of manipulation of Listed Investment Funds (ETF) of the Rothschilds and the giants of Wall Street a vicious adaptation of the system of cryptocurrency and credit funds that the Illuminati banker Edmund JM Dunne offered so much to the British Crown as to Karen Hudes to destine them to safeguard the gold of the world that was deposited in the Fund for the Prosperity, in the Philippines, according to the visionary Bilateral Agreement of Succession of Minesfield of 1950 to protect it of the bank cartel and the fraudulent model of the petrodollar established in Bretton Woods?

Karen Hudes says that Edmund JM Dunne owns the patent blockchain (blockchain)

In an email dated March 18, 2018, published on the teleprompter of her program on March 25, 2018 in the series "Network of Global Corporate Control," the World Bank's insider, Karen Hudes, informed a sender that the Block chain patents are not owned by Bloomberg, but by one "Edmund JM Dunne", according to Dunne himself in April 2016:

"From: Andy

Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2018 5:26 PM

To: Karen Hudes

Cc: antonio pereira

Subject: questions from various people

Body of message: Some have asked if there are supporting documents that mention Blockchain's patents are owned by Bloomberg?

Answer by Karen Hudes: They are not from Bloomberg. I have not seen this anywhere. The patents are property of Edmund JM Dunne. "

Edmund Dunne: 'I own the creative copyright of Blockchain technology'

In a letterhead of the "Fund for Prosperity", published on May 1, 2016, Karen Hudes had already published the full email message she received from Edmund Dunne, who identified herself as:

"Member of the Kennedy Family, of the Bavarian Illuminati, and owner of the creative copyright of the Blockchain technology."

In his email, Mr. Dunne also mentions that at that time he was in the process of designing a FIAT crypto and a gold-backed credit fund:

"On Friday, April 29, 2016 at 2:10 PM, Edmund J M Dunne wrote:

Subject: Presentation and proposal for merger and acquisition

Message body:

Dear Mrs. Hudes,

I hope you are well.

Recently I became interested in his work and I am very impressed and equally sad by the way he has been treated.

I own the creative copyright of a technology commonly known as Blockchain.

I am the "G-D Son" (It refers to "god son", that is to say godson, since the Jews never write the full name of God) of an Irish family named Kennedy. I am writing from my family home in Camelot, in the Irish countryside.

I am in the process of designing a FIAT crypto currency and a gold backed credit fund, and I have found that your work is extremely useful.

I am aligned with the ethics of the Bavarian Illuminati (Illuminati), which I am working very hard to reform. You may want to check my credentials on LinkedIn.

I should be very grateful and really honored to make contact with you. I feel we have a lot in common, both in our experience with the World Bank and our shared visions.

I have scholarly knowledge about what happens in the United States. I am involved in complex legal proceedings in London and New York, with my employer Barclays, in circumstances similar to yours after I exposed the cover of a huge amount of corruption market.

The LIBOR trial was possible thanks to my testimony, as well as many other articles including the Vatican Accounts, APSA and IOR, in which I worked. I survived an assassination attempt in London, so now I am writing you as a witness under protection from the Irish countryside.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I have very good news that you will appreciate more than anyone else.

With best wishes,

Edmund J M Dunne. "(Source: Karen Hudes)

Edmund JM Dunne's proposal for the "acquisition" of the Prosperity Funds to merge them with his cryptocurrency and gold-backed credit fund was interpreted by Karen Hudes as an attempt by the global elite to steal the planet's wealth and take control of the new financial system. So Hudes made her response public to the illuminati banker, Edmund J M Dunne, the same May 1, 2016 https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter5.1.16.1.pdf:

"From: Karen Hudes

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 9:54 a.m.

Subject: Re: Initial introduction

To: Edmund J M Dunne

Thanks for write. I did not receive your email when it was sent, but until now. I'm happy to meet you, but I'm not interested in any merger proposal. The Board of Governors of the World Bank and the IMF are in charge and approved the Global Monetary Reset. I do not play fast or put the world's heritage at risk.

To be honest,

Karen Hudes

Acting General Counsel

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Inspector Trustee Assigned from the Fund for Prosperity TVM-LSM-666. "

In the same document, published on May 1, 2016, Karen Hudes says she has conducted an Internet search on Mr. Dunne's identity, and accuses him of "trying to steal world heritage by abolishing the World Bank and the IMF. "At least so suggests a screenshot with comments made by Edmund Dunne on Facebook in which he expresses with glee over the removal of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank as part of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. Paradoxically, in another comment by Hudes, Mr. Dunne also talks about the noble task and "need to reform, modernize and emancipate the royalty of the 'old guard' towards more inclusive and benevolent ends."

[Image] Comments with contradictory opinions of Edmund Dunne on the social network Facebook, compiled and published by Karen Hudes.

Who is Edmund JM Dunne?

That was not the last conversation between Karen Hudes and Edmund JM Dunne. Between July 22 and 25, 2016, Mr. Dunne wrote to Karen Hudes repeatedly to ask for help, as he was in a dangerous situation, and even blamed the then President Barak Obama for trying to assassinate him in collusion with Barclays Bank and the international law firm Allen & Overy LLP. Anyway, the message suggests that Hudes and Dunne had been conducting conversations via email, maybe since their first conversations in May 2016 ?:

"From: Edmund J M Dunne

Date: Monday, July 25, 2016 at 11:55 a.m.

Subject: A note of thanks and a goodbye. @ Int.Intel - Non-Fusion

To: Karen Hudes

Karen, now I'm too sick to continue the Litigation. They almost killed me and I am very bad and I have to retire, at 42 I have lost everything and everyone in my life.

We discovered who tried to assassinate me to derail a litigation: President Barack Obama (Barclays, and Allen & Overy LLP). Beyond evil.

The Serious Fraud Office opened a case against bankers murdered under l4cb3.

I wish you the best in your continuous efforts.

Greetings, Edmund J M Dunne.

At 00:00:01 July 22, 2016, my legal identity ceased to exist and all diplomatic relations with the US, Ireland, Great Britain (USA) and the Holy See, ended at the Embassy of Ireland in London after having been abandoned by the four Nation-States acting in the Joint Criminal Offense Enterprise in both the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice.

Now I am a stateless person and asylum seeker in Israel under the Russian Protectorate, while the UNOHCHR investigates my state-sponsored torture and abuse and attempted murder.

All this for simply telling the truth and defending myself in the courts of law and providing billions of pounds of my intellectual property for free to protect diplomatic relations.

It is a total collapse of the rule of national and international law. "

[Image] Edmund JM Dunne, the Illuminati banker who rebelled against the banking cartel of the Rothschilds, the Black Nobility and the Vatican.

In subsequent mailings, Dunne limited himself to sending Hudes short phrases in which he exposed his situation, arrest attempts, and even a complaint against An Garda Síochána (the National Police and the Irish Security Service) for covering up pedophilia:

"On July 25, 2016, at 9:32 PM, Edmund J M Dunne wrote: James Dunne and Marcella Dunne have been arrested.

On July 25, 2016, at 9:33 PM, Edmund J M Dunne wrote: Arresto resisted.

On July 25, 2016, at 23:46, Edmund J M Dunne wrote: A Garda Síochána is out of compliance in Pedophilia. "

These last three emails contained the digital signature of Dunne, who identify him as a member of the Illuminati Order of St. Edmund, and which contain privacy warnings and copyrights "protected by The Crown":

"The Illuminati Royalty - Absolute World Monarch - Order of Saint Edmund - Always watching you.

Disclaimer - Copyright and limitations - Read carefully, and by replying, you agree to these terms in full.

1. This is a privileged and legally protected electronic communication at the international level.

2. If you are an unwanted recipient, this communication is null and void.

3. Prohibited complaints (whistleblowing) - International security in the maintenance of peace.

4. All property protected by the Crown.

5. All rights reserved. "

Before the contradictory and mysterious identity of Edmund JM Dunne exposed by Karen Hudes, she asked him to stop writing and published the electronic conversations as well as a message dedicated to Mr. Dunne in which he explains what he thinks of him:

"Edmund, I do not agree that you are an Absolute World Monarch. Humanity still has its assets. You are a cheater trying to steal the wealth of humanity and you have not been able to do it. The way to express yourself through terms and conditions of privacy is not enough for you to steal the wealth of humanity to humanity. On behalf of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and the IMF, I inform you that the assets of humanity deposited in the Global Debt Facility belong to humanity. Now, please, never again send me another email. "(Source: Karen Hudes)

In this way, the self-declared owner of the blockchain and Bavarian illuminati patent of the Order of St. Edmund associated with the Crown, Edmund JM Dunne, could not convince Karen Hudes to merge the Global Debt. Facility protected by the World Bank with its crypto project backed with gold. But, beyond that, is Edmund JM Dunne really the creator of the chain of blocks and a Illuminati with good intentions that was betrayed by the Crown in an attempt to help humanity, as indicated in his conversations with Hudes, or Was all part of a strategy to extort it and appropriate the Funds for Prosperity?

“I am declassifying who I am and I am declassifying my work in Distributed Ledger Technology. #DLT #Blockchain #FinTech @CIA @INTERPOL_HQ” - Edmund JM Dunne on Twitter @Edmundjdunne


“I have an absolute morbid fear of the press, which is why I am preparing by doing video chats on my Facebook account. /Edmund.dunne.3 @CIA”


Edmund JM Dunne, from banker illuminati creator of blockchain to victim of persecution and torture?

In various public messages on social networks and especially in an article entitled "Update On, Targeted Barclays Banker, Edmund JM Dunne", the activist, counterintelligence agent and Edmund JM Dunne representative, Christine Michelle Chadwick, refers to the following - The situation of her client after the rebuff suffered after the rejection of his offer by Karen Hudes and the World Bank:

"Karen (Hudes) snubbed Edmund last May when she should have saved his life. He suffered nine more months after that and he is still recovering from the poisoning and trauma. When Edmund’s health declined very badly and he could not travel or speak for himself, he asked me to take care of his correspondence and had this formal gesture put in writing. " - Christine Michelle Chadwick

[Image] Representation rights granted by Edmund Dunne to Christine Michelle Chadwick.

I learned about Edmund's suicidal condition through his Facebook page, in mid-January 2017. He was already well known in our Anonymous-OSINT circles due to the private emails he had with the World Bank complainant, Karen Hudes, who she made public in her program of the Global Network of Corporate Control. During that time, Edmund believed that the Illuminati had recruited him to solve the global monetary and financial crisis, and he told us that he led the group of experts that designed the digital architecture for the gold-backed world currency: "One World Currency" that the Rothschild and the British Crown are pushing for the global financial reset. "

[Image] In a dark message with dedication to the Queen, Dunne reveals that Edmund Dunne's first job was as an official in Rothschild banking.

Edmund says his supervisor intimidated him at the Barclays bank, prompting him to attempt suicide in late 2011. He then spent six months at the Nightingale Hospital in London, where, according to him, he was misdiagnosed and inadequately medicated to silence him. Edmund has access to information related to Vatican accounts used for money laundering, manipulation of LIBOR, and corruption in our global monetary system, which he believes were designed to be predators from the beginning. In the following years, between 2012 and 2014, there were approximately 90 suspicious bankers' deaths - both homicides and suicides - related to the collection of tax-free life insurance policies known as BOLI. Edmund survived all this. "

"We interacted with Edmund on the Internet for almost a year while he tried to free himself from the torturous living conditions he suffered at Wexford Co. in New Ross, Ireland. https://steemit.com/anonymous/@sadcorp/suicide-prevention-mission-fundraiser-by-christine-chadwick-barclays-banker-edmund-jm-dunne

We tried to help him by offering support and amplifying his voice on social networks. Edmund is also a survivor of child abuse and trauma, as well as another attempted murder by poisoning. For this reason he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and for this reason he used to manifest frequent outbreaks of anxiety in his social networks, continuously going from moments of high social exposure to moments of wanting to hide. Edmund has been writing to the Queen, to intelligence agencies, to the International Police and to various governments and embassies for several years only to be ignored or dismissed.”

[Image] Edmund Dunne during his isolation in the Irish countryside.

I have served as a counter-intelligence officer and legal representative of Edmund, at his request, since January 2017. I have written to more than a hundred embassies on behalf of Edmund, I have advised him on dark characters that try to silence him, and I have foiled sabotage plans with respect to his efforts and his legal situation. What I did not expect to discover is the abandonment by his own family and the self-sabotage that occurred as a result of the suffering of post-traumatic stress disorder. Edmund is sometimes inconstant and changes his mind several times in a month about his plans and strategies while fighting for his release. He also has the habit of firing me and re-appointing me on a regular basis. I have managed to protect Edmund from some of the external forces, but I learned that there is no competition to try to protect Edmund from his own family's neglect, or from his occasional distrust of almost everyone, including me. "(Source: Christine Michelle Chadwick)

[Image] Christine Michelle Chadwick, the woman who saved Edmund Dunne and who currently works as his representative.

The war of Edmund Dunne against the Banking Cartel and the decomposition of the international rule of law

In another update posted on her Facebook account, Christine Michelle Chadwick, exposes Dunne's work in the fight against the Deep State as well as the dissemination of testimonies that point to the jázara mafia of the Rothschilds, and to the Vatican, as authors of various assassination attempts against Edmund Dunne, as well as concealment by governments, intelligence agencies and the police.

"Once he realized that his rights to life and liberty were being violated and that the police, intelligence, and both British and Irish establishments were ignoring his pleas for help, Edmund embarked on a healing journey that he named ' Kings training.’ This ingenious survival mechanism, which he himself designed, has given him a hope, a purpose and a vision for permanent peace and prosperity.

Edmund identifies with royalty and the banking industry, so he expressed a sense of duty to remedy all the damage and suffering caused by those who share his profession. Edmund has a great interest and conviction to repair the damages caused by the bank cartel. That's why he designed the digital architecture for a global cryptocurrency backed by gold. He has sent all his intellectual property and personal letters to the Queen of England during the past years. He also studied constitutional law in four jurisdictions and has followed his own personal strategy in correspondence and legal protocols for the past six years. Now he is under the protection of the international community. "

[Image] Edmund Dunne after being rescued from his isolation in the Irish countryside by the international community.

Here is the testimony that Edmund Dunne sent to UNCAT and Interpol, which he recently declassified after meeting and speaking with the Irish police. Christine Michelle Chadwick received the document via email, on May 21, 2018, and posted it on her Facebook account. In the document you can read clearly the accusations of Edmund Dunne against the mafia jázara of the Rothschilds, and the Vatican, for trying to assassinate him:

[Image] Sumario Amicus Curiae en la Interpol, página 1 de 3.

"Edmund is an Anglo-Irish royal, 43 years old. He is a British and Irish citizen who has a lifetime oath in B.A.R. (The Approved British Registry) and acts openly and under protection, in the legal capacity of International Law, such as Amiens Curiae or in lay terms as a friend of the International Police, Intelligence Agencies and Courts (the Global Coalition for the State of Straight). Edmund works for Emancipation and Atonement in Sovereignty. Edmund is the only survivor of a group of homicides (alleged suicides) in the International Financial Services Industry.

In his particular case, this is attributed directly to the Barclays Investment Bank, in London, where he worked at LIBOR (the largest complex financial fraud in history) and with the Vatican bank accounts APSA and IOR (complex and large institutional financial frauds). money laundering of the Jázara de los Rothschild and the Vatican Mafia). Edmund felt bad at the end of 2011, when he sought the professional support he needed through the financial, legal and medical professions, which failed.

Since then, he has been exposed to almost extreme levels of abuse related to torture and a long catalog of institutional failures, corruption and cover-up that form a highly organized and directed attempt to simply prevent him from returning to a better health situation provided by the opportunity to call for an adjustment of accounts to all those who have caused this written statement to be necessary. Both Ireland and Britain have adopted and continue to apply coercively an extremely aggressive approach, in line with the failed attempts to discourage and kill him, and what is more serious: to pervert the courts of international law and try to overcome the eventual aims of the law international. "(Source: Summary Amicus Curiae at Interpol)

[Image] Summary Amicus Curiae at Interpol, page 2 of 3.

"An interim mandate for cease and desist must be notified to both Ireland and Great Britain and an independent third party (nation state) should be appointed as a squire, such as Switzerland. There should be no further attempts on the part of Ireland or Great Britain to harm or murder Edmund and all appropriate adjustments must be instigated and with immediate effect regardless of time, effort and costs, all borne by Ireland and Great Britain in accordance with the Due to normal process in pre-trial rehabilitation. (...) In view of the attempted murder by poisoning (of Mr. Andrew Parker of MI5 acting with the Mafia Jázara Rothschild and the Vatican, on November 5, 2014 at 1812 West, 1 Pan Peninsula Square, London E14 911G, GB

Due to concealment (criminal obfuscation) by the London Metropolitan Police with the insertion of an Algerian British / French Muslim citizen) and the prolonged open and covert harassment theater by Great Britain and Ireland and the death threats, it is sensible to instigate close protection formal (open and highly visible) with the following national agencies informing the international statutory agencies (daily). "(Source: Summary Amicus Curiae at Interpol)

[Image] Sumario Amicus Curiae en la Interpol, página 3 de 3.

Edmund Dunne: 'The One World Order is an absolute, benevolent, international and legally linked monarchy'

In addition, Dunne extended another document to Christine Michelle Chadwick, entitled "The One World Order is an absolute, benevolent, international, and legally linked monarchy", in which he declares his willingness to start a career as a whistleblower and to speak publicly about his experiences:

"The Press Release. - Edmund J M Dunne is an Anglo-Irish homosexual man of 41 years of age, of royalty, disabled, defender of forensic mental health and active member of the Illuminati. It is also what is commonly known as "Savant" - or simply a bright-minded individual with colorful manners.

On November 4, 2011, as a cumulative consequence of the actions of many people, an event of violence was inflicted on their home in London, 1708 East, Pan Peninsula, Canary Wharf, requiring prolonged rehabilitation and perhaps the most intense known to date in the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology. This approach is known as "Kingship" (real dignity), and it is the first time that it has been applied in a clinical setting by Gestalt. The result has been successful.

On November 4, 2014, as a cumulative consequence of the parties involved since November 4, 2011, an event of extreme violence took place at their home in London, 1812 West, Pan Peninsula, Canary Wharf. A few minutes after revealing to three uniformed officers of the Metropolitan Police the presence of unpleasant elements in his life, a substance was administered to a glass of champagne, which required immediate emergency surgery.

Two different events of toxic ingestion, two identical dates, three years apart. It is not necessary to call Jane Marple to investigate: It was about killing the Crown Protected Witness.

During the time that Edmund underwent the rehabilitation of royal dignity (Kingship), he systematically dismantled the whole mechanism of the International Financial Services Industry and applied Pharaonic Thought in the process of Rebirth and Restoration for full Faith and trust. During this process, he divided the atom of a digital currency called Bitcoin from its constituent architecture called Blockchain. This footnote, really small, in many thousands and thousands of protected writings (scars of anguish) was the greatest advance for civilization in its current form. The horse has already run wild and is winning.

In his fall-a common exercise for those with euphoric thinking worsened by disastrous medications, none of which was even necessary-Edmund read the History of the Art of Civilization and applied it to The Profession of Law, which has now been gained a fanatical understanding along with International Affairs, Military Strategy and Intelligence, and virtually anything that catches your attention. In short, Edmund has discovered many things.

Edmund is an avid gardener, an exquisite cook, a talented artist, designer and architect, and a charming person who will be nearby if bridges are reduced for those who earn their trust. His investigation of forensic psychiatric and psychological intelligence had never been seen before, even Lord G-D himself [the Jews do not fully write down the name of God] would have to wait in line to earn Edmund's trust. He is also a talented and visionary linguist, among other things.

With extensive advice and professional guidance, Edmund has chosen to break his silence and confront his last fear in life: to present himself to speak in public. The international press will do everything possible to ensure that this is done in a respectful, attentive and supportive manner. We have already lost a visionary Queen of hearts and minds like Diana Spencer, among many others, so let these mistakes never happen again. Edmund has a lot to say it, he shall.

International legal compliance - Jus Cogens; International, European and National Law and Disability Law (I / C / J); The United Nations Convention on Human Rights and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. "

[Image] "The One World Order is an absolute, benevolent, international, and legally linked monarchy", by Edmund JM Dunne.

About the Funds for Prosperity that Dunne sought to merge into a crypto-gold fund

As we have reported in other articles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the Funds for Prosperity are insured in the Philippines and established in the Minesfield Agreements at the end of the Second World War. Karen Hudes represents the Board of Governors of the World Bank that manages and protects these funds to integrate them into the monetary reset without being intervened and acquired by the banking cartel of the global elite.

In a strong article, cryptocurrency analyst Mr. Santos, showed how the banking cartel is acquiring bitcoin through techniques of financial speculation through the control of Investment Funds Quoted (ETF), with the aim of merging the bitcoin system with the standard incoming gold to control the economy through the manipulation of bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies.

But is the system of manipulation of Investment Funds Quoted (ETF) documented by Mr. Santos the same cryptocurrency system and credit funds backed by gold created by Edmund J M Dunne?

The Karen Hudes document in which the Aryan illuminati Edmund JM Dunne expresses interest in acquiring the Global Debt Facility to merge them with its cryptocurrency FIAT supports in gold is, along with the evidence that the global elite that stripped Edmund Dunne of his invention is manipulating bitcoin in his favor, a clear indication that the interests of the Aryan faction of the European nobility that presents itself as antagonistic to the Illuminati faction that controls the Deep State of the USA, are not precisely those of contributing to the liberation of humanity. Or at least not for the moment.

[Image] Part of the 1.7 million metric tons of gold placed in a trust for humanity by José Rizal and his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos, and now sheltered by Karen Hudes and the World Bank in the Fund for Prosperity TVM- LSM-666.

Who is Karen Hudes?

In several chapters of her "Network of Global Corporate Control" program, broadcast on Youtube, Karen Hudes has identified herself as a lawyer and whistleblower (whistleblower) of the World Bank, as well as Interim Legal Advisor of the International Development Bank. Reconstruction, assigned by the Board of Governors of the World Bank as an assigned trustee inspector of the Prosperity Fund TVM-LSM-666.

"Karen Hudes is an attorney and economist who worked in the Legal Department of the World Bank for 21 years. There he reported on the corruption in the organization and was fired in 2007 as a whistleblower. Hudes bought a World Bank bond and sued the World Bank, its KPMG auditors, as well as a law firm that was supposed to evaluate their claims, as well as the World Bank's medical insurer. The Board of Governors resolved the Hudes lawsuit and she was reinstated by the Board of Governors. Currently Karen Hudes is part of a Coalition for the Rule of Law that was predicted by a very precise model that came to the World Bank from the US Department of Defense. in 2004. "(Source: Karen Hudes: brief history of the resetting of the world monetary system)

Karen Hudes has been accused of misinforming, especially in controlled alternative media. The truth is that she has been one of the few Whistleblowers (whistleblowers) who has presented strong evidence about the existence of the Network of Global Corporate Control (scientifically proven in an investigation by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Hudes has also published compelling evidence about the existence of the Global Debt Facility (the world's concrete wealth, gold, jewelry, etc.) insured after the Second World War through the Minesfield Agreement when the Jesuit Black Pope José Rizal knew that the American faction of the banking cartel would establish its liberal banking bank empire based on false money. Hudes has also mentioned that the real owners of the central banks are the families of the European Black Nobility, and that the Rothschilds are just one of them.

[Video] World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes on RT https://youtu.be/voLFpp4n1Pk

LinkedIn Article Artwork by Edmund JM Dunne


Edmund Dunne via Christine Chadwick — “El Orden Mundial Único es una monarquía absoluta benevolente, internacional y legalmente vinculada.”

Edmund Dunne via Christine Chadwick — Sumario Amicus Curiae en la Interpol.

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Mente Alternativa — Red de Control Corporativo Global: Cartel bancario en bancarrota y bandera falsa en Siria.

Mente Alternativa — Manipulación de bitcoin y fiebre del oro: Cómo el cartel bancario se prepara para controlar el nuevo sistema monetario.

Mente Alternativa — Abolición del Banco de Pagos Internacionales (BIS) para impulsar el Reseteo Monetario Global.

Mente Alternativa — Red de Control Corporativo Global: ¿Quién controla el mundo?.

Mente Alternativa — Reseteo financiero global, nobleza negra illuminati y la Red de Control Corporativo Global.

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Christine Michelle Chadwick

Christine Michelle ChadwickCounterintelligence Global Accounts, Internet Spyder 🕸 International Security, Rule of LawPublished • 1yr3 articlesFollowMysterious Author pens report; Barclays Banker, Edmund Dunne - Digital Gold, and World Bank Whistleblower

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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