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5G devices exposed as actual beam weapon systems

Image: BOMBSHELL: 5G devices exposed as actual beam weapon systems by man who disassembles them on camera and finds weaponized electronics inside

BOMBSHELL: 5G devices exposed as actual beam weapon systems by man who disassembles them on camera and finds weaponized electronics inside

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 by:

(Natural News) - Anthony Steele from the YouTube channel “ANTHONY STEELE” has been conducting his own independent investigations into LEDs, 5G, and other emerging technologies to see if they’re really as safe and beneficial as our tech overlords claim, and wouldn’t you know it but many of these high-tech devices are actually radiation weapons in disguise, based on what Steele has uncovered.

In a recent video update he published on November 21st, Steele looked at the 450-volt capacitor and computer board of a standard LED light, revealing that the blue light wavelengths blasted out from it are a type of phototoxic radiation that destroys the retina of the eye.

Citing a study published by French researchers about blue light exposure, Steele explains how the blue light from standard LEDs is extremely phototoxic, and is in no way safe for human health.

“Blue, phosphor-coated 450 nanometer (nm) frequency” is retinal cell toxic, Steele explains about how LED lights damage the human eye.

“This inhibits the production of chemicals in the body to protect you from cancer and deleterious effects, melatonin, the main one. These actually kill the retina cells … that’s why they’re dangerous, and that’s why the whole thing was developed as a weapons system,” he adds.

Steele’s cited study reveals how LED blue light not only damages the retina of the eye with its phototoxicity, but also decreases photoreceptor responses to light.

“The most harmful component of visible light is the blue wavelength (400-500 nm),” the study explains. “Different filters have been tested, but so far all of them allow passing a lot of this wavelength (70%).”

LED lights are WEAPONS designed to KILL

According to Steele, these high-voltage LED lights that are popping up on street lights, in apartment complexes, and even inside those newfangled “smart” light bulbs sold at the hardware store are all electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons disguised as “environmentally friendly” lighting.

When you take them apart and really look at what they’re designed to do and what they emit, it quickly becomes clear that LED lighting is not just a scam, but a weapon designed to kill people.

The specific LED light system that Steele took apart in the above video was actually designed with a light censor disguise that hides its true weaponized insides. Steele says this disguise is actually listed as such by the manufacturer, and is meant to keep the gullible sheep asleep about the device’s weaponized nature.

“The definition of a weapon is to cause bodily harm,” Steele warns. “This is part of an EMP weapons deployment,” he adds about LEDs and 5G.

For more related news about LEDs, 5G, and advanced technological weaponry, be sure to check out EMF.news and 5Galert.com.

5G will allow Big Brother to watch and listen to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING

Steele suggests that people wear protective eye wear and clothing to avoid being targeted by these LED light bulbs and the 5G wireless systems to which they’re connected.

“This is uninsurable, untested, unregulated, breaches the Nuremburg Court, thanks to the UN (United Nations) ‘resilient cities’ agenda,” Steele further warns in another video about toxic LED blue light. “These LED street lights, blue, phosphor-coated, 450 nanometers, are toxic to life.”

“This particular design doesn’t have any diffuser, so it catches your eyes,” Steele adds. “This is a deliberate act to harm the citizen.”

Steele also wants people to know that all of the 5G towers and cell panels being installed virtually everywhere, including inside airports, are actively monitoring people’s movements and even their faces as part of a mass facial recognition scheme.

A deliberate act of domestic terrorism against innocent people, LEDs and 5G are part of the beam weapons matrix system that’s directly targeting human physiology for destruction – and all in the name of technological “progress.”

Steele’s channel really is worth a watch, as Steele goes into great detail unpacking the minutiae of LEDs and 5G that the public isn’t being told by our controlled, fake news media, as well as by our controlled, fake politicians.

“The design is being designed to harm, and obviously bodily harm, and anything designed to cause harm is a weapon,” Steele notes, pointing to the lack of any formidable diffusers on LED light systems as crystal clear evidence that these are anti-human weapons systems in disguise.

“It is only masquerading as a light, and it’s not even a good light,” he further says about LEDs.

LED blue light is specifically designed to open up people’s eyes, causing them to dilate, which allows for not only maximum radiation penetration in the pupil but also maximum identification capacity within the facial recognition systems that are being installed in conjunction with these lights.

It’s all a sham, in other words, and one that’s taking place without public approval or even public knowledge of what’s really going on. And our corrupt, fake politicians can’t get this human-destroying technology installed fast enough, which is chilling, to say the least.

“This is a planned assault … and the administration of a noxious substance … the micro-radiation on the top, the one that you can’t get away from because it enters your home, trespasses on your home, and is illegal,” Steele warns about LEDs.

Be sure to check out the documentary film 5G Apocalypse to learn more about the dangers of LEDs and 5G.



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