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Illuminati whistleblower arrested in Norway and admitted to asylum arrest

Written by Hans Gaarder on 11. juni, 2008

Leo Zagami’s Norwegian Experience


Italian Leo Zagami is a freemason of the highest degree and Grandmaster of the European Illuminati. Illuminati is a secret network that has been developed through centuries and yields much power within the areas of banking, finance, politics, media, religion, Freemasonry and other. The American one dollar bill displays a pyramid with 13 levels and an eye at the top which is the symbol of the Illuminati. This is also a symbol of the enormous financial power of the Illuminati that has control and running of central banks as one of their prevailing business concepts.lluminati is involved in various secret activities, both material and esoteric. Satanism is a part of this.

Orders controlled by the Illuminati where this has been practiced are among others the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) and The Order of the Skull & Bones 322, where president George W. Bush is an initiated member under oath.The issue of bloodlines is extremely important for members of the Illuminati. Through his bloodlines, royal british-scottish at his mothers side and Italian black nobility at his fathers side, Leo Zagami was born into having an important position of power withinthe Illuminati network.At age 23 Zagami was initiated as Freemason of the 33rd degree. He was born to be the successor of the aging Illuminati king Licio Gelli at the P2 lodge of Monte Carlo. Zagami started visiting Norway in the 90’s to investigate whether satanic activities weretaking place there.

Norwegian asylum

As a freemason and grandmaster of the Illuminati he became naturally integrated into the norwegian freemason and satanic communities. In 2002 Zagami was consecrated into the Egyptian-gnostic order of Memphis-Misraïm, which happens only to a selected few freemasons of the highest order.Zagami experienced that there was a lot of satanic activity going on in Norway. In 2003 he started his efforts to end the ritual satanic practices by raisingthe issue internally within the communities. Butfighting satanism in Norway turned out to be far fromeasy. After Zagami took the first discreteinitiatives to radically change the practices withinthese communities, he experienced on variousoccasions to become a victim of abuse carried out bythe norwegian authorities.The first time Zagami became the target of power abusewas in the autumn of 2003.

During some days personsfrom the OTO had been harassing Zagami and hisgirlfriend at the time using phone and email. Thisprovoked and enfuriated Zagami and made his norwegiangirlfriend at the time, who was not so well used toSicilian temperament, to feel uneasy about thesituation and call for assistance.Suddenly representatives for the norwegianintelligence service, the PST, appeared at his home.Zagami was handcuffed and brought to the psychiatricemergency unit for registration. Then he was broughtto a psychiatric hospital where he was confined.Normally, the intelligence unit PST has no connectionto mental health assistance services, indicating thatthe whole charade of provocations and the resultingfollow up was a setup initiated by certain OTO members.

Although quite unknown to the public, even in Norway,the Norwegian government has a tradition of widespreaduse of mental ward confinement towards individualsthat are considered being «obstacles» for thenorwegian authorities and their shady puppet masters.This happened to a brilliant lawyer named SynnoveFjellbakk Tafto, who worked in the norwegian ministryof foreign affairs during the membership negotiationswith the EU. After she had made it clear for thepoliticians taking part in the negotiations that thelegal framework she was presented implied a breach ofthe norwegian constitution and nothing was done aboutit, she was about to blow the whistle. But before shewas allowed to speak into a TV microphone she wastaken away on the order of a norwegian politican withmuch power at the time. She was put into a mentalhospital where she has spent lots of years since.

This shame has never been mentioned in norwegianmedia.Being inside the psychiatric ward, the statements madeby Zagami to explain his situation and his mission inNorway were interpreted by the mental ward staff andregistered in their journals as Zagami being«megalomaniac» and having «extensive delusions»,«paranoic conceptions» and «faulty perception ofreality». These mis-interpretations made by the wardauthorities who themselves displayed faultyperceptions of the reality of Zagami, were in its turnused as the psychiatric rationalizations for applyingthe inhuman Norwegian law that permits forced mentalward confinement.

As a foreigner unable to speak the local language, andwithout proper connections in Norway Zagami became ahelpless victim of the abuse of power by the norwegiangovernment.The use of mental ward confinement against personsdisplaying «undesired attitudes» was a successfulformula in the former Soviet Union. For a person whohas been institutionalized in a mental ward, many actsfrom the ward staff will deliberately orcoincidentally function as provocations pushing thenerves and emotions of the client towards itsboundaries or beyond. Thus any reaction to the insanesituation that is being experienced by the client willbe perceived by the ward staff as confirming thecorrectness of the decision to having the person putinto confinement.

Due to this devilish dynamics andother circumstances, once being inside, the battle toget out might be long and hard, exacerbated by theuncertainty of the duration of the stay.Zagami managed however to escape by fleing from themental ward confinement. Having checked in and passedthe security control at the Oslo Airport and headingfor London, he was arrested by the Norwegian policeand brought back to continued confinement at themental institution. After lots of hassle anduncertainty Zagami was finally released from the wardafter having been there for 4 weeks.In connection to this it can be mentioned that thefollowing year, a mentally disturbed asylum seekerfrom Africa stabbed 5 persons at an Oslo tramcar, oneof which was killed.

This dangerous mentally disturbedman was rejected psychiatric ward confinement on thegrounds that all ward institutions were so full thatnot a single solitary room was available for thisserious emergency situation.One and a half year later, in May 2005 another abusiveassault on Zagami’s intregrity was carried out bynorwegian authorities. During the night Zagamireceived a phone call from a person within the OTOtelling him «you’re a dead man». Zagami contacted thepolice and reported the threat. However the nextmorning Zagami’s home was surrounded by more than 10heavily armed policemen. Since Zagamis phone wastapped by the secret police the police could easilyhave verified that the threat that Zagami had reportedwas real.

However, it was Zagami’s home that was raided and Zagami who was arrested. They brought himto the same psychiatric institution where he had beenput the first time. In the ward journals it says thathe had been put there for «threatening behavior in thestreet». There had also been an anonymous phone callto the ward institution complaining about Zagami asbeing threatening. (How could an anonymous caller knowso well know where to call without having knowledgeof the past ?) Even the medical chief of the hospitaladmitted that such calls were very rare, acknowledgingthe probability of a setup.Prior to this there had been a showdown within thefreemasonry in England, where Zagami had been playingan active role.

As a result of this one englishindividual had been considered «not fit and proper» toparticipate in a certain community after some of hisundertakings had been exposed due to Zagami. As itwas, this individual had close ties to some Norwegianswith the ability to pull the strings of «useful idiot»norwegian authorities.In June 2006 Zagami came back to Norway after havingbroken out of and left the Illuminati.He had married Fatma Süslu the year before and she waspregnant with their child. Deflections very rarelyoccur within the closed and secretive Illuminatinetwork. Anyone who leaves Illuminati runs the dangerof death. Being at home with his wife Zagami explainedthe situation for his wife telling her that his lifewas in danger.

She proposed to call the police forsecurity reasons but Leo said no and took thecellphone out of her hand. Some time later, seeminglyout of nowhere, two policemen entered the home of theZagami family . They handcuffed Leo and brought himto the same mental institution once more leaving herwife in disbelieve . He got out from the ward just intime for the birth of their son.Zagami not only had the courage to leave theIlluminati, but he also started publishing hisIlluminati confessions at the Internet. Theseconfessions contained lots and lots of informationabout the Illuminati, both historic and present, aboutits secret and dubious activities and about peopleinvolved.

The first confessions were published at the blogsite:

Some of the content was not appreciated by thenorwegian OTO and freemason societies. For this reasoncertain individuals from these societies filed acomplaint for having their names exposed at theIlluminati Confessions website. This resulted in thatthe norwegian authorities took action and had theoriginal Illuminati Confessions website closed. Thishappened in december 2006, a couple of months afterthe confessions publishing started. Zagami’s responseto this was to have the site and all the content movedto a server in Italy that was beyond the reach of theoppressive norwegian authorities and to continue theIlluminati exposure from there.Few days after Zagami continued the publishing of hisconfessions his home was visited late one night by twopolicemen and two social workers.

They forced theirway into the Zagami home in spite of that his wife hadtold them to wait outside until she had called thepolice station to check out that they actually werewho they claimed to be.Once they were inside, Zagami’s wife was escorted intoanother room so that the visitors could speak «inserious» alone with Leo. The policemen threatened himwith being arrested if he went on with his Illuminaticonfessions at the net. In the presence of the socialworkers it was stated that they had the power to takeaway his children (Leo’s son and the other son of hiswife that Leo also considered to be his child). Leomade it clear that he in no way intended to beaffected by the threats and that he would go on withthe publishing of his confessions.

Shortly after thisthe representatives of the norwegian authorities left. Leo and his wife have told about this experience shorttime after it happened at a radio program thatis available at

In the end of february 2008 Zagami suddenly foundhimself living alone after his wife had moved out ofthe home and taken the children with her. After thebreakup there was some degree of turbulence betweenthem due to that Leo suddenly became deprived of thepossibility of being with his son. Fatma on her sidehad made up false accusations against Leo anddelivered to the police like some sort ofprecautionary action to secure that the son would staywith her and not with his father.Late in the evening one early day in march threepolice representatives (2 PST and 1 from the localStovner police station) arrived in Zagami’s home. Theysaid that they had to arrest him.

When Zagami asked ifthey had a warrant they were unable to present this.According to police documentation, the warrant wasproduced after the arrest had been carried out.Zagami was brought to the local police station and putin a prison cell until the next day. The precedingevent to this abusive police action was that Leo hadhad a telephone quarrel with his wife where he hadmade it clear that he wanted to see his son thefollowing day which was Leo’s birthday. Half seriousand half jokingly he had said he would publish asensitive photo and a sensitive video at the net ifshe did not let him see his son that he had not seensince she had left. Fatma Süslu had then called thepolice and reported that Leo had made threats to her.

The day after the arrest, while Leo was still inprison, the police raided his home and confiscated hislaptops and cellphones along with some documents,among those the foundation documents of the norwegianCommittee of Hope. This committee was founded the yearbefore, when the world famous author G. Edward Griffinwas in Norway. During this visit Griffin awarded LeoZagami the Freedom Force international Award for hiswhistleblower bravery. This high ranking award hadpreviously been given to Aaron Russo and other men ofhigh moral and integrity. Before Zagami left Norway inapril the police went through their confiscated stuffand decided to return his telephone book – but thefounding document of the Committee of Hope remained intheir custody and they still have to this day hiscomputers, mobile and all the rest.

It might seem asif fascism should arrive in Norway, most of theinhabitants wont even notice, since it might seem itis already in place.Leo Zagami decided to return to Illuminati during thelast part of his stay in Norway. His departure fromthe Illuminati two years earlier had createdturbulence within the Monte Carlo P2 lodge. Anotherperson had followed Zagamis path of deflection andthere appeared a clearly felt vacuum within the lodgethat only the bloodline Zagami is carrying might seemable to fill.

Zagami has also assumed the position of Supreme Commander of the Knights Templar of theApocalypse, determined to continue his work ofexposure of secret criminal activities and to restorethe practices within freemasonry and other secretsocieties to their original benevolent purposes. Few if any seem capable of being better able toimplement these required actions than Leo Zagami, notthe least because of his immense knowledge, beingknown within the Illuminati as «The historian».

Zagami explainin what happened to him in Norway (video)

Hans Gaarder

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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