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Subutai™ Blockchain Router v2.0

The Subutai Blockchain Router is a power-efficient, “green” broadband Cloud router, and open hardware IoT gateway (Industrial Edition). The residential edition serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device that allows users to easily enter the cryptocurrency economy. Using just 40W (standalone; 100W with additional Mining Drives), the Subutai Blockchain Router is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and 10-20x more energy efficient for the same hash rate over traditional GPU-based mining devices —a critically important consideration in today’s energy-aware environment.

OptDyb presents the Subutai Blockchain Router (video)

Subutai Blockchain Router: Residential Edition
  • Broadband Router + Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • All-in-One Cryptocurrency Mining Device: Ether, Monero, etc.
  • “Green” FPGA-based reprogrammable mining for an ASIC-resistant world
  • HASH RATES (4 Mining Devices): Ethash - 57.5 Mh/s; Zhash - 70 Sol/s; CryptoNightR - 2 KH/s
  • 5 x 10 Gbps LAN ports; 1 x 10 Gbps uplink port
  • Accelerated Subutai Appliance: easily connects to other Subutai services
Subutai Mining Drive (optional)
  • “Attach and Go” simplicity
  • 57.5 Mh/s each for Ethereum
  • Add up to 4 Mining Drives on router: 30 more using 10G LAN extenders
  • Boost mining up to 230 MH/s with 4 devices at 100 watts total
Subutai Blockchain Router

Pre-sale for the Subutai Blockchain Router is now open. For bulk order information, contact us at info@optdyn.com..

A Closer Look

Subutai™ Blockchain Router

Revenue Generating

Beyond its advanced network functions, the Subutai Blockchain Router’s features benefit those telcos and ISPs who offer Subutai to their Internet subscribers. Users simply plug-and-mine cryptocurrency with no special technical skills needed. The device provides users a passive income of up to ~$400 USD worth of crypto per month (at current rates). The Router also provides a simple interface for users to easily select different coins to mine. The factory default however uses an "Auto Mode" to dynamically infer the most profitable PoW algorithm and coin network to mine on thanks to GEMNET's intelligent mining services.

No Wallet Confusion

The Router’s defense-grade hardware secured wallet with detachable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) eliminates software wallet confusion, and can be swapped into a new router in minutes to facilitate the RMA process.

On-the-Go Mobile Access

The Subutai Blockchain Router provides users with a “personal ATM at home”. When needing to transact rapidly on the go, mobile integrations allow users to securely connect, manage, and transact with their router wallet’s funds protected by the router’s enhanced security.

Easily Enter the Sharing Economy

The Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0 comes pre-installed with Subutai tuned using a hardware accelerated version of Subutai’s PeerOS. Users of the Blockchain Router can easily register with the Subutai Bazaar —“The Airbnb of Cloud and IoT Computing Resources”— to quickly list, share, and sell compute resources.


As a flexible IoT gateway, the Blockchain Router allows devices on the edge to be securely and efficiently connected to cloud applications. Subutai treats the cloud and the fog as one and the same, in a single continuum, to prevent unnecessary round-trip device communication with servers in data centers from impacting performance and security. As a multifunction device it can be configured to be a media center, a home/industrial automation and security system, and more.


Highly adaptive, the Blockchain Router’s security and performance-accelerated firmware dynamically changes its configuration to respond to usage behavior and to any potential threats encountered. Dynamic hardware acceleration allows the device to alter its circuitry as a field programmable device even years after purchasing it. The Router optimizes performance and provides additional security capabilities by filtering network packets at line rate. It analyzes traffic patterns to detect performance bottlenecks, potential security threats, and immediately deploy counter-measures. By hardware accelerating SDN and NFV functionality, the router enables the main CPU to remain focused on its core routing functions and multifunctions users configure it for.

Add New Functionality (Industrial Edition)

Beyond the Blockchain Router’s field programmable aspects, entirely new functionality can be added by attaching shields for Arduinos and Raspberry Pi devices. Anything from a detector, to a motor controller, or even a peripheral connect bus can be added to create IoT applications limited only by the imagination.

High Speed Storage

The Router’s high speed flash-based storage can exceed the speeds of most SATA-III drives. It can be used as network attached storage (NAS) device or a high speed digital recorder.

Cross-chain communication is one of the major design considerations in current blockchain systems [4-7] such as Ethereum[8]. Currently, Blockchain operates like information isolated island, they cannot obtain external data or execute transactions on their own.

Motivated by recent studies [1-3] on blockchain's multiChain framework, we investigate the cross-chain communication. Several companies now introduces blockchain routers, which empowers blockchains to connect and communicate cross chains.

By establishing an economic model, blockchain router enables different blockchains in the network communicate with each other same like Internet network. In the network of blockchain router, some blockchain plays the role of a router which, according to the communication protocol, analyzes and transmits communication requests, dynamically maintaining a topology structure of the blockchain network.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

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