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Left-wing behavioral scientists and changing governments have long promoted the idea of ​​the socially created human being. The associated immigration policy now gives us the choice between submission, honorable repatriation or civil war.

In 2012, I wrote the article "The Decay of Western Civilization: Double Relaxed Darwinian Selection". It assessed the effect of Europeans getting few children, and immigrants with low IQs, and concluded that Westerners soon come into the minority in Europe and that the average IQ falls so much that the prosperity, democracy and civilization are threatened.

In 2016, the leading immigration policy sets us three alternatives - submission, repatriation or civil war. Unless Europe begins to pursue a responsible family, immigration and integration policy enlightened by evolutionary theory, civil war seems most likely. The Decay article made three left-wing social scientists angry that they appealed to the Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD). It is a fraudulent, right-wing extremist, evolutionary nudge propaganda script that harms the reputation of Danish research, they said. It must be withdrawn and the author and the subject laid on ice.

However, according to the DCSD's recommendation on withdrawal, the publisher set up a committee with four of the world's leading researchers in the field and asked them to independently evaluate the article. None of them found evidence of dishonesty, so the publisher rejected a withdrawal. I then challenged DCSD, and on March 30, the Western High Court ruled DCSD to "acknowledge that Helmuth Nyborg did not ..have committed scientific dishonesty" The case shows, among other things, that left-wing behavioral researchers systematically seek to keep important behavioral genetic, differential psychological and differential demographic knowledge hidden from the users of social research - especially the politicians.

This is the largest collective academic deception in the 20th century (www.helmuthnyborg.dk), and the consequence has been that politicians do not include the very different biological characteristics of migrants in European immigration policy. Any differences can be offset by appropriate training and other influences, as society controls human behavior. The truth is this: Without the use of biologically-inspired knowledge, southern low-iq immigrants will unknowingly undermine the existence of European peoples. The scientific explanation follows. One does not remove an explosive ethnic population growth with accusations of right-wing extremism.

The prerequisites for Danish democracy and welfare society must be found in the differential demographic theory of the effect of prehistoric emigration from Africa more than 200,000 years ago. The journey to the north went through ever colder regions, and only the migrants with the greatest brains, the highest intelligence and altruistic willingness to share scarce resources survived. This harsh selection theory explains in a clue why, on average, northern peoples have approx. 100 cubic centimeters larger brains and score 30 iq points higher than equatorial peoples.
It explains why democracy can only be developed in northern countries that have an average iq over 90 and a high degree of altruism, allowing the development of a solid socio-economic infrastructure.

It explains why many well-educated Norwegians have a relaxed relationship with religion, while southern laviq peoples need simple dogmatic, textual interpretations interpreted by authoritative scribes. The inheritance of religion is 35 per cent.
The Cold Winter theory makes it understandable that evolution is reversed when a large number of fertile southern laviq peoples settle rapidly among relative subfertile northern high-iq peoples. Heredity for fertility is 45%. The composition of low-iq-fertile South Africans with high-iq-fertile Norwegians lowers the country's average iq with increasing speed and drowns the democracy based on high iq. By 2075, southern non-Western immigrant children can simply introduce Sharia law by simple democratic majority. Whether they do so is up to the constitution and them - but no longer for us getting Danish.

Twice, Aarhus University has taken the subject of behavioral genetics on psychology. Among other things. therefore, future behavioral researchers and some politicians do not believe that small brain size and low intelligence, as well as high social pathological fertility and crime rates, essentially "travel" with southern non-western migrants. The draws are 40-80 per cent. hereditary and not particularly affected by environmental factors in the recipient countries. Conversely, great brains and tall traveled with the Europeans who, centuries ago, went to often primitive areas in the United States and Australia and built up democratic, high-tech societies. Ashkenazi Jews with even higher iq turned the desert into oases, and the farmers cultivated primitive South Africa. Highly gifted northeast asians do well in Denmark.

Without this biologically-based knowledge, politicians are unprepared for the growing problems of low-iq immigration to Denmark. The idea of ​​the socially created man makes it impossible to understand that low-iq immigrant children are now doing worse than their parents despite support, education, Danish upbringing, cultural understanding and open dialogue. Unreasonable social scientists have systematically suppressed the well-documented behavioral genetic principle of children's iq regression against the population average in their country of origin, partly explaining expected defeats in high-iq classrooms.

Therefore, those responsible do not see in time that the relatively high fertility of low-iq immigrants rapidly outperforms high-iq-native children in number. They do not see that the Danish primary school will receive a majority of Middle Eastern children by 2050. They do not see that the ethnic Danish majority will come in minorities later in the century. Before the doubters judge the shiver rhetoric, they should consider that already in 2011 came more than 90 per cent. of population growth from immigrants and their descendants. One does not remove an explosive ethnic population growth with accusations of right-wing extremism. Therefore, education, business and social politicians do not see that the number of citizens with iq under 90 (of which at least half do not pass the elementary school departure test or ever get a permanent job) increases exponentially over time.

Doubts should carefully study the recent increase in the number of recipients of cash assistance - and while thinking that they only see the peak of the migrant disaster. In 2075 we can expect that at 3.2 million citizens with low iq will leave the primary school without the exam. At least half of that time will need permanent cash benefits in an increasingly automated world. What is worse: therefore, those responsible do not see that Denmark will end up being numerically over, even if the closed border immediately. The number of resident low-iq immigrants with relatively high fertility has already brought Denmark and large parts of Europe past the point of no return.

The researchers have not told them that differential demography is fate biology, and that evolution has historically red teeth and claws. Darwin already knew that.
It is a great task for those responsible in the future to defend a policy that brought our children and grandchildren into a primary school that would match a Middle Eastern majority. It's inclusion that will matter. And where will they find the money? In the grandchildren's state budget with exponentially increasing social expenses? While the country's competitiveness at the same time deteriorates significantly? How will they defend an expected decline in Danish living standards?
And what do they intend to do with the most likely probability that the number of citizens with poor educational potential will double by 2075?

And how will they apologize for the foreseeable sharp rise in social pathologies, including heavily increased crime and the growing parallel communities in the ghettos? How will they actually prepare the country's daughters for their upcoming status? Unfortunately, it is not only academics who have failed Danish democracy, welfare and the people. It also has the country's bishops and priests, the staunch feminists, the boyfriends, Gammeltoft-Hansen, the humanists, Save the Children, the Red Cross and more. Only ignorance can make them believe that immigrant children with low iq can be put into a classroom with Danish high-iq children without feeling put out. They do not understand that here is part of the explanation why some of these children are radicalized in frustration and turn to the Danish society in power.

They do not see radical right turning as a protest against indigenous peoples continuing to declare their solidarity with a rapidly growing group of weak immigrants in society at the expense of their own weak. They do not even see that billions could have been used more rationally and culturally satisfactorily abroad.
The universities have no excuse to suppress the biologically inspired behavioral research that unequivocally documents that greater ethnic heterogeneity inevitably leads to more and more serious internal conflicts. The academics have still not acknowledged that globalization and multiculturalism in the future will increase the risk of widespread social harm by combining aggressively low intelligence with dirty bombs. Virtually no one recognizes that we have already installed an ever-expanding potentially repressive fifth column within the country.

In short, tabooed research shows that we are well into an almost unstoppable subversion of European countries whose free, democratic welfare and passive civilization soon torpedo cultural, religious and economic torpedo. Unstoppable, because the collective academic deception of the universities continues to involve politicians in the relevant research while at the same time appearing to think more about the party, international career, travel and boxing shorts than on the country's and their children's future.

All of this leaves us with a quick choice: submission, honorable repatriation or civil war. Nothing is anymore like in the old days with ethnically homogeneous, democratic, civilized welfare societies - and failed states.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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